Word: MCI

The word MCI has appeared in at least 132 clues on different crosswords.

"1,101 in Roman numerals"
"1,101 in old Rome"
"1,101, to Cato"
"1101, Roman-style"
"1101, in Roman numerals"
"1101, to Brutus"
12th cen. date.
12th cent. date.
12th century opener
12th-century date
1998 merger with WorldCom
2005 Verizon acquisition
2006 Verizon acquisition
2006 Verizon acquisition (abbr.)
2006 Verizon purchase
AT and T alternative
AT&T alternative
AT&T competitor
AT&T rival
"AT&T rival, once"
ATT rival
Alternative to AT&T or Verizon
Baby Bell competitor
Bell Atlantic competitor
"Big initials in telecom, once"
Big inits. in cellular technology
Big name in long distance
Big name in long-distance
Bygone AT&T rival
Bygone telecom co.
Caesar's 1101
Call letters?
Capitals' Center
Co. acquired by Verizon
Co. acquired by Verizon in 2006
Co. bought by Verizon
Co. to keep you connected
"Co. with a '90s ""Friends & Family"" program"
Company acquired by Verizon
Company acquired by Verizon in 2006
Company swallowed by Verizon in 2006
Company that emerged from Chapter 11 in 2004
Company that merged with WorldCom in 1998
Date in reign of Henry I
Early 12th C. date
Early 12th century year
Former AT&T rival
Former Sprint rival
Former call letters?
Former rival of AT&T
Former telecom co.
Former telecom company
Former telecom firm
Former telecom giant
GTE rival
Gerald Taylor used to be its CEO
It merged with WorldCom in 1998
It was acquired by Verizon in 2006
LD letters
Long distance co. in 1101?
Long distance giant
Long distance inits.
Long distance letters
Long-distance giant
Long-distance inits.
Long-distance letters
Michael Jordan has done TV ads for them
Michael Jordan has done ads for them
Old AT&T rival
Old call letters?
Old long-distance letters
Old telecom giant
Onetime AT&T rival
Pager letters
Phone carrier co.
Phone company name that looks like a Roman numeral
Phone service letters
Rival of AT&T
Rival of Sprint
Roman 1101
SBC competitor
Sponsor of an April TOUR event
Sprint alternative
Sprint competitor
"Sprint competitor, once"
Sprint rival
Sprint's 1999 merger target
Start of the 12th century
Telecom giant
Telecom giant acquired by Verizon
Telecommunications co.
Telecommunications giant
The Neighborhood offerer
They may connect you
Twelfth century date.
Twelfth-century starter
Verizon acquired it in 2006
Verizon acquisition
Verizon acquisition of 2006
Verizon alternative
Verizon competitor
Verizon purchase of 2005
Verizon purchase of 2006
Verizon rival
Verizon subsidiary
Web Calling originator
WorldCom partner
WorldCom's new name on 4/13/03
Worldcom partner
Worldcom's partner
Year in Alexius I Comnenus's reign
___ Center (home arena of the Washington Wizards)
___ Center: D.C. arena
___ Classic -- The Heritage of Golf
___ WorldCom
___ WorldCom (old telecom name)
Former telecom giant
Old Sprint rival
Company bought by Verizon
Verizon purchase of 2006
Introducer of 1-800-COLLECT (1993)
Verizon bought it in 2006
1101, to Romans
2006 Verizon acquisition
Roman 1101
Roman 1101
Verizon acquisition of 2006
Former telecom giant
Start of the 12th century