The word MILER has appeared in at least 113 clues on different crosswords.

"1,760-yard racer"
1760-yard racer
"Algeria's Noureddine Morceli, e.g."
"American record-holder Steve Scott, e.g."
Athlete who's not dashing?
"Bannister or Coe, e.g."
Bannister or Ryun
Bannister was one
"Bannister, e.g."
"Bannister, famously"
"Bannister, for one"
"Bannister, notably"
Certain distance runner
Certain racer
Certain runner
Certain track athlete
Certain track contestant
Coe or Cram
Coe or Ovett
"Coe, Cram or Ovett"
"Cram, e.g."
Distance competitor
Distance runner
"Eamonn Coghlan, e.g."
"Eamonn Coghlan, for one"
Field day performer.
Four-minute man
Four-times-around-the track runner
Fun run
"Hicham El Guerrouj, notably"
Indoor track runner
"Jim Beatty, for example."
Jim Ryun or Sebastian Coe
"Jim Ryun, for one"
Kind of runner
Liquori or Morceli
Liquori or Ryun
Long-distance runner
Medium-distance runner
Meet someone?
Member of the track team
Middle-distance runner
Mr. Eli Pace
"Noureddine Morceli, for one"
One making rapid strides
"One running 5,280 feet"
One who's in it for the long run
One who's in it for the long run?
One with a distance to go
Oval figure
Paavo Nurmi was one
Racehorse of a sort
Roger Bannister or Jim Ryun
"Roger Bannister, e.g."
"Roger Bannister, famously"
"Roger Bannister, for example"
"Roger Bannister, for one"
"Roger Bannister, memorably"
"Roger Bannister, notably"
"Roger Bannister, the first four-minute ___"
Runner like Ryun
Runner of a sort
"Runner, of a sort"
Running specialist
Ryun or Coe
Ryun or Liquori
"Ryun, for one"
"Ryun, for one."
Sebastian Coe for one
Sebastian Coe was one
"Sebastian Coe, e.g."
"Sebastian Coe, for one"
"Snell, for one."
Specialist on a running track
Steve Cram is one
Steve Cram or Steve Ovett
"Steve Cram, e.g."
Steve Ovett is one
"Steve Ovett, for one"
Track athlete
Track competitor
Track contestant.
Track figure
Track man
Track man.
Track performer
Track specialist
Track team member
Track-meet entrant
Track-team member
Tracking figure?
"Trotter, usually"
Type of runner
Millrose Games runner
Long-distance athlete
One who might target four minutes
Meet competitor
Distance runner
Middle-distance runner
Four-lapper on a track
Track team member
Distance runner
Long-distance runner
Long-distance runner
Bannister, for one
Roger Bannister, notably
Distance runner
Bannister, e.g.
Middle-distance runner