The word MANTLE has appeared in at least 72 clues on different crosswords.

"""The Mick"" of baseball"
'50s-'60s Yankee slugger
1956 Triple Crown winner
500 Home Run Club member
A three-time A.L. M.V.P.
A.L. batting champ: 1956
A.L. triple-crown winner: 1956
Baseball Hall of Famer Mickey
Baseball legend
Baseball legend Mickey
"Bird's back, wings, etc."
Cape or Mickey
Cloak; conceal
Conceal or blush
Earth's middle layer
Famed Yankee slugger
Famous Yankee
Former slugger
"Hall of Fame subject of ""The Last Boy"""
Hall of Famer Mickey
Hall of Famer with a .420 on-base percentage
He wore a 7 on his pinstripes
"His ""7"" was retired"
It comprises most of the Earth's volume
It's a wrap
It's below the crust
It's beneath the crust
Late great Yank
Layer between core and crust
Layer of Earth
Layer of the earth
Layer of the earth between the crust and the core
Legendary Yankee
Legendary Yankees slugger
Maris' teammate
Mickey of Cooperstown
Mickey of the Yankees
Mickey of the diamond
Mickey the Yankee great
"One of the ""M"" boys of baseball"
Positively assemble?
Record holder for World Series homers
Record holder for most World Series homers
Sleeveless cape
Sleeveless cloak
Sleeveless coat
Sleeveless garment
Slugger Mickey
Slugging Yankee
Subcrustal layer
Successor to DiMaggio
Switch-hitting legend
Symbol of authority
The Mick
The Yankees' #7
Three-time A.L. M.V.P.
Three-time winner of American League's MVP award
Yankee great Mickey
Yankee legend Mickey
Yankee no. 7
Yankee star.
Yankee teammate of Maris
1956 Triple Crown winner
Yankee great Mickey
Runner-up to Maris in 1961
Earth layer below the crust