Word: NOR

The word NOR has appeared in at least 704 clues on different crosswords.

!(a || b) (to programmers)
""" ___ any drop to drink"""
"""... --- a lender be"""
"""... ___ a drop to drink"""
"""... ___ a lender be"""
"""... ___ any drop to drink"""
"""... ___ any drop to drink"" (Coleridge)"
"""... ___ any drop to drink"": Coleridge"
"""... ___ gloom of night"""
"""... ___ gloom of night"" (postal motto)"
"""... ___ gloom of night... """
"""... ___ gloom of night..."""
"""... ___ iron bars a cage"""
"""... ___ iron bars a cage"": Richard Lovelace"
"""... ___ should I"""
"""... ___ the battle to the strong"""
"""... ___ the battle to the strong"": Ecclesiastes"
"""... a borrower ___ a lender be"""
"""... a borrower ___ a lender..."": ""Hamlet"""
"""... borrower ___ a lender be"""
"""... confirm ___ deny..."""
"""... fish ___ fowl"""
"""... heat, ___ gloom of night... """
"""... heat, ___ gloom of night..."""
"""... neither fish ___ fowl!"""
"""... neither fish ___ fowl"""
"""... neither the time ___ the place"""
"""... rain ___ sleet..."""
"""... see hide ___ hair of"""
"""... snow, ___ rain..."""
"""... tears ___ prayers shall purchase out abuses"": Shakespeare"
"""...-- gloom of night..."" (postal motto)"
"""...___ a lender be"""
"""...___ a lender be."""
"""...___ any drop to drink"""
"""...___ any drop to drink"" (Coleridge)"
"""...___ any drop to drink"": Coleridge"
"""...___ gloom of night..."""
"""...___ iron bars a cage"""
"""...___ since thou hast spoken unto thy servant"" (Ex 4:10)"
"""...borrower ___ a lender be"""
"""...fish ___ fowl"""
"""...neither fish ___fowl!"""
"""...neither vex a stranger, ___ oppress him"" (Exodus)"
"""...rain ___ sleet..."""
"""...snow ___ rain..."""
"""...will not fail thee, ___ forsake thee"" (Josh. 1:5)"
"""A borrower"" / ""a lender"" link"
"""Conjuction Junction"" conjuction"
"""Conjunction Junction"" conjunction"
"""Conjunction Junction"" word"
"""Eat not of it raw, ___ sodden"" (Ex 12:9)"
"""Fear not, ___ be dismayed"": II Chronicles"
"""He shall not strive, ___ cry"" (Mt 12:19)"
"""Hide --- Hair"" (Ray Charles)"
"""Hide ___ Hair"" (Ray Charles)"
"""In modern war, there is nothing sweet ___ fitting in your dying"": Hemingway"
"""Neither a borrower --..."""
"""Neither a borrower ___ a lender be"""
"""Neither a borrower ___ a..."""
"""Neither a borrower ___... "": Shak."
"""Neither a borrower ___..."""
"""Neither a borrower, ___..."""
"""Neither fish ___ fowl"""
"""Neither rain ___ sleet..."""
"""Neither rain, ___ sleet..."""
"""Neither snow ___ rain ___ heat ___ gloom of night..."""
"""Neither snow ___ rain... """
"""Neither snow ___ rain..."""
"""Neither snow ___ rain...."""
"""Neither snow ___..."""
"""Neither snow, ___ rain... """
"""Neither snow, ___ rain..."""
"""Neither wind ___ rain..."""
"""Neither"" companion"
"""Neither"" compatriot"
"""Neither"" complement"
"""Neither"" counterpart"
"""Neither"" go-with"
"""Neither"" partner"
"""None shall slumber ___ sleep"": Isaiah 5:27"
"""Not marble, ___ the gilded monuments / Of princes..."": Shak."
"""Now therefore be not grieved, ___ angry with yourselves"""
"""She hath no tongue to call, ___ hands to wash"": ""Titus Andronicus"""
"""Somehow I'm neither here ___ there"" (Soul Asylum line)"
"""That's neither here ___ there"""
"""The world will little note, ___ long remember, what we say here"": Lincoln"
"""There is no speech -- language..."": Psalms"
"""Water, water everywhere, ___ any drop to drink."""
"""___ M,"" Christie novel"
"""___ a drop to drink"""
"""___ a drop to drink."""
"""___ any drop to drink"""
"""___ any drop to drink"" (Coleridge)"
"""___ any drop to drink"": Coleridge"
"""___ any drop... """
"""___ did you nothing hear?"": Hamlet"
"""___ do I"" (phrase of agreement)"
"""___ gloom of night... """
"""___ gloom of night..."""
"""___ iron bars a cage"""
"""___ iron bars a cage"": Lovelace"
"""___ the soles of her shoe?"": Hamlet"
"""___ this is not my nose neither"": ""Twelfth Night"""
"""___ will it be finished in the first one thousand days..."": JFK"
"""___ would I be a Poet"": Dickinson"
'-- any drop to drink'
'... -- a lender be'
'... -- gloom of night...'
'... -- iron bars a cage'
'... ___ a lender be'
"'... ___ blame the writings, but the men': Pope"
'... borrower -- a lender be'
'Conjunction Junction' word
'Postman's Creed' word
'That's neither here -- there'
'easter starter
--'wester (storm type)
... ___ a lender be
... hide ___ hair
"1962 Ray Charles hit ""Hide ___ Hair"""
1994 Olympics host: Abbr.
A Boolean operator
A conjunction
"A kind of ""easter"""
A way in Europe
A-ha's country: abbr.
A-ha's home: abbr.
A-ha's land: abbr.
Additionally not
"Agatha Christie's ""___ M?"""
Also not
Alternative conjunction
And also not
And never
And not
And not either
And not.
Bergen's home: Abbr.
Bergen's locale: Abbr.
"Billy Bragg ""Rule ___ Reason"""
"Billy Bragg: ""Rule ___ Reason"""
Boolean expression term
Boolean logic gate
Boolean logic operator
Boolean operator
Boolean word
"Brian May ""The Gov'___"""
Certain Boolean operator
Certain conjunction
Certain correlative
Choice word
Chooser's rejection
Chooser's word
"Christie's ""___ M"""
"Christie's ""___ M?"""
Clause connector
Clause link
Clause negator
Common conjunction
Common conjunctive
Common correlative
Common correlative.
Companion of neither
Compass point: Abbr.
Computer gate
Confirm-deny link
Conjunction that usually has a partner
Conjunction that's usually part of a pair
Connecting word
Coordinating conjunction
Correlative conjunction
"Correlative partner of ""neither"""
Country in Eur.
Country noted for its whaling vessels: abbr.
Country partially within the Arctic Circle: Abbr.
Creedal preposition
Direction: Abbr.
"Dry Kill Logic ""Neither Here ___ Missed"""
Easter attachment?
Easter beginning?
Easter follows it
Easter lead-in
Easter lead-in?
Easter opener
Easter opening?
Easter preceder
Easter preceder?
Easter precursor
Easter predecessor?
Easter prefix
Easter start
Easter start?
Easter starter
Easter starter?
Easter's beginning
Easter's beginning?
Easter's start?
Edvard Grieg's country: abbr.
Edvard Grieg's nat.
Eliminated choice divider
Eur. country
Eur. kingdom
Eur. land
Eur. monarchy
European country: Abbr.
European kingdom: Abbr.
European lang.
European nat. that exports a lot of oil
Fin's neighbor?
Fin. neighbor
Finland's neighbor: Abbr.
Fiord's locale: Abbr.
Fish ___ fowl
Fish-foul link
Fish-fowl connection
Fish-fowl connector
Fish-fowl filler
Fish-fowl go-between
Fish-fowl insert
Fish-fowl link
Fish-fowl linkup
Fish-fowl nexus
Fish/fowl connector
Fish/fowl filler
Fjord land: Abbr.
Folk of Virginia
For love ___ money
Garment lines
Gate that turns a double negative into a positive
Grieg's birthplace: abbr.
Grieg's nat.
Hammerfest's locale: Abbr.
He played Opie <--
Head-tail connection
Here - there connector
Here / there link
Here / there separator
Here-there connection
Here-there connector
Here-there go-between
Here-there link
Here-there linkup
Here-there separator
Here/there connector
Here/there insert
Here/there separator
Hide -- hair
Hide --- hair
Hide ___ hair
Hide ___ hair.
Hide-hair bridge
Hide-hair connection
Hide-hair connector
Hide-hair gobetween
Hide-hair link
Hide-hair linkup
Hide-hair separation
Ibsen's home: abbr.
Ibsen's homeland: Abbr.
It accompanies neither
"It agrees with neither, grammatically"
It can be between here and there?
It comes between a borrower and a lender
It connects hide to hair
It follows neither
"It goes with ""neither"""
It goes with neither
It may be between here and there
It precedes easter
It simply isn't sou'
It's between here and there
It's north of Den.
It's often seen between here and there
Its easternmost point borders Rus.
"Its natl. anthem is ""Ja, vi elsker dette landet"""
Its parliament is called the Storting: abbr.
Kind of 'easter.
"Kind of easter, nautically speaking."
King Harald's land: Abbr.
Krone nat.
Land on the Arctic Cir.
Land on the Arctic Circle: Abbr.
Land where Bondevik is PM
"Largest oil-producing nat. outside of the Middle East, per capita"
Letter carrier's creed word
Lie's land: Abbr.
Likewise not
Likewise not.
Lillehammer's country: Abbr.
Lillehammer's land: Abbr.
Lillehammer's land: abbr.
Linguistic cousin of Eng.
Logic gate
Logic gate that returns true if both inputs are false
Logic gate type
Logic word
Logical connector
Logician's word
"Lost in the Trees ""Neither Here ___ There"""
Love ___ money
Mail carrier's conjunction
Mail motto word
Mail-motto word
Mailman's oath word
Major Eur. oil producer
Man-beast link
Member of NATO
N.R.A. piece?: Abbr.
NATO mbr.
NATO member
NATO member: Abbr.
NATO nat.
"Nada Surf ""Neither Heaven ___ Space"""
Nat. bordering Finland
Nat. that rejected EU membership in a November 1994 referendum
Nat. whose legislature is the Storting
"Nat. whose royal anthem is ""Kongesangen"""
Nat. with the second-most medals at the Sochi Olympics
Nation with a port called Stavanger: abbr.
Negating conjunction
Negating link
Negating word
Negative choice word
Negative conjunction
Negative conjunction in a mailman's function
Negative conjunction.
Negative conjunctive
Negative connection
Negative connective
Negative connector
Negative correlative
Negative correlative.
Negative joiner
Negative link
Negative tie
Neighbor of Den.
Neighbor of Fin.
Neighbor of Russ.
Neighbor of Russia: abbr.
Neighbor of Swe.
Neighbor of Swed.
Neither companion
Neither complement
Neither concomitant
Neither conjunction
Neither counterpart
Neither fish -- fowl
Neither fish ___ fowl
Neither flesh ___ fowl
Neither follower
Neither go-with
Neither here -- there
Neither here ___ there
Neither here ___ there (like a duffer's lost ball?)
Neither hide -- hair
Neither hide ___ hair
Neither hide ___ hair.
Neither mate
Neither mate?
Neither partner
Neither partner?
Neither relative
Neither this ___ that
Neither's buddy
Neither's chaser
Neither's companion
Neither's companion.
Neither's conjunction
Neither's correlative
Neither's counterpart
Neither's follower
Neither's friend
Neither's go-with
Neither's kin
Neither's mate
Neither's mate.
Neither's pal
Neither's partner
Neither's partner?
Neither's relative
Neither's sidekick
Neither's tagalong
Not either
Olympic abbr. of the 4th-place country in Vancouver 2010's medal count
One of a pair of conjunctions
Operator represented by a downward arrow in symbolic logic
"Opposite of ""and"""
Opposite of So.
Opposite of sou'
Opposite of sou.
Oslo citizen; Abbr.
Oslo is its cap.
Oslo loc.
Oslo resident: Abbr.
Oslo's home: Abbr.
Oslo's land: Abbr.
Oslo's nat.
Part of Europe: Abbr.
Part of NATO
Part of Scand.
"Partner of ""neither"""
Partner of neither
Post Office motto word
Post office motto word
Postal Creed word
Postal Service creed word
Postal conjunction
Postal credo word
Postal creed conjunction
Postal creed word
Postal motto conjunction
Postal motto word
Postal-creed word
Postman's Creed conjunction
Postman's Creed<P> word
Postman's conjunction
Postman's creed conjunction
Postman's motto word
Postman's oath word
Preceder of easter
Prefix for easter or wester.
Prefix with east or west.
Prefix with epinephrine
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's nat.
Prohibitive preposition
Rauma Riv. locale
"Ray Charles ""Hide ___ Hair"""
"Ray Charles hit ""Hide ___ Hair"""
"Rejection word, sometimes"
Repeated word in P.O. motto.
Russ. neighbor
"Sarah Jarosz ""Here ___ There"""
Scan. land
Scan. nation
Scand. country
Scand. country that borders Russia
Scand. kingdom
Scand. land
Scand. nation
Scandinavian country: Abbr.
Scandinavian country: abbr.
Scandinavian: Abbr.
Separating word
Snow-rain or rain-heat connection
Snow-rain-heat-gloom connector
Somewhat common conjunction
Sort of logic gate
Standard: Abbr.
Start of a way?
Stavanger's nat.
Swe. abutter
Swe. neighbor
Swed. neighbor
Swed.'s neighbor
"Taylor Hicks ""Hide ___ Hair"""
"Terence Trent D'Arby album ""Neither Fish ___ Flesh"""
The Storting nat.
Trondheim loc.
Type of gate in a circuit
"Volbeat ""Heaven ___ Hell"""
Wester preceder
"What ""colonel"" has?"
"What the word ""colonel"" has?"
Where Bergen is: Abbr.
Where Oslo is: Abbr.
Where many Sami live: Abbr.
Where the Lofoten Isl. are
Winter Olympics powerhouse: abbr.
Word appearing four times in the Fifth Amendment
"Word before ""happiness,"" ""majesty"" and ""fame"" at the start of a Shelley poem"
"Word before ""rain,"" ""heat"" and ""gloom of night"" in a postal creed"
"Word before rain, heat and gloom"
"Word between ""a borrower"" and ""a lender"""
"Word between ""here"" and ""there"""
Word between here and there
Word connector
Word found at Conjunction Junction
Word in Boolean logic
Word in a negative phrase
Word in the Postal Creed
Word in the Postal Service creed
Word in the Postman's Creed
Word in the postal creed
"Word incorrectly paired with ""either"""
Word of exception
Word of logic
"Word paired with ""neither"""
Word partnered with neither
"Word repeated in Shelley's line ""___ happiness, ___ majesty, ___ fame"""
Word that agrees with neither
"Word with ""neither"""
Word with easter or wester
Word with neither
___ gate
___'easter (storm affecting NYC)
___'easter (strong wind)
Here/there connector
Easter might follow it
Negative link
Word partnered with "neither"
Neither here __ there
Hide-hair connector
Word repeated in the postal creed
Negative link
"Neither rain ___ sleet ..."
"... heat, ___ gloom of night ..."
Here-there connection
Hide-hair link
Word paired with 'neither'
Neither follower
"... ___ a lender be"
Negative link
Fish-fowl link
Likewise not
Neither fish — fowl
And not
And not out of ignorance
Neither's partner
Neither follower
Neither's companion
And not out of ignorance
And not
And not
Also not
Neither mate
Neither this ... that
Partner of neither
"Neither" partner
Likewise not
Here-there connection
Neither mate
Fish-fowl link
Word often with "neither"
Neither's companion
Link on the negative side
"___ any drop to drink" (Coleridge)
Postal creed word
Negative conjunction
Negative conjunction
"Neither" go-with
Negative link
Negative link
"... ___ gloom of night ..."
Negative link
Neither here ___ there
And not
And not out of ignorance
Negative conjunction
Word often with "neither"
And not
Has it no right to be negative?
Negating link
Negative linking word
Easter can follow it?
Easter can follow it?
Negative linking word
Negative linking word
Link with "neither"
Link with "neither"
And not
And not
And not out of ignorance
And not out of ignorance
"___ do I" ("I don't either")
"___ do I" ("I don't either")
Neither fish ___ fowl
Neither's partner
Neither follower
Neither follower
Negative linking word
Negative linking word
Likewise not
And not
And not
Neither mate
Neither mate
Neither fish ___ fowl
"... — iron bars a cage"
"... — iron bars a cage"
Conjunction in the Postal Service "motto"
Neither here __ there
Neither here __ there
And not
And not
Negative link
And not
Neither mate
'... fish ___ fowl'
". . . ___ any drop to drink"
And not
Neither mate
And not
And not
Easter lead-in
And not
And not out of ignorance
And not
And not
Negative linking word
Neither fish ... fowl
Neither mate
"Neither" mate
Neither gets the number right
And not
"...___ a lender be"
And not
Partner of "neither"
And not
Part 8 of today's quote
Neither follower
Neither here ... there
Neither here __ there
Hide-hair link
''. . . __ iron bars a cage''
Neither mate
"Neither" partner
''... ___ gloom of night''
Neither fish ... fowl
Here-there link
And not
And not
Also not
Neither one ... the other
Neither mate
And not
Here-there connector
Fish-fowl insert
And not
Neither out of ignorance
Neither this ... that
Exclusionary connector
Neighbor of Swe.
And not
And not
Fish-fowl link
And not
It may be between here and there
Negative word
Neither's partner
Fish-fowl insert
Likewise not
Here-there link
Neither's mate
And not
Negative link
And not
Neither out of ignorance
Clause negator
Additionally not
"Neither" partner
Likewise not
And not
"__ any drop to drink": Coleridge
Likewise not
Neither follower
Negating link
Neither's partner
And not
Negative conjunction
Likewise not
And not
Easter preceder
Neither's companion
Neither this ___ that
Also not
Neither here __ there
Neither this ... that
And not
Neither's partner
Negating link
Hide — hair
Neither's partner
Negative link
Partner of neither
Common conjunction
Neither mate