Word: MIA

The word MIA has appeared in at least 482 clues on different crosswords.

"""Alice in Wonderland"" (2010) star Wasikowska"
"""Angela ___"""
"""Angela ___,"" 1928 song"
"""Bad Girls"" rapper"
"""Born Free"" rapper"
"""Cara ___"""
"""Cara ___"" (1965 hit)"
"""Cara ___,"" 1954 song"
"""Chuck"" org."
"""Defiance"" actress Kirshner"
"""Go for the Goal"" author Hamm"
"""Jane Eyre"" star Wasikowska"
"""Mama --!"""
"""Mama ___!"""
"""Mamma --!"""
"""Mamma ___!"""
"""Mamma ___!"" (Broadway musical featuring Abba songs)"
"""Mamma ___!"" (Broadway musical)"
"""Mamma ___!"" (musical based on ABBA songs)"
"""Mamma ___!"" (play based on ABBA's music)"
"""Mamma ___!"": ABBA musical"
"""Mamma ___"""
"""Mamma ___"" (1976 Abba tune)"
"""Mamma ___"" (ABBA hit)"
"""Mamma ___"" (ABBA song)"
"""Mamma ___"" (ABBA tune)"
"""Mamma ___"" (musical based on ABBA's songs)"
"""Mamma"" follower"
"""Me and ___"" (Ted Leo song about eating disorders)"
"""O patria ___"" (""Aida"" aria)"
"""O patria ___"": ""Aida"" aria"
"""O patria ___,"" Verdi aria"
"""Paper Planes"" rapper"
"""Paper Planes"" singer"
"""Princess Diaries"" protagonist"
"""Pulp Fiction"" role"
"""Rosemary"" of film"
"""Rosemary's Baby"" star Farrow"
"""The Princess Diaries"" princess"
"""___ Carlotta,"" T. A. Daly poem"
'Alice in Wonderland' star Wasikowska
'Alice' star Farrow
'Cara ___' ('65 hit)
'Mamma -- ('76 song)'
'Mamma --!'
'Mamma ___!' (Broadway musical)
'Mamma ___' (ABBA song)
'O patria ___' ('Aida' aria)
'O patria ___' (song from 'Aida')
1999 teammate of Brandi
"1999 teammate of Brandi, Briana et al."
"1999 teammate of Brandi, Briana, et al."
2004 soccer retiree Hamm
2010 portrayer of Alice
51 Woody's ex
"ABBA's ""Mamma ___"""
"ABBA-based musical ""Mamma ___!"""
AFC East team
"Abba's ""Mamma ___"""
Actress -- Sara
Actress Farrow
Actress Farrow or soccer star Hamm
Actress Kirshner
"Actress Maestro of ""Poseidon"""
Actress Sara
Actress Wasikowska
"Actress Wasikowska of ""Alice in Wonderland"""
Adopter of Soon-Yi
"Aida's ""O Patria ___."""
Alice's portrayer in 'Alice'
Amnesty Intl. concern
An ex of Frank
Athletes for Hope co-founder Hamm
Ballerina Slavenska
Battle stat
Battle stat.
Big name in soccer
Brandi's one-time soccer teammate
Brandi's one-time teammate
"Broadway's ""Mamma ___!"""
Broadway's 'Mamma --!'
Bumper sticker abbr.
Bumper sticker acronym
Cara ___ (Italian term of endearment)
Cara ___ (term of endearment)
Casa ___ (Italian restaurant name)
"Daisy in ""The Great Gatsby"""
"Daisy in ""The Great Gatsby"" (1974)"
Daisy in The Great Gatsby
Daisy in The Great Gatsby (1974)
"Daisy portrayer in ""The Great Gatsby"""
"Daly's ""___ Carlotta"""
Daughter of Maureen
Dustin's John and Mary love interest
"Dustin's co-star in ""John and Mary"""
Ex of Andr
Ex of Andre and Frank
Ex of Frank and Andre
Ex of Woody
Ex of Woody and Frank
"Farrow in ""Shadows and Fog"""
Farrow in films
"Farrow of ""Broadway Danny Rose"""
"Farrow of ""Hannah and Her Sisters"""
"Farrow of ""Peyton Place"""
"Farrow of ""Rosemary's Baby"""
"Farrow of ""See No Evil"""
"Farrow of ""September"""
"Farrow of ""Shadows and Fog"""
"Farrow of ""The Great Gatsby"""
"Farrow of ""The Purple Rose of Cairo"""
"Farrow of ""Zelig"""
Farrow of 'Broadway Danny Rose'
Farrow of 'September'
Farrow of 'The Omen'
Farrow of 'Zelig'
Farrow of Hollywood
Farrow of acting or Hamm of soccer
Farrow of film
Farrow of filmdom
Farrow of films
Farrow of flicks
Farrow or Hamm
Farrow or Sara
Farrow or Wasikowska
"Farrow, for one"
"Farrow, to Woody"
Film femme Farrow
Filmdom's Farrow
First name among soccer legends
First name in soccer
First name of soccer fame
Fla. airport
Former Woody companion
Frank and Andr
Frank married her
Frank's ex
Frank's third
Frank's third wife
Frank's wife after Ava
GI who can't be found
"GI who didn't say ""bye"""
Girl's name that's a verb spelled backwards
Goal-oriented Hamm
Goal-scoring Hamm
Golden Globe-winner Farrow
Gone and not forgotten: Abbr.
Gone but not forgotten: Abbr.
Hamm in cleats
Hamm in the National Soccer Hall of Fame
Hamm of U.S.A. soccer
Hamm of soccer
Hamm of soccer fame
Hamm of soccer or Farrow of acting
Hamm of sports
Hamm of the U. S. Olympic soccer team
Hamm of the Washington Freedom
Hamm of the World Cup
Hamm of women's soccer
Hamm on a soccer field
Hamm on the field
Hamm on the soccer field
Hamm or Farrow
Hamm that kicks
"Hamm who wrote ""Go for the Goal"""
Hamm with a kick
"Hannah of ""Hannah and Her Sisters"""
Hannah's portrayer
"Hip-hop singer with the 2008 hit ""Paper Planes"""
Hollywood's Farrow
Honoree on the third Friday of Sept.
I'm a woman
Italian possessive
Italian possessive adjective
Italian possessive.
Italian pronoun
Italian pronoun.
"Italian's ""Mamma ___!"""
Jane Eyre portrayer Wasikowska
"Jay and the Americans' ""Cara ___"""
John and Maureen's girl
"Kirshner of ""Mad City"""
"Kirshner of ""The L Word"""
Korf or Sara
Letters on a black-and-white flag
Lost GI
"Lost soldier, briefly"
"Lost, but not forgotten, in brief"
Mama ___!<P>
Mama follower
Mamma ___
Mamma ___!
Mamma ___!.
Mamma ___.
Mamma trailer?
"Marsellus's wife in ""Pulp Fiction"""
Maureen O'Sullivan daughter
Maureen O'Sullivan's daughter
Maureen's daughter
Medal-winning Hamm
Mine: It.
Miss Farrow
"Miss Slavenska, of the ballet."
Ms. Farrow
Ms. Hamm
"My, in Milan"
My: It.
My: Ital.
Nomar's bride
Nomar's love
Nomar's wife
"Not participating, slangily"
"Not present when expected, for short"
"Nowhere to be found, for short"
Nowhere to be seen
"Nowhere to be seen, briefly"
Off base?
Olympian Hamm
One of Frank's exes
One of the Mrs. Sinatras
One of the Sinatras.
"One to remember, for short"
"One-named ""Bad Girls"" rapper"
"One-named rapper with the 2008 hit ""Paper Planes"""
Onetime Mrs. Sinatra
Outspoken hip-hop singer from London
POW ___ bracelet (1970s remembrance)
POW possibly
POW/___ bracelet (popular 1970s wear)
Palermo pronoun
Parmesan possessive
"Peeples of ""Fame"" fame"
"Pentagon concern, for short"
Possible 27A
Possible POW
"Rapper Mathangi Arulpragasam, to fans"
Rapper born Mathangi Arulpragasam
Rapper currently feuding with the New York Times
Rapper who released the album 'Matangi' in 2013
Rapper with a self-titled autobiography
"Rapper with the 2008 hit ""Paper Planes"""
"Rapper with the August, 2007 album ""Kala"""
"Rapper with the line ""if you catch me at the border I got visas in my name"""
Relative of P.O.W.
Retired soccer star Hamm
"Robert's ""The Great Gatsby"" costar"
Ronan Farrow's mom
"Rosemary in ""Rosemary's Baby"""
Rosemary on film
Rosemary portrayer
Rosemary portrayer of 1968
Rosemary's Baby actress
Rosemary's Baby star Farrow
Rosemary's portrayer
"Ryan's ""Peyton Place"" costar"
"Sara in ""Legend"""
"Sara of ""Ferris Bueller's Day Off"""
"Sara of ""Timecop"""
Sara or Farrow
Satchel's mom
She adopted Soon-Yi
"She played Alice in ""Alice"""
She played Daisy in 'The Great Gatsby'
"She played Hannah in ""Hannah and Her Sisters"""
She played Hannah in a 1986 film
She played Hannah in a Woody Allen film
She played Rosemary
She portrayed Hannah
She takes aim
"She was Rosemary in ""Rosemary's Baby"""
Singer Pia ___
"Singer on the ""Slumdog Millionaire"" soundtrack"
Soccer Hall of Famer Hamm
Soccer announcer Hamm
Soccer champ Hamm
Soccer great Hamm
Soccer legend Hamm
Soccer player Hamm
Soccer pro Hamm
Soccer standout
Soccer standout Hamm
Soccer star Hamm
Soccer superstar Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
Soccer-playing better half of baseball's Nomar
Soccer-playing wife of baseball player Nomar
Soldier status: abbr.
"Soldier whose whereabouts are unknown, briefly"
Soon-Yi's mom
Soon-Yi's mother
"Soon-Yi's predecessor, so to speak"
Soon-yi's mother
Sri Lankan hip-hop sensation
Sri Lankan rapper
Sri Lankan-British rapper
St. John of women's boxing
Super Bowl XLVI halftime show entertainer
"T. A. Daly's ""___ Carlotta"""
Teammate of Brandi and Briana
The third Mrs. Sinatra
Tisa s sister
"Troubling post-engagement status, briefly"
Twist contest winner of a 1994 film
"Uma in ""Pulp Fiction"""
"Uma's ""Pulp Fiction"" character"
"Uma's ""Pulp Fiction"" role"
Uma's 'Pulp Fiction' role
"Uma's role in ""Pulp Fiction"""
"Unaccounted for, briefly"
Unaccounted-for G.I.
Unaccounted-for GI
"Unaccounted-for GI, perhaps"
Vanished vet. reference
Veteran's Day parade subj.
Veterans Day VIP
"Veterans' concern, briefly"
War stat
War stat.
Wartime stat
"Wasikowska of ""Alice in Wonderland"""
"Wasikowska of ""Alice in Wonderland,"" 2010"
"Wasikowska of ""The Double"""
"Wasikowska of ""The Kids Are All Right"""
Whereabouts-unknown GI
"Woody's ""Husbands and Wives"" co-star"
"Woody's ""Husbands and Wives"" costar"
Woody's ex
Woody's ex-mate
Woody's ex-significant other
Woody's former friend
Woody's frequent co-star
"Woody's love, once"
"Woody's mom-in-law, ironically"
Woody's mother-in-law
"Woody's wife, once"
"Woody's woman, once"
Word in an ABBA musical
Zoe reprised her title horror role in 2014
"___ Farrow, Mrs. Sinatra #3"
Mamma ___'
“Mamma __!”
Soccer star Hamm
Wasikowska of 'Crimson Peak'
Filmdom's Farrow
Farrow of films
South Fla. airport
Farrow of film
"Mamma __!"
Soccer's Hamm
Hamm of soccer
Hamm or Farrow
Ms. Farrow
Soccer's Hamm
One of Frank's wives
Farrow of film
She played Rosemary in 'Rosemary's Baby'
Farrow of film
"Mamma ___!"
Farrow of 'Rosemary's Baby'
Ms. Farrow
Soccer star Hamm
"The Princess Diaries" princess
Nowhere to be found, informally
Actress Farrow
Wasikowska of "Alice Through the Looking Glass"
Unaccounted for, for short
Soccer's Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
Woody's costar in "Zelig"
Hamm of soccer
Hamm of soccer
Hamm of soccer
Hamm of soccer
Soccer's Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
"Mamma ____!"
"Mamma ____!"
"Mamma ____!"
"Mamma ____!"
Ms. Farrow
Farrow of films
Farrow in films
Broadway's 'Mamma ___!'
Woody's ex
Woody's ex
"Mamma __!": 5-Down musical
Farrow of films
Soccer's ____ Hamm
Soccer's ____ Hamm
She's like Maria, but lacks the warm heart
Actress Farrow
Hamm of soccer
Actress ____ Farrow
Actress ____ Farrow
"Mamma ____!"
"Mamma ____!"
Soccer standout Hamm
See 4-Across
__ Farrow, actress
Soccer's ____ Hamm
Soccer standout Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
Ms. Farrow
Athletes for Hope co-founder Hamm
Farrow of film
No-hands Hamm
A less warm hearted Maria
Filmdom's Farrow
Farrow of "Alice"
Soccer star Hamm
Hamm or Farrow
"Mamma ___!"
Ms. Farrow
Farrow of "The Omen"
Athletic Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
Film's Farrow
Wasikowska of "Crimson Peak"
Farrow of film
Actress Farrow
Palermo possessive
Farrow of film
Hamm of soccer
Farrow in films
Soccer's Hamm
Farrow of films
Hamm from Alabama
Soccer great Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
Soccer's Hamm
Wasikowska of "The Kids Are All Right"
Frank's third wife
Ms. Farrow
"Mamma ____!"
Farrow of "Zelig"
Hamm of soccer
Actress Farrow
Soccer superstar Hamm
Girl's name
Actress who played Elizabeth Short in 2006 drama The Black Dahlia
Less than amiable little girl?
Woody's ex
Soccer's Hamm
Soccer's ____ Hamm
Ms. Farrow
___ Wallace (Uma Thurman's role in "Pulp Fiction")
G.I. classification
"Mamma ___!" (jukebox musical film starring Meryl Streep)
Heroine of "La La Land"
Farrow of films
Actress ____ Farrow
"Mamma ____!"
"Mamma ___! Here We Go Again" (Meryl Streep movie)
Ms. Farrow
Soccer's ____ Hamm
Films' Farrow
Farrow of "Zelig"
Soccer's Hamm
Farrow of "The Omen"
Nowhere to be found, for short
Actress who played Sloane Peterson in 1986 comedy film Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Retired soccer star Hamm
AWOL, so to speak
''Mamma __!''
Actress Farrow
Brand of facial brush
Unaccounted for, briefly
Farrow of films
Actress Farrow
See 1-Down
Soccer's Hamm
"Alice Through the Looking Glass" star Wasikowska
2018 sequel "Mamma ___! Here We Go Again"
Olympian Hamm
'Mamma ___!'
Soccer's Hamm
Hamm on a soccer field
"Jane Eyre" star Wasikowska