Word: NAS

The word NAS has appeared in at least 195 clues on different crosswords.

"""Daughters"" rapper"
"""Emerald Point ___"""
"""Emerald Point ___"" (1983-84 TV show)"
"""Emerald Point ___"" of '80s TV"
"""Emerald Point ___"" of 80's TV"
"""Emerald Point ___,"" TV series"
"""God's Son"" rapper"
"""Half Time"" rapper"
"""Halftime"" was his debut single"
"""Hey Jude"" refrain words"
"""Hip Hop Is Dead"" artist"
"""Hip Hop Is Dead"" rapper"
"""Hip Hop is Dead"" hip-hopper"
"""Hip Hop is Dead"" rapper"
"""I Can"" rapper"
"""If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)"" rapper"
"""If I Ruled the World"" rapper"
"""If I ruled the world"" rapper"
"""Illmatic"" and ""Stillmatic"" rapper"
"""Illmatic"" artist"
"""Illmatic"" legend"
"""Illmatic"" man"
"""Illmatic"" performer"
"""Illmatic"" rap star"
"""Illmatic"" rapper"
"""Illmatic"" rapper from Queensbridge, Queens"
"""It Ain't Hard To Tell"" rapper"
"""It Was Written"" rapper"
"""Let ___ Down"" (J. Cole song)"
"""Life Is Good"" rapper"
"""Life Is Good"" rapper, 2012"
"""Life is Good"" rapper"
"""N.Y. State of Mind"" rapper"
"""One Mic"" performer"
"""One Mic"" rapper"
"""Stillmatic"" rapper"
"""Stillmatic"" rapper, 2001"
"""Street Dreams"" rapper"
"""Street's Disciple"" artist"
"""Street's Disciple"" rapper"
"""The Lost Tapes"" rapper"
"""The World Is Yours"" rapper"
"""The World is Yours"" emcee"
"""Thugz Mansion"" rapper"
"""Too Many Rappers"" rapper"
"""Undying Love"" rapper"
"""___: Time Is Illmatic"" (2014 documentary about a rapper)"
"'80s TV show, ""Emerald Point ___"""
'Hey Jude' syllables
'If I Ruled the World' rapper
'Illmatic' rapper
'Street Dreams' rapper
'Thief's Theme' rapper
-- in 'Nancy'
-- in 'Norman'
-- in 'November'
-- in 'nobody'
"1980s TV's ""Emerald Point ___"""
"2012 rap Grammy nominee for ""Life Is Good"""
As ___ (Persian ancestor of poker)*
Bahamas airport code
"Brooklyn-born ""Stillmatic"" rapper"
Brooklyn-born rapper
East-coast rapper
"Ensign's base, perhaps: abbr."
"He ripped Jay-Z with his rap ""Ether"""
"His debut album was ""Illmatic"""
"His second album was ""It Was Written"""
Home of some mil. pilots
Initials at Pensacola
Jay-Z contemporary
Jazz musician Olu Dara's rapper son
"Kid Wave, eventually"
Long Island rap star
Long Island rapper
"Long Island rapper who did ""Sweet Dreams"""
Longtime rival of Jay-Z
Member of the hip hop supergroup The Firm
Mil. base
Mil. center for pilots
Mil. installation
Mil. landing site
Mil. site with hangars
Military air base: Abbr.
"Musician who collaborated with Damian Marley on ""Distant Relatives"""
Naval site with hangars: abbr.
Nose: Comb. form
Nose: Prefix
Nose: Prefix.
Noted Long Island rapper
Olu Dara's rapper son
One of the rappers recently thanked by Eminem at the Grammys
Pensacola base: Abbr.
Pensacola e.g.
Pensacola has one
Pensacola mil. base
Pensacola mil. base e.g.
Pensacola sight: Abbr.
Pensacola site: Abbr.
"Pensacola, for one: Abbr."
Queensbridge rapper
Rap star
"Rapper associated with Queensbridge, Queens"
Rapper born Nasir Jones
"Rapper featured on the deluxe edition of Justin Bieber's ""Purpose"""
Rapper from Long Island
"Rapper from Queensbridge, New York"
"Rapper in ""Belly"""
"Rapper in the 2013 film ""Black Nativity"""
Rapper in the supergroup The Firm
Rapper that plays with Damian Marley
"Rapper who did the 2001 album ""Stillmatic"""
Rapper who feuded with Jay-Z
Rapper who feuded with Jay-Z for a time
Rapper who feuded with Jay-Z from 2001-05
Rapper who had a public feud with Jay-Z
Rapper who has feuded with Jay-Z and Bill O'Reilly
"Rapper who made the 2012 album ""Life Is Good"""
"Rapper who plays a prophet in ""Black Nativity"""
"Rapper who recorded ""Half Time"""
"Rapper who starred in the 1998 movie ""Belly"""
"Rapper whose debut single was ""Halftime"""
"Rapper whose debut, ""Illmatic,"" became a hip-hop classic"
Rapper whose feud with Jay-Z ended in 2005
Rapper whose original nickname was Kid Wave
Rapper with a 2007 feud against Bill O'Reilly
Rapper with a Harvard hip-hop fellowship named in his honor
Rapper with a feud with Jay-Z
Rapper with nine Grammy nominations (and no awards)
"Rapper with the #1 album ""Hip Hop Is Dead"""
"Rapper with the 2012 album ""Life Is Good"""
"Rapper with the albums ""Illmatic"" and ""Stillmatic"""
"Rapper with the recent ""Illmatic XX"" twentieth-anniversary rerelease"
Relative of an AFB
Repeated syllables in 'Hey Jude'
Science organization: Abbr.
Scientific org.
Sodium symbols
Symbols for at no 11
"TV oldie ""Emerald Point ___"""
"TV's ""Emerald Point ___"""
Technical advisory org.
U.S.N. aviation base
___ Pensacola (mil. center)
"___ in ""Nancy"""
"___ in ""New York"""
"___ in ""navy"""
___ in November
"Stillmatic" rapper
"One Mic" rapper
"A Queens Story" rapper
'I Can' rapper
'Cherry Wine' rapper
'Illmatic' rapper
Rapper in "Black Nativity"
"Hip Hop Is Dead" rapper
"Stillmatic" rapper
"Cherry Wine" rapper
Rapper with a line of Fila sneakers
"Street Dreams" rapper
"Illmatic" rapper
"Street Dreams" rapper
"N.Y. State of Mind" rapper
Rapper who famously feuded with Jay-Z
"Hip Hop Is Dead" rapper
"Cherry Wine" rapper, 2012
"One Mic" rapper
'Illmatic' rapper
Hip-hop artist with the #1 album 'Hip Hop Is Dead'
"If I Ruled the World" rapper
'Street Dreams' rapper
Famous feuder with Jay-Z
___ in Nancy
'Life Is Good' rapper
"If I Ruled the World" rapper
"If I Ruled the World" rapper
Hip-hop artist with the #1 album 'Hip Hop Is Dead'
"One Mic" rapper
"The Lost Tapes" rapper
Hip-hop artist who narrates Netflix's "The Get Down"
"Illmatic" rapper
"Life Is Good" rapper
"Stillmatic" rapper
"Hip Hop Is Dead" rapper
Hip-hop artist who rap-narrates Netflix's "The Get Down"
"The World Is Yours" rapper
__ in ''November''
"If I Ruled the World" rapper
Rapper who was nominated for a Grammy for "Daughters"
"Life Is Good" rapper
"Street Dreams" rapper
'Illmatic' rapper
___ in November (2 wds.)
Rapper in Hennessy ads
Rapper who founded the record label Mass Appeal