Word: MASC

The word MASC has appeared in at least 129 clues on different crosswords.

A gender (abbr.)
A gender: Abbr.
A gender: abbr.
Abbr. in grammar
Abbr. on a lot of gay dating profiles
Abbreviation in grammar.
"Adj. for ""bueno"" and ""bandeau"""
Andro-: Abbr.
Counterpart of fem.
Far from fem.
Fem. counterpart
Fem. opposite
Fem. s counterpart
Fem. s opposite
Fem.'s opp.
Fem.'s opposite
Feminine's opp.
Foreign n. designation
Foreign noun designation: Abbr.
Gender abbr.
Gender abbreviation
Gender. Abbr.
Gender: Abbr.
Gender: abbr.
Grammar abbreviation.
Grammarian's abbreviation.
Grammatical abbreviation.
Kind of pronoun: Abbr.
"Like ""Spanish"" in Spanish: Abbr."
"Like ""der"" in Ger."
"Like ""der"" words, in Ger."
"Like ""der"" words: abbr."
"Like ""der,"" in Ger."
"Like ""el"" or ""le"": Abbr."
"Like ""le"" in Fr."
"Like ""ni
"Like ""padre,"" e.g.: Abbr."
Like El Ni
"Like Italian ""bread,"" e.g.: Abbr."
"Like Spanish ""eyes,"" e.g.: Abbr."
"Like bucks, boars, and bulls (abbr.)"
Like bueno but not buena: Abbr.
Like der in Ger.
"Like der, in Ger."
Like el or le
Like il but not elle: Abbr.
"Like most Sp. nouns that end in ""o"""
"Like ni
Like some Fr. nouns
Like some French articles: Abbr.
Like some Ger. nouns
Like some Sp. nouns
Like some foreign nouns (abbr.)
Like some names: Abbr.
Like some names: abbr.
"Like some nouns, in French: abbr."
"Like some nouns, in Ger."
Like some nouns: Abbr.
Like some pronouns: Abbr.
"Like the Fr. ""le"" or Ger. ""der"""
"Like the Fr. ""le,"" but not ""la"""
"Like the Ger. ""der"""
"Like the Ger.""der"""
"Like the Sp. ""el"""
"Like the Sp. ""padre"""
"Like the days of the week, in Span."
Like the yang: Abbr.
Like yang: Abbr.
Macho (Abbr.)
Male: abbr.
Manly abbr.
Manly abbreviation
"Meanly, in nouns (abbr.)"
More yang than yin: Abbr.
Neither fem. nor neut.
Neither feminine nor neut.
Not fem.
Not fem. or neut.
Not neut.
Not neut. (abbr.)
One of the genders: Abbr.
One of the gens.
Opp. of feminine
Opposite of fem.
Pron. category
Pron. designation
Pronoun designation: Abbr.
Rel. to a gender
Sex grp.
"Tom, Dick, or Harry, abbr."
"Tom, for example: Abbr."
Type of noun: Abbr.
Type of pronoun: Abbr.
Unlike an heiress: Abbr.
Virile (Abbr.)
Virile: Abbr.
Word form: Abbr.
"___, fem. or neut."
Fem. counterpart
Like the Ger. "der"
Not fem.
Opposite of fem
Fem. counterpart
Like the Fr. "fromage"
Like the Fr. "fromage"
Form for some Fr. nouns
Gender abbr.
Opposite of fem.
Like the Spanish "el" (Abbr.)
Gender abbr.
Opposite of fem.
Fem.'s opposite
Like "el," in Sp.
Fem. counterpart
Not fem.
Like the Spanish nouns "gato" (cat) and "perro" (dog): Abbr.
Not fem. or neut.
Gender abbr.
Fem. counterpart
Like "le" in Fr.
Pronoun designation: Abbr.
Fem. counterpart
Fem. counterpart
Fem. counterpart
Not fem.
Like the German article "der": Abbr.
Not fem. or neut.
Fem. counterpart