Word: NERD

The word NERD has appeared in at least 576 clues on different crosswords.

"""Happy Days"" put-down"
"""Kick me"" sign wearer, stereotypically"
"""Kick me"" sign wearer?"
"""The Big Bang Theory"" type"
"""The ___,"" 1987 Shue play"
"""The ___,"" Shue play"
"""___ alert!"""
A jerk
"Almost any character on ""The Big Bang Theory"""
Antisocial sort
Antisocial type
"Any dr., at heart"
"Anyone able to rattle off more than 10 digits of pi, probably"
"Anyone who can speak Klingon, e.g."
Awkward one
"Bart's friend Milhouse, e.g."
"Beanie wearer, maybe"
Bill Gates was one
"Bill Gates, once"
"Bill Gates, snarkily"
Bill-Gates-to-be type?
"Black-sock wearer in gym, perhaps"
"Black-sock wearer in gym, stereotypically"
Book lover to the extreme
Bookish one
Bookish person
Bookish persona
Bookish type
"Bookish type, often"
"Bookworm, in stereotypes"
"Bookworm, maybe"
"Bookworm, perhaps"
"Bookworm, scornfully"
"Bookworm, stereotypically"
"Bookworm, to a bully"
Brainiac's put-down
Brainy misfit
Brainy one
"Brainy person, and proud of it"
"Brainy, socially inept sort"
Brunt of school jokes
Bully's frequent target
"Bully's prey, in stereotypes"
"Bully's prey, often"
"Bully's prey, perhaps"
"Bully's prey, traditionally"
Bully's shout
Bully's target
"Bully's target, maybe"
"Bully's target, often"
"Bully's target, perhaps"
Butt of jokes
CEO of the future
Campus character
Campus misfit
Campus outcast
Campus pariah
Class scapegoat
Clodhopper's cousin
Common butt of jokes
Computer --
Computer ___
Computer geek
"Computer geek, e.g."
"Computer geek, for instance"
Computer nut
"Computer pro, perhaps"
"Computer type, sometimes"
Computer whiz
Computer whiz perhaps
Contemporary dull one
"Creature in Dr. Seuss's ""If I Ran the Zoo"""
Creature in Dr. Seuss's 'If I Ran the Zoo'
Cross ___ (shameless!)
Dateless sort
"Dilbert, e.g."
"Disappointing date, maybe"
Dorky sort
"Dotcom millionaire, stereotypically"
Dr Seuss' zoo character
Drip's cousin
Dull guy
Dull one
"Dullard, in spades"
Dweeb's cousin
Dweeb's kin
Dweeb's pal
Dweeb's partner?
Dweeby sort
Dweeby type
"Egghead, perhaps"
Eggheady sort
"Eggheady sort, in stereotypes"
"Eggheady sort, stereotypically"
"Encyclopedia reader from A to Z, say"
"Erik Agard, for one"
Feckless fellow
"Filmdom's Napoleon Dynamite, for one"
Future CEO
"Future CEO, maybe"
"Future internet billionaire, maybe"
Geek's cousin
Geeky guy
Geeky one
Geeky sort
Geeky sort found within this puzzle's four longest answers
Geeky type
Goofy character
Grade school designation
Guy with his nose always stuck in a book
Hardly Joe Cool
Hardly Mr. Cool
Hardly The Fonz
Hardly a BMOC
Hardly a hipster
Hardly one of the in crowd
Hardly the life of the party
He shows it's hip to be square
He's out with the in-crowd
High school bookworm
"High school bookworm, in stereotypes"
"High school bookworm, stereotypically"
High school misfit
High school outcast
High school stereotype
High-school misfit
High-school outcast
High-school put-down
Highbrow without a social life
I'm one
"IT guy, stereotypically"
In-crowd outcast
In-crowd outsider
In-group outcast
Ineffectual person
Inept individual
"Inept individual, stereotypically"
Intellectual misfit
Intellectual sort
"Internet addict, perhaps"
"Java aficionado, of a sort"
Jock's antithesis
Jock's counterpart
Jock's opposite
Jock's putdown
Little man on campus
"Louis Skolnick, in a 1984 movie"
Lout: Slang
Lover of brain games
Many a Pi Day celebrant
"Many a character on ""The Big Bang Theory"""
Many a comic book collector
"Martin Prince of ""The Simpsons,"" for one"
"Mathlete, perhaps"
"Mathlete, stereotypically"
"Misfit, of a sort"
Modern misfit
Modern square
Mr. Cool's antithesis
Mr. Uncool
"Napoleon Dynamite, e.g."
"Napoleon Dynamite, for one"
Neptunes side-project
No bon vivant he
No hipster
No jock
No sophisticate he
Nonsocial type
Not a BMOC
Not a jock by any means
Not one of the cool crowd
Not quite a jock
Not the most popular type
Not the type to get laid in high school
Obsessive type
Oddball of a sort
One lacking social graces
One needing social work?
"One scoring 100% on Sporcle quizzes, say"
One short on social skills
One socially challenged
One who isn't in
One who might celebrate Pi Day
One who might celebrate Towel Day
One who might snort when he laughs
"One who ruins the curve, stereotypically"
One who's not in
One who's socially challenged
One who's socially clueless
One who's unhip
"One whose favorite website is Sporcle, say"
One with no hope in a popularity contest
Overly academic type
Overly bookish sort
"Overly bookish sort, stereotypically"
"Overly bookish type, stereotypically"
Overly brainy sort
Overly techie type
Person who gets picked on
"Person who may be ""adorkable"""
Pharrell Williams's rap group
"Pi Day celebrant, perhaps"
"Pi Day celebrant, stereotypically"
"Pocket protecter purchaser, perhaps"
Pocket protector purchaser
Pocket protector user
Pocket protector wearer
"Pocket protector wearer, in stereotypes"
"Pocket protector wearer, perhaps"
"Pocket protector wearer, stereotypically"
Pocket-protected one of stereotypes
Pocket-protector sporter
"Pocket-protector sporter, stereotypically"
"Pocket-protector wearer, perhaps"
"Pocket-protector wearer, stereotypically"
Poindexter type
"Potsie, to the Fonz"
"President of the Chess Club, to some"
Prey for a bully
Probably not the king of the prom
Quirky character
"Quiz bowl lover, say"
"RPI student, stereotypically"
Revenge getter of film
Revenge seeker of film
Revenge taker in a 1984 comedy
Revenge-getter of film
Revenge-seeker of film
"Rick Moranis in ""Ghostbusters,"" e.g."
Role in many teen flicks
"Role-playing game player, stereotypically"
"Scholastic sort, perhaps"
Scholastic stereotype
School misfit
School stereotype
"Sci-fi conventiongoer, stereotypically"
Screech or Urkel
Seuss zoo creature
Simp of a sort
Single-minded expert
Single-minded person
Single-minded sort
"Slashdot reader, maybe"
Social boob
Social bungler
Social dud
"Social dud, stereotypically"
Social flop
Social goofball
Social greenhorn
Social lightweight
Social misfit
Social nonentity
Social oddball
Social outcast
"Social outcast, maybe"
Social reject
Social washout
Socially awkward type
Socially challenged person
Socially clueless one
Socially clueless sort
Socially ineffectual person
Socially inept loser
Socially inept sort
Socially inept type
Societal klutz
Society oddball
Sort of square sort
Square figure
Square figure?
Square of a sort
Square one
Square ones
Square sort
Square type
"Square, updated"
Stereotype often portrayed doing the jock's homework
"Stereotypical ""xkcd"" fan"
Stereotypical Comic-Con attendee
Stereotypical Mensan
Stereotypical computer hacker
Stereotypical computer programmer
Stereotypical computer whiz
Stereotypical pocket protector wearer
Stereotypical pocket-protector wearer
Stereotypical sci-fi fan
Stereotypical science student
Stereotypical sporter of a pocket protector
Stereotypical techie
Stereotypically uncool collegian
"Steve Urkel on ""Family Matters,"" e.g."
Steve Urkel or Napoleon Dynamite
"Steve Urkel, e.g."
"Steve Urkel, for one"
"Straight-A student, stereotypically"
Studious misfit
Studious sort encountered in dinner dance (4)
"Studious sort, and proud of it"
"Swirlie victim, perhaps"
Swot : Britain :: ___ : America
"TV's Urkel, e.g."
Tangy candy nugget
Taped eyeglasses wearer
Taped-eyeglasses wearer
"Teacher's pet, sometimes"
Teased teen
"Tech company founder, often"
"Tech whiz, perhaps"
Techie to some
Techie type
"Techie, maybe"
"Techie, often"
"Techie, stereotypically"
"Techie, traditionally"
Teen comedy stereotype
Teen movie stereotype
Teen outcast
The Cross ___ (Peter Broda's puzzle blog)
The Cross ___ (puzzle website run by Peter Broda)
This may be hard to date
Totally unhip type
"Trekkie, to some"
Twerp or jerk
Twerp's cousin
Twerp's next of kin
Typical Rick Moranis film role
"Ultramega ""Star Wars"" fan, e.g."
Uncool bookworm
Uncool character
Uncool collegian
Uncool fellow
"Uncool fellow, stereotypically"
Uncool kid
Uncool one
Uncool person
Uncool sort
Uncool stereotype
Uncool student
Uncool type
Unfashionable person
Unhep cat
Unhip one
Unhip person
Unhip sort
Unhip type
Unlikely candidate for prom king
Unlikely class president
Unlikely clique member
Unlikely escort for a prom queen
Unlikely homecoming king
Unlikely party animal
Unlikely prom king
Unlikely prom king candidate
Unpopular one
Unpopular sort
Unpopular student
Urkel of Family Matters for one
Web head
"Whence ""We have news for the beautiful people. There's a lot more of us then there are of you."""
Whom a bully may bully
Wimp's cousin
"Wonk, maybe"
"Word introduced by Dr. Seuss in ""If I Ran the Zoo"""
Egghead in stereotypes
Uncool one
Socially maladroit sort
Socially inept sort
Stereotypical Geek Squad employee
Dorky sort
Do 10 crosswords in a row, say, with 'out'
Single-minded expert
Techie, traditionally
Social misfit
Bully's target
Dorky youth
Future billionaire, perhaps
Socially inept sort
Social misfit
Test fan, say
Obsessive enthusiast
Uncool kid
Dweeby, bookish type
Brainiac, stereotypically
Small, fruity candy
Jock's antithesis
Bookish one
Geeky, bookish sort
Bookish sort
Socially awkward type
Socially awkward type
Jerry Lewis's 'Nutty Professor' was an early example of one
Geeky sort
Geeky sort
Socially inept sort
Unhip type
Geeky one
Social goofball
Homework lover, maybe
Geek's relative
Stereotypical comic book fan
Uncool type
Geeky type
Stereotypical techie
Societal goofball
Stereotypical techie
Square one
Stereotypical Geek Squad employee
Socially inept sort
Social goofball
In-crowd outsider
Socially awkward one
Get excited about crosswords, say, with "out"
Bookish sort
Uncool person
Uncool fellow
Technology enthusiast?
Boffin of inner depth
Uncool one
Nonsocial studier
Uncool person
Once uncool sort who's now sort of cool
Stereotypical techie
Pi Day celebrant, perhaps
Techie, stereotypically
Get anorak from Designer Delights
Dorky youth
Comic-Con attendee
Herd member?
Uncool person
Socially awkward one
Young Sheldon, e.g.
Geek kin
Uncool one
Uncool one
Unlikely prom king
Social misfit
Put-down that nowadays may be worn as a badge of honor
Social goofball
Bookworm, stereotypically
Bully's target
Bookish sort
Dweeby fellow
Techie, often
Herd member?
Social misfit
Social misfit
Adorkable one
Geeky sort
Bully's target, often
Bully's target
Uncool person
Jock's antithesis
U-turn from jock
One probably not with the jocks at the lunch table
Dull person
Uncool one who lately is sort of cool
Uncool one
Techie, stereotypically
Single-minded expert
Adrenaline rising for some boring specialist
Brainy, math-loving person, stereotypically
Geeky individual
Social misfit
Comic book reader, stereotypically
Uncool fellow
Hardly one of the in crowd
Geek Squad member, stereotypically
"The Big Bang Theory" type
Bookish sort
Uncool fellow
Techie stereotype
Uncool sort of person
Unlikely prom king
Dweeb kin: slang
Urkel, for one
Mathlete, not an athlete
Head-buried-in-books type
Stereotypical techie
Dorky youth
Dull person
Dull person
Dull person
Geeky sort
Dull person
Uncool sort
Teen comedy stock character
Pocket protector wearer, stereotypically
Dorky youth
Word reportedly coined in Seuss' "If I Ran the Zoo"
Comic-Con attendee
Geek's cousin
Dull person
Dull person
Bookish type
Opposite of a jock, stereotypically
Unlikely candidate for prom king
Computer whiz
Social goofball
Bully's target
Dull person
Straight-A student, stereotypically
Geeky type
Brainy pariah: slang