Word: MOMA

The word MOMA has appeared in at least 118 clues on different crosswords.

"""Persistence of Memory"" home"
53rd St. institution
53rd St. landmark
Cultural attraction offering free admission every Fri. from 4 to 8 p.m.
Cultural center estab. in 1929
Cultural center on 53rd St.
Cultural center on W. 53rd
Cultural institution on W. 53rd St. in Manhattan
Guggenheim alternative in N.Y.C.
"Home of ""Christina's World,"" familiarly"
"Home of ""Christina's World,"" for short"
"Home of A. Warhol's ""Campbell's Soup Cans"""
"Home of C
"Home of H. Matisse's ""The Dance"""
"Home of H. Rousseau's ""The Sleeping Gypsy"""
"Home of Jasper Johns's ""Flag"""
"Home of Mondrian's ""Broadway Boogie Woogie"""
"Home of V. Van Gogh's ""Starry Night"""
"Home of van Gogh's ""Starry Night"""
"Home of van Gogh's ""Starry Night,"" for short"
Home of van Gogh's The Starry Night
"Home to ""The Persistence of Memory"""
"Home to ""The Persistence of Memory,"" informally"
"Home to Andrew Wyeth's ""Christina's World,"" informally"
"Home to Mondrian's ""Broadway Boogie Woogie"""
"Home to van Gogh's ""The Starry Night,"" in brief"
"Inst. that owns ""Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table"""
It was founded in 1929 in NYC
It was redesigned by Yoshio Taniguchi
It's been moved temporarily to Queens
Manhattan cultural ctr.
Mecca for N.Y.C. art lovers
"Midtown Manhattan cultural attraction, for short"
"Museum on 53d St., N.Y.C."
N.Y. art house
N.Y. cultural center whose striking workers have reached a new contract agreement
N.Y. institution on 53d Street
N.Y. museum acronym
N.Y. tourist stop
N.Y.C. art center
N.Y.C. art gallery
N.Y.C. attraction
N.Y.C. attraction for aesthetes
N.Y.C. cultural attraction
N.Y.C. cultural center
N.Y.C. cultural institution
N.Y.C. culture spot
N.Y.C. gallery
"N.Y.C. home of ""The Persistence of Memory"""
"N.Y.C. home of ""The Starry Night"""
N.Y.C. home of Magrittes and Matisses
"N.Y.C. home of Van Gogh's ""The Starry Night"""
N.Y.C. home of van Gogh
N.Y.C. home to works of Picasso
N.Y.C. institution
N.Y.C. institution with works of Warhol and Dal
N.Y.C. mus.
N.Y.C. museum
N.Y.C. tourist attraction
N.Y.C. tourist site
N.Y.C.'s modernism showplace
"NY home of ""Christina's World"""
NYC art center
NYC art showplace
NYC attraction
NYC attraction on 53rd St.
NYC attraction on W. 53rd St.
NYC cultural attraction
NYC cultural center
"NYC cultural center since Nov. 7, 1929 (and a hint to the puzzle theme)"
NYC cultural gallery
NYC cultural inst.
NYC cultural institution
NYC gallery
"NYC home of ""The Starry Night"""
"NYC home of Dali's ""The Persistence of Memory"""
NYC home of Mondrian's 'Broadway Boogie Woogie'
NYC institution
NYC landmark
NYC museum
NYC museum acronym
NYC tourist attraction
NYC tourist site
New York City cultural center established in 1929: Abbr.
Permanent home to 'Starry Night'
Place to see 20th-century paintings in N.Y.
Sculpture garden setting in N.Y.C.
Site for a Cezanne: Abbr.
"Site of several Tilda Swinton naps, for short"
Venue in 2007 of a 40-year retrospective on the work of Richard Serra
"Where ""Guernica"" was hung during W.W. II"
Where 20th-cen. painters hang out?
Where Matisses hang in N.Y.C.
Where Picasso was hung in N.Y.C.
Where Picassos hang in N.Y.C.
Where to see a van Gogh in N.Y.C.
"Where to view Rousseau's ""The Sleeping Gypsy"""
Yoshio Taniguchi redesigned it
___ QNS (Long Island City tourist spot)
NYC tourist attraction
Home of A. Wyeth's "Christina's World"
NYC gallery
NYC attraction for the cultured
NYC cultural attraction
Home of van Gogh's "The Starry Night," informally
Cultural NYC attraction
NYC home to Matisses
NY home of Chagalls
N.Y.C. attraction
NYC gallery
NYC gallery
Home of Dalí's 'The Persistence of Memory,' informally
Where Matisses hang in N.Y.C.
NYC home of "The Starry Night"
N.Y. gallery
Big Apple cultural ctr.
Where "The Persistence of Memory" hangs, for short
NYC cultural attraction