Word: OGLE

The word OGLE has appeared in at least 600 clues on different crosswords.

"""Loverly"" look"
Act amorously
Act like a wolf
Act the lecher
Act the letch
Act the wolf
Admire a body
Admire a temptress
Admire amorously
Admire cheesecake
"Admire too much, in a way"
Amorous glance
Amorous glance.
Amorous look
Amorous look.
Amorous stare
Amorous stare.
Appreciate cheesecake?
Aussie golfer Brett
Australian golfer Brett
Bar examination?
Baseball gear
Be a gawker
Be all leers
Be all leers?
Be flirtatious
"Be lascivious, in a way"
Be wolfish
Behold amorously
Body check?
Brett of the links
Cad's look
Cast coquettish glances
"Charles ___, silents actor"
Charles of the silents
Check out
Check out and then some
Check out lecherously
Check out rudely
Check out shamelessly
Check out the goods from afar
"Check out, and then some"
"Check out, in a way"
"Check out, so to speak"
Check the figures?
Cleveland linebacker Kendell ___
Come hither look
Come-hither look
Come-hither look.
Come-hither stare
Coquettish glance.
Creep's peep
Creepy look
Crude come-on
Desirous look
Dirty look
Display an eye for figures?
Do a body check?
Do a body scan?
Do a full body scan?
Do a full-body scan?
Do girl-watching
Do girl-watching.
Do some girl watching
Do some girl-watching
Double-check figures?
Drugstore cowboy's look
Early film star Charles ___
Emulate Groucho Marx
Emulate a girl-watcher
Emulate a wolf
Emulate a wolf?
Engage in gawking
Exhibit an eye for figures?
Exhibit lecherousness
Eye a peri
Eye a thigh
Eye amorously
Eye an eyeful
Eye appreciatively
Eye at the beach
Eye blatantly
Eye boldly
Eye cheesecake
"Eye cheesecake, e.g."
Eye cheesecake?
Eye coquettishly.
Eye covetously
Eye creepily
Eye desirously
Eye flirtatiously
Eye fondly
Eye from top to bottom
Eye greedily
Eye hungrily
Eye impolitely
Eye in a way
Eye in a way.
Eye lasciviously
Eye lecherously
Eye lewdly
Eye like Don Juan
Eye like a lecher
Eye lustfully
Eye obviously
Eye of the wolf?
Eye on the sly
Eye provocatively
Eye rakishly
Eye roguishly.
Eye rudely
Eye salaciously
Eye slyly
Eye suggestively
Eye unsubtly
Eye up
Eye up and down
Eye with a purpose
Eye with a sigh
Eye with desire
Eye with ideas
Eye with ideas in mind
Eye with intent
Eye with lust
Eye with pleasure
Eye wolfishly
"Eye, in a way."
Eyeball an eyeful
Eyeball impolitely
Eyeball lustfully
"Eyeball, in a way"
Fail to be subtle in checking someone out
Fail to look away
Feast one's eyes on
Feast the eyes
"Fixate on, perhaps"
Fixate one's eyes on
Flirt badly
Flirt crudely
Flirt in a way
Flirt not so subtly
Flirt unsubtly
Flirt visually
Flirt with obviously
"Flirt with, maybe"
"Flirt with, perhaps"
"Flirt, in a way"
Flirtatious glance
Flirtatious look
Flirtatious stare
Flirty look
Gape at
Gape at suggestively
Gawk at
Gawk at a bum?
Gawk at girls
"Gawk at, as on the beach"
Gawk like a geek
Gaze amorously
Gaze at amorously
Gaze at greedily
Gaze intently
Gaze longingly upon
Gaze rudely
Gaze wantonly
Get a bad look at
Get a load of
Get a lustful eyeful
Get a lustful eyeful of
Get an eyeful
Get an eyeful of
Girl watch
Girl- or boy-watch
Girl-watch or boy-watch
"Girl-watch, e.g."
Give a body check?
Give a come-hither look
Give a funny look
Give a head-to-toe inspection
"Give a long, leering look to"
Give a longing look
Give a lustful eyeful
Give a wolfish look
Give an inappropriate look
Give dirty looks
Give more than a once-over
Give someone the eye
Give the eye
Give the eye to
Give the eye.
Give the glad eye
Give the glad eye to
Give the look to
Give the once over
Give the once-over
Give the twice-over
Give the twice-over?
Give wolfish looks
Glad eye
Glance amorously
Glance at provocatively
Glare at
Go beyond a once-over
Goatish glance
Goggle at
Golfer Brett
Golfer Brett ___
"Have ideas about, so to speak"
Hungry look
Illinois county.
Impertinent gaze
Impertinent glance
Impertinent look
Impertinent stare
Impolite look
Inappropriate look
Inspect figures?
Inspect the figures?
Inspect too closely?
Interested look
It's more than a once-over
It's not a good look
Keep an eye on?
Keep looking
"Keep on looking at, and not in a nice way"
Kind of come-on
Kind of look.
Kind of silent come-on
Lascivious look
Lasciviuos look
Lasicious look
Lecher's look
Lecher's wide-eyed stare
Lecherous look
Leer at
Leer lasciviously
Leer's cousin
Leer's kin
Leer's little sister
Leer's relative
Leering look
Let one know you're interested
Let someone know you're interested
Lewd look
Long gaze
Long look
Long look at a looker
Longing look
Look accompanying a line
Look amorously at
Look and look
Look at
Look at a little too intently
Look at a looker
"Look at a looker, perhaps"
Look at a looker?
Look at amorously
Look at boldly
Look at desirously
Look at flirtatiously
Look at from afar
Look at from head to toe
Look at impolitely
Look at lasciviously
Look at lecherously
Look at leeringly
Look at long with longing
Look at long
Look at lustfully
Look at rudely
Look at too intently
Look at up and down
Look at with amorous intentions
Look at with intentions
Look at wolfishly
Look at.
Look bad?
Look badly?
Look fixedly at
Look flirtatiously.
"Look given to a looker, perhaps"
Look given while catcalling
Look impolitely
Look impolitely at
Look impudently at
Look in a bad way
Look in a way.
Look lasciviously
Look lecherously
Look leeringly
Look lewdly
Look like a Lothario?
Look like a creep
Look like a creep?
Look like a lecher
Look like a lounge lizard
Look like a rake
Look like a sleaze
Look like a wolf
Look like a wolf?
Look long and lustily
Look longingly at
Look lustfully
Look lustily
Look of desire
Look over leeringly
Look over licentiously
Look rudely
Look rudely at
Look through a swimsuit issue
Look too warmly
Look up and down
Look up and down?
Look while delivering a line
Look with lust
"Look, as a wolf"
"Look, in a way."
Lothario's look
Lounge lizard's look
"Lust after, in a way"
"Lust after, visually"
Lustful look
Make eyes
Make eyes (at)
Make eyes (at).
Make eyes at
Make eyes at.
Make goo-goo eyes
Make goo-goo eyes at
Make ocular advances
Make way more than eye contact with
More than a once-over
More than look
More than look at
Not look well?
"Objectify, in a way"
"Overly admire, in a way"
Peek at provocatively
"Peep, like a creep"
Peer at provocatively
Peer played with Lego (4)
Peer pruriently at
People-watch inappropriately
Perform a body check?
Perform a body scan on?
Perform a full-body scan?
Perv's stare
Play the wolf
Pop-eyed glance.
"Prepare for a pickup line, perhaps"
Provocative look
Provocative peek
"Provoke someone to say ""put your eyes back in you head"", say"
Put the eye in impertinent
"Read Playboy, say"
Regard impolitely
Rude look
Salivate and stare
Satyr s stare
Saucy stare
Scan with a plan
Scope out
Scrutinize salaciously
Search for valentines?
Seriously check out
Sexually survey
Show infatuation with
Side glance
Side glance.
Silent come-on
Size up visually
"Size up, in a way"
Stare admiringly
Stare amorously
Stare and stare
Stare appreciatively
Stare as a satyr would
Stare at
Stare at creepily
Stare at flirtatiously
Stare at from across the room
Stare at impolitely
Stare at lasciviously
Stare at lecherously
Stare at obviously
Stare at rudely
Stare at steadily
Stare bug-eyed
Stare desirously
Stare flirtatiously
Stare flirtatiously at
Stare impertinently
Stare lecherously
Stare like a creep
Stare like a drugstore cowboy
Stare longingly at
Stare lovingly
Stare lustfully
Stare lustfully at
Stare rudely
Stare rudely at
Stare salaciously
Stare too long
Stare unabashedly
Stare unabashedly at
Stare up and down
Stare without subtlety
"Study too much, say"
Survey unabashedly
Take a bad look?
Take a gander
Take a long look
"Take a long, longing look"
Take in cheesecake?
"Take in greedily, perhaps"
Take in lecherously
Take in the wrong way?
Take quite a look
Take too close a look
Thorpe's first name.
Undress with one's eyes
Undress with the eyes
Unwelcome look
View all over
View amorously
View flirtatiously
View lasciviously
View up and down
View up and down with intentions
Wanton once-over
Watch amorously
"Watch at a strip club, maybe"
"Watch at the beach, maybe"
Watch closely?
Watch from the corner of one's eye
Watch like a wolf
Watch lustily
"Watch on the beach, maybe"
Watch the figures?
Watch the girls go by
Watch wantonly
Wayward look
What some beach loungers do
Wolf whistle accompaniment
Wolf's look
Wolf's wink
Wolf-whistle accompaniment
Wolfish look
Wolfish look.
Woo optically
Woo visually
Woo with a look
Look like a wolf
Stare at
Watch wolfishly
Eye lecherously
Leer over
Leer at
Gawk at
Take in the wrong way?
Take in the wrong way?
Stare at
Give the once-over
Lascivious look
Stare at
Look lecherously
Look like a creep?
Look at lasciviously
Eye wolfishly
Stare at
Eye up
Leer at
Leer at
Make eyes at
Bar examination?
Act the lecher
Eye with desire
Leer at
Lusty look
Look for old leg cast
Eye suggestively
Lecher's look
Be a gawker
Eye rudely
Make eyes at
Dog left to have a look
Eye creepily
Get a good look at
Make eyes at
Gawk at
Eye suggestively
Stare at
Lusty look
Eye amorously
Eye wolfishly
Eye rudely
Eye wolfishly
Creepy look
Make eyes at
Dog left to have a look
Gawk at
Perform a full-body scan?
Eye lustfully
Lecherous gaze
Stare at
Devour with the eyes
Needing repair
Look at amorously
Check out
Eye rudely
Eye wolfishly
Eye suggestively
Eye suggestively
Eye suggestively
Eye suggestively
Stare at
Stare at
Stare at
Stare at
Eye amorously
Eye amorously
Eye amorously
Eye amorously
Have a bad view?
Eye lustfully
Gape at
Eye amorously
Eye up
Eye up
Eye with lustful intent
Eye with lustful intent
Look at with amorous intentions
Leer at
Eye amorously
Leer at
Look at lustfully
Check out local duck with broken leg
Make eyes at
Make eyes at
Lounge lizard's look
Lascivious look
Look upon with lust
Stare at
Look at part of golf course that's out of bounds
Make goo-goo eyes at
Eye provocatively
Dog left to have a look
Stare at
Lecher's look
Eye impolitely
Eye up
Look at amorously
Look at leeringly
Look at amorously
Look at amorously
Look at amorously
Stare at
Look at on the beach, say
Stare at rudely
Make eyes at