Word: NINO

The word NINO has appeared in at least 241 clues on different crosswords.

"""Confession"" band Ill ___"
"""El ___"""
"""La Strada"" composer Rota"
"""Lives of the Saints"" novelist Ricci"
"""The Godfather"" composer Rota"
"""The Godfather"" film composer Rota"
"""The Godfather"" film scorer ___ Rota"
"""The Godfather"" score composer Rota"
"""The Godfather"" theme composer ___ Rota"
1960s middleweight champ Benvenuti
Actor Manfredi
"Baby boy, in Barcelona"
Baja baby boy
Baja boy
Barcelona boy
Barcelona child
Barrio boy
Bilbao boy
Bolivian boy
Boxer Benvenuti
Boy abroad
Boy from Barcelona
Boy from Castile
Boy from Madrid.
Boy in Barcelona
Boy in Bolivia
Boy in Spain
Boy in a casa
Boy of Barcelona.
Boy of Bogota
Boy of Cancun
Boy of La Mancha
Boy of Mexico
Boy of la casa
"Boy, in Barcelona"
"Boy, in Bilbao"
"Boy, in Bogot
"Boy, in Bolivia"
"Boy, in Coyoac
"Boy, in Ju
"Boy, in Madrid"
"Boy, in Mexico"
"Boy, in Toledo."
"Boy, to his madre"
"Boy, to his padre"
Boy: Sp.
Boy: Span.
Boys in Spain.
Brazilian boy
Burgos boy.
"Carlos, when he was a boy"
Cartagena child
Casa dweller
Chiapas child
Chichen Itza boy
Chihuahua child
Chihuahua kid
Child in Spain
Child in a casa
"Child, in Barcelona"
"Child, in Chile"
"Child, in C
"Child, in Puebla"
Child: Sp.
Child: Span.
Chile boy
Chile child
Chilean child
Composer Rota
"Composer Rota who scored ""The Godfather"""
Composer Rota: 1911-79
Cuban boy
Cuban child
El -- (Pacific current)
El -- (kind of current)
El -- (ocean current)
El ___
El ___ (Pacific Ocean current)
El ___ (Pacific Ocean phenomenon)
El ___ (Pacific current responsible for weather upheaval)
El ___ (Pacific current)
El ___ (Pacific phenomenon)
El ___ (Sergio Garcia)
El ___ (atmospheric phenomenon)
El ___ (ocean current)
El ___ (oceanic phenomenon)
El ___ (warm ocean current)
El ___ (weather factor)
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
El ___ (weather problem)
El ___ weather phenomenon
"El ___, weather phenomenon"
El ___-
El ___: Pacific current
El ___: climate pattern
El ___: connected to hantavirus?
El ___: ocean current
El ___: weather factor
El ___: weather maker
El ___: weather phenomenon
Familia member
Fashion designer Cerruti
Film composer Rota
Film composer ___ Rota
Film scorer ___ Rota
His presents come on Jan. 6
Hombre of the future
"Hombre, formerly"
"Hombre, once"
Italian boxer Benvenuti
Justice Scalia nickname
"Justice Scalia, to his buddies"
"Justice Scalia, to the Chief Justice"
Kid in C
"Kid, to Carlos"
Lad of La Mancha
"Lad, in Le
Last word in weather phenomena
Latino lad
Ligorno tyke
Lima lad
Little hombre
Little muchacho
Livorno little one
Madre's boy
Madre's delivery
Madre's little boy
Madre's little one
"Martini of ""The Gay Desperado"""
Mexican boy
Middleweight Benvenuti
Mr. Martini
"New Mexican, e.g."
Oaxaca youngster
One in una escuela primaria
Pacific phenomenon El ___
"Pacific phenomenon, El ___"
Padre's boy
Padre's son
"Pedro Alonzo ___, Spanish navigator with Columbus"
"Placido, once"
Senora's boy.
Senora's son
Seville son
Singer Martini
Spanish boy
Spanish boy.
Spanish child
Spanish infant
Spanish lad
Spanish youngster.
Tabasco tot
"Tad, in Taxco"
Tampico tot
Tempo or Rota
Tenor Martini
The Godfather composer Rota
Tijuana child
Tijuana kid
Tijuana lad
Tijuana toddler
Tijuana tyke
Toledo boy.
Toledo toddler
"With ""El,"" a current event"
Young Madrilenian
Young boy: Sp.
Young hombre
Young muchacho
Youngster in Yucatan
Yucatan youngster
"___ Martini, former singer"
El __ (weather phenomenon)
"""The Godfather"" composer Rota"
Boy in ”la familia”
Boy, in Barcelona
Child in Chile
Spanish tot
Baja boy
Tijuana tot
Boy, in Barcelona
Baja boy
Boy from Bogotá
El ___ (Pacific current)
Madre's boy
Weather feature, El ...
El __: weather phenomenon
Bogotá boy
Bogotá boy
Boy, in Barcelona
Boy, in Barcelona
Piñata smasher, maybe
Boy, in Bolivia
Baby boy, in Spain
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
Boy, in Barcelona
Tijuana tot
Spanish boy
Yucatán youngster
Young muchacho
Italian nickname for Anthony
Boy, in Barcelona
El __
El __: weather phenomenon
El ___
Weather feature, El ...
Young Latino
Weather feature, El ...
Tijuana tot
Baja boy
Spanish boy
Boy, in Barcelona
Spanish lad
Boy, in Bilbao
Hombre joven
Boy of la casa
Tyke, in Baja
El __
Hombre, formerly
Baja boy
Composer who shared a Best Music, Original Dramatic Score Oscar with Carmine Coppola for The Godfather, Part II
Alternate nickname for Tony
Cuban boy
Weather feature, El ...
El — (Pacific current)
El __: ocean current
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
El ___ (Pacific weather phenomenon)
Bolivian boy