Word: OIL

The word OIL has appeared in at least 1196 clues on different crosswords.

"""... came a-bubblin' crude, ___ that is,..."""
"""Beds are Burning"" Midnight ___"
"""Black gold"""
"""Blue Sky Mine"" Midnight ___"
"""Cafe Terrace at Night"", for one"
"""Essential"" substance"
"""Lorenzo's ___"""
"""Lorenzo's ___"" (1992 Susan Sarandon movie)"
"""Lorenzo's ___"" (1992 film)"
"""Lorenzo's ___"" (1992)"
"""Lorenzo's ___"" (film)"
"""Mona Lisa,"" e.g."
"""Mona Lisa,"" for one"
"""No Blood for ___"" (modern protest sign)"
"""No Blood for ___"" (protest sign)"
"""No blood for ___!"""
"""No blood for ___"""
"""Starry Night,"" for one"
"""Texas Tea"""
"""Texas tea"""
"""The Prize: The Epic Quest for ___, Money and Power"" (Pulitzer-winning book)"
"""The Starry Night,"" e.g."
"""There Will Be Blood"" focus"
"""There Will Be Blood"" subject"
"""W."" subject"
"""___ for the Lamps of China"""
"""___ for the light"" (Ex. 25:6)"
'Black gold'
'Lorenzo's --' ('92 film)
'Texas tea'
"... 'Do household chores seem like a ___ to keep you home? Again, Unlimited Limo to the rescue!'"
1927 Upton Sinclair novel
2000 election issue
2010 Gulf problem
"3-IN-ONE, e.g."
3-in-One product
<I>Valdez<I> spill
A Caddy won't run without it
A driver might dip into it
A little squirt?
A splash in the pan
"AC/DC ""Cover You in ___"""
Alaska product
Alaska resource
Alaska's main export
Alaskan find
Alberta Tar Sands product
Alberta export
Alberta resource
Algerian export
Anointing chrism in many churches
Anointing solution
Anointing substance
Antidote for troubled waters.
Apply WD-40 to
Arab commodity
Arabian export
Aromatherapist's supply
Art medium
Art medium.
Art work
Art work.
Artist's medium
Artist's medium.
Attack the squeaks
Aussie band Midnight ___
Australia's Midnight ___
Auto fluid
Auto garage liquid
Auto need
Auto need.
BP product
Baby ___
Baby or banana follower
Baku's specialty
Balm base
Banana or olive
Banana yield
Baseball glove application
Basis of the Rockefeller fortune
Basra commodity
Bath enhancement
Bathwater additive
Beach goer's aid
Beach pollutant
"Bergamot, e.g."
Big Alaska resource
Big Nigerian export
Big U.S. import
"Big ___ (certain energy lobby, pejoratively)"
Big export of Saudi Arabia and Norway
Bike chain application
Black gold
"Book on which ""There Will Be Blood"" was based"
Business for Shell or ExxonMobil
Canned product.
Canola ___
Canola for one
Canola product
"Canola, e.g."
Car canful
Car engine necessity
Car fluid
Cargo of the Exxon Valdez
Cargo of the Valdez
Cartel commodity
Cartel product
"Castor, for one"
Cause of some skin problems
Certain cartel's concern
Certain painting
Change in a car?
Change it regularly
Chanukah miracle fluid
Check the ___
Chef's bottleful
Cheney says the release of its strategic reserves was politically motivated
Cheney will give up his options in this if elected
Chinese food preparation
Christmas-tree concern
Coat of many colors?
Combustible substance.
"Commodity known as ""black gold"""
Common stainer
Contents of a cruet
Contents of a well
Contents of some barrels
Contents of some wells
Cook's supply
Cooking additive
Cooking fat
Corn byproduct
Corn or castor
Corn product
Cosmetic substance
Cosmetic substance.
Cottonseed product
Covering for some wrestlers
Crankcase additive
Crankcase contents
Crankcase fluid
Crude business
Crude cargo
Crude commodity
Crude discovery
Crude from a well
Crude in a gusher
Crude in a tanker
Crude liquid
Crude material
Crude material that starts wars
Crude matter
Crude resource
Crude stuff
Crude subject
Crude substance?
Crude topic
"Crude, e.g."
Cruet content
Cruet contents
"Cruet contents, often"
Cruet filler
Cruet fluid
"Cruet input, often"
Cruet liquid
Daniel Plainview's obsession
Dashboard gauge
Deep fryer's contents
Deep matter?
Deep-frying need
Derain offering
Derrick flow
Desert Storm issue
Dipstick coating
Dipstick film
Dipstick's measurement
Dressing base
Dressing choice
Dressing component
Dressing ingredient
Dressing part
Drill team's goal?
Drilled commodity
Driller's find
Driller's goal
Driller's quest
"Driller's quest, often"
Drilling goal
Drilling target
Driveway blotch
Driveway stain
Drum filler
Ebon flow
Ebon flow?
Emu farmer's product
"Emulsion component, often"
Energy source
Energy source in drums
Engine additive
Engine fluid
Engine lubricant
Engine need
Ewing concern
Export of Indonesia and Venezuela
Export of Kuwait.
Exxon Valdez cargo
Exxon Valdez spill
Fatty liquid
Feat of Klee
Field goo
Field output
Find in a well
Fish ___
Fix a squeak
Fix the squeak
Flammable barrelful
Flattering speech
Flattering talk
Flattery: Colloq.
Flaxseed byproduct
"Fluid changed every 3,000 miles or so"
Fluid for a car
Fluid in a drum
Fluid on a dipstick
Form of fuel.
Fossil fuel
Freebie with some bread
Friction decreaser
Friction easer
Friction fighter
Friction reducer
Fry cook's stock
Fry cook's supply
Frying liquid
Fuel associated with midnight
Fuel found in all three theme entries
Fuel in the news
Furnace fuel
Futures contract
Gabon exports it
Gallery item
Garage fluid
Garage purchase.
Garage stain
Garage stock
Garage supply
Garage-floor stainer
Gas station supply
Gas-station item
Geologist's concern.
Getty's fortune
Goo that's struck
Gooey find
Grape seed product
Grapeseed or olive
Grapeseed or sesame
Greasy stuff
Gulf of Mexico product
Gusher fluid
Gusher goo
Gusher output
Halliburton commodity
Heating alternative
Heating choice
Heating fuel
Heating option
Hidden treasure.
High-priced commodity in 2008
Home-heating fuel
Hurricane lamp liquid
Idiot light word
Important commodity.
"Incubus ""___ and Water"""
Indicator on a dashboard
Industrial staple
Indy 500 car need
Insincere flattery
Iranian export.
Iraq export
Iraq resource
Iraq's chief resource
Iraqi export
Iraqi resource
It can be crude
It can be crude or refined
It can be hydrogenated
It can be refined
It can foul spark plugs
It eases friction
It floats on water
It gets checked with a stick
It gets piped in
It made H.L. Hunt a billionaire
It made Jed a millionaire
It made old Jed a millionaire
It may be coming down the pipeline
It may be crude
It may be crude or refined
It may be essential
It may be holy
It may be made from olives or corn
It may be struck
It may be struck in a field
It might be changed quarterly
It might be crude
It might be struck
It paid for the Shell Houston Open
It should be changed regularly
It's burned at midnight
It's found in slicks
It's often changed at garages
It's often crude
It's regularly changed in automobiles
It's struck in Texas
It's struck in fields
It's used on baseball gloves
It's well-produced
It's well-regulated
It's well-supplied
Its price reached a 10-year high
J.R. Ewing's concern
J.R.'s business
Jed Clampett struck it
Jed Clampett's bubblin' crude
Jed Clampett's discovery
Jed Clampett's find
"Jed Clampett's find on ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
Jed Clampett's wealth source
Jed Clampetts big hit
Jed's discovery
Jed's find
"Jelly Roll Morton's ""___ Well"""
Jett Rink's find
"Jett's find in ""Giant"""
Jiffy Lube supply
Joint application
Joint relief for the Tin Man
Key export through the Strait of Hormuz
Key natural resource
Kind of burner.
Kind of can or cloth
Kind of change
Kind of cloth or can
Kind of derrick
Kind of field or man
Kind of filter
Kind of lamp
Kind of leak
Kind of painting
Kind of palm or pan
Kind of slick
Kind of strike
Kind of well.
Kirkuk product
Kirkuk resource
Kitchen staple.
Kneading need
Kuwait asset
Kuwait has a lot of it
Kuwait's great resource
Kuwaiti export
Kuwaiti resource
"Lamp contents, once"
Lamp fuel
"Lardner's ""Say It With ___"""
Lessen friction.
Libyan export
Light on a dashboard
Liniment for the Tin Man
Linseed product
Linseed yield
Liquid for frying
Liquid gold
Liquid in a drum
Liquid in cookbooks
"Little squirt, maybe"
"Loosen up, maybe"
"Loosen, in a way"
Lorenzo s ___
Lorenzo's nostrum
Lotion ingredient.
Lube (up)
"Lube, mostly"
Lubricating agent
Lucigen fuel
Lucky strike
Lucky strike?
Lucrative strike
"Maintain, as some tools"
"Maintenance pair, ___ & filter"
Major British export
"Make shiny, as muscles"
Make slick
Make slick.
Makeup of a slick
Manet medium
Manet or Monet medium
"Manet's ""The Luncheon on the Grass,"" e.g."
"Manet, maybe"
Many a MoMA piece
Many a Rembrandt
Many a fine artwork
Many an art museum piece
Massage necessity
Massage need
Masseur's need
Masseur's smoother
Masseur's supply
Masseuse's bottleful
Masseuse's stuff
Masseuse's supply
Medium for Matisse
Medium for Van Dyck or van Gogh
Medium on canvas
Middle Eastern asset
"Mideast ""gold"""
Mideast export
Mideast industry
Mideast mainstay
Midest export
Midnight ___
Midnight fluid
Midnight follower
Midnight fuel
"Mona Lisa, e.g."
Monet medium
Monet work
Motor necessity.
Motor need
Motorist's need.
Motorist's purchase.
Much-discussed commodity
Museum hanging
Napa purchase available by the case
"Naphtha, e.g."
"Naphtha, for one"
Natural resource
Natural resource.
Neat's-foot ___
"Neroli, e.g."
Nigerian export
North Sea resource
North Slope yield
"Nude medium, often"
OPEC commodity
OPEC concern
OPEC export
OPEC fuel
OPEC holding
OPEC moneymaker
OPEC output
OPEC product
OPEC stuff
OPEC subject
OPEC supply
"OPEC's ""gold"""
OPEC's asset
OPEC's concern
OPEC's export
Offshore quest
Oilve or sesame
Oklahoma resource
Oklahoma wealth
Old lamp fill
Old master's work
Old-time whaler's harvest
Olive ___
Olive byproduct
Olive for one
Olive or corn chaser
Olive or corn follower
Olive or corn product
Olive or crude follower
Olive or peanut extract
Olive or peanut product
Olive or sesame
Olive or sunflower
Olive or sunflower extract
Olive or suntan
Olive product
Olive yield
"Olive, for one"
Oman export
"Paint base, sometimes"
Painter's medium
Painting medium
Palm extract
Palm product
Pan or can fluid
Part of E.V.O.O.
Part of EVOO
Part of OPEC
Peak ___
Peanut by-product
Peanut byproduct
Peanut or grapeseed
"Peanut or sesame, e.g."
Peanut product
Peanut product.
Pemex product
Pennyroyal asset
Permian Basin output
Permian Basin yield
Persian Gulf commodity
Persian Gulf product
Petrobras commodity
Pine product
Pipeline flow
Pipeline product
Potato-chip coating
Prevent from squeaking
"Product called ""black gold"""
Product of Kuwait.
Product of a field of dreams?
Product of shale.
Production from a well
Prudhoe Bay find
Prudhoe Bay product
Pumpjack output
Qatar export
Qatar's chief revenue source
Qatari export
"Quaker State, e.g."
"Quiet, in a way"
Race car fluid
Rag goo
"Reason for the Iraq war, according to many"
Recent commodity index booster
Recyclable liquid
Refined petroleum
Refined resource
Refinery flow
Refinery input
Refinery stuff
Rembrandt medium
Rembrandt's medium
"Rick Ross ""___ Money Gang"""
Rig stuff
Rockefeller resource
Rockefeller riches source
Rockefeller's biz
Roughneck's quest
Rub it in?
Russian shipment to Cuba
Safflower ___
Safflower derivative
Safflower product
Salad addition
Salad additive
Salad bar bowlful
Salad dressing
Salad dressing base
Salad dressing component
Salad dressing ingredient
Salad enhancer
Salad flavoring
Salad item
Salad item.
Salad topper
Salad topping
Salad-dressing base
Salad-dressing ingredient
"Saudi ""gold"""
Saudi Arabian export
Saudi export
Seal product
Semi liquid
Service-station item
Sesame ___
Sesame or sunflower
Shale ___.
Shale extract
Shell business
Shell commodity
Shell game?
Shell product
Shell's business
Shipment from Kuwait.
Shipment from Saudi Arabia
Shipment from Texas
Silence a squeaker
"Silence, in a way"
"Silence, possibly"
Skin or slick preceder
"Slake Mick, perhaps"
"Slake mick, herpaps"
Slick liquid
Slick makeup
Slick material
Slick material?
Slick starter
Slick stuff
Slick substance
Slippery stuff
Slippery substance
Snake ___
Snake ___ (bunkum)
Snake ___ (hooey)
Snake ___: cure-all
Some burn it for heat
Some change it regularly
Something good to strike
Something struck
Something well-kept?
Source of Abu Dhabi's wealth
"Source of Clampett wealth, on TV"
Source of J. R. Ewing's money
Source of Jed Clampett's wealth
Source of Norwegian prosperity since the 1960s
Source of Rockefeller money
Source of Rockefeller wealth
Source of Rockefeller's wealth
Source of money for the Shell Houston Open
Source of the Beverly Hillbillies' wealth
Source of the Ewing fortune
Source of the Getty fortune
"Source of wealth on ""Dallas"""
Soybean product
Spa substance
Spill material
"Spill material, perhaps"
Spill stuff
Splash in the pan3
Squeak cure
Squeak eradicator
Squeak eradicator (3)
Squeak ouster
Squeak quieter
Squeak remover
Squeak silencer
Squeak silencer.
Squeak solution
Squeak squelcher
Squeak stopper
Squeak-stopping application
Squeak-stopping liquid
Squeak-stopping stuff
Squeaky hinge application
Squeaky wheel application
Squeaky wheel's need
Squirt can contents
Standard ___
Standard commodity?
Standard offering
Standard offering of old
Standard product
"Standard product, once"
Standard product?
Standard stuff
Stir-frying need
Struck stuff
Stuff applied to a scalp
Stuff in a drum
Stuff that can gush
Stuff that made Jed a millionaire
Stuff to fix a squeaky hinge
Sub sandwich dressing item
Subject of a 1973 crisis
"Subject of the 2006 documentary ""A Crude Awakening"""
Substance for slippery wrestling
Sunflower or vegetable
Sunflower product
Sunflower seed product
Supply in Iraq
Sydney band Midnight ___
Symbol of duplicity
"Tallow, e.g."
Tanker cargo
Tanker's cargo
Tanker's load
Tanner's application
Tar sands product
Target of a 1973 embargo
Teapot Dome material
Teapot Dome resource
Texaco's business
Texas output
Texas product.
Texas resource
Texas strike
Texas tea
"The ""Mona Lisa"", e.g."
The Tin Man's need
The midnight ___.
Thing to check on a car
Tin Man's cry
Tin Man's cure
Tin Man's cure-all
Tin Man's need
Tin Man's plea
Tin Man's request
Tin Woodman's moisturizer of choice
Tin Woodsman's need
Title of Upton Sinclair's book about the Teapot Dome scandal
Titusville discovery
Titusville find
Titusville strike
"Tower of Power ""Only So Much ___ in the Ground"""
Troubled water's smoother
Troubled waters' soother
Truffle ___
Truffle ___ (fancy cooking ingredient)
Try to loosen
"Try to stop from squeaking, say"
Tulsa industry
Tulsa product
Tulsa's product
Tung tree product
Type of can
Type of painting
Type of painting.
Type of well.
U.K. export
Unctuous speech
"Unctuous, flattering speech"
Underground discovery
Upton Sinclair novel
"Upton Sinclair novel on which ""There Will Be Blood"" is based"
"Upton Sinclair novel that inspired ""There Will Be Blood"""
"Upton Sinclair novel that served as the inspiration for ""There Will Be Blood"""
"Use 3-IN-ONE, e.g."
Valdez cargo
Valdez pollutant
Valdez spill
Van Gogh medium
Van Gogh work
"Van Gogh's ""Irises,"" e.g."
Venezuela export
Venezuelan export
Vinaigrette component
Vinaigrette essential
Vinaigrette ingredient
"Vinaigrette, mostly"
Vinegar companion
Vinegar partner
Vinegar's companion
Vinegar's counterpart
Vinegar's partner
Viscous substance
Volatile commodity
"WD-40, essentially"
Wall hanging
Water clasher
Water non-mixer
Water's antithesis
Watercolor alternative
Watteau work
Well or paint
Well output
"Well output, perhaps"
Well stuff
Well yield
Well-delivered product
Well-gotten gain?
Well-nigh stuff?
Well-produced commodity?
Well-supplied resource?
Whale ___
What 'Hubbert's peak' applies to
"What Steve Earle used from a ""Snake"""
What TV's Ewings and Clampetts had in common
"What the ""O"" in OPEC does not stand for, surprisingly"
What the Ewings and Clampetts had in common
What's reserved in the U.S.'s strategic reserves
Wheel application
Wildcat strike
Wildcat strike?
Wildcat wealth.
Wildcat's strike
Wildcatter's find
Wildcatter's quest
Wildcatter's strike
Wildcatter's wish
Winter delivery
"Winter delivery, for many"
"Wintergreen, for example"
With can or cloth
Wok coater
Word after olive or sesame
Word on an idiot light
Word with baby or snake
"Word with baby, bath or banana"
Word with can or pan
Word with can or slick
Word with corn or snake
Word with engine or vegetable
Word with painting or cloth
Word with pan or paint
Work in a gallery
Work in a museum
Work of art.
World commodity.
Your boat's engine needs it
___ Can Harry (Mighty Mouse nemesis)
___ and vinegar
___ and vinegar dressing
___ burner
___ change
___ colors (paint types)
___ field
___ filter
___ spill
___ well
___ well.
Heating fuel
Sesame extract
Medium for many 13-Down
Common lubricant
Gallery hanging
Stuff dipped into with a dipstick
Tin Man’s need
Painting medium
Tin Man's need
Masseur's bottleful
"Black gold"
"Texas tea"
Black gold
Tin Man's need
Dipstick drips
It may be checked at the station
Tin Man's need
Jiffy Lube supply
It may be crude
Sautéing substance
"Black gold"
Crude resource
Frying medium
Black gold
Texas "tea"
It may be crude
Museum hanging
Petroleum product
See 123-Across
It's crude, at first
Vegetable __
Cod liver ...
With 24-Down, drilling structure
What the poilu has to put on his hair
Tin Woodman's can filler
Fluid on a dipstick
Furnace fuel
Squeak squelcher
Petroleum product
Fish or corn yield
Tin Man's need
Texas "tea"
Engineers may use it cleverly in a radio link
A dressing
Friction reducer
Engine need
Tin Man's need
Masseur's need
Black gold
Natural resource maybe helping to make millions
Refinery stuff
See 50-Across
Surprisingly, it's not the "O" in OPEC
Fuel from boiler
Fuel from boiler
It helps the wheels go round
Tin Man's need
Tin Man's need
Cod liver ...
Black gold
Black gold
Valdez cargo
Valdez cargo
Salad dressing liquid, olive ...
Boiler's fuel
Boiler's fuel
Tanker cargo
Tanker cargo
Texas tea
Texas tea
Heat source
Heat source
Tanker cargo
Tanker cargo
One may be essential
Corn product
Canola or sesame
Press output
Olive product
Olive product
Furnace fuel
Furnace fuel
Driller's paydirt
Salad dressing liquid, olive ...
Masseur's application
Gusher flow
Ring the film centre for hair-dressing
Coconut, e.g.
Cruet contents
Common lubricant
Lubricant or fuel for a furnace
Black gold?
Substance that makes the skin waterproof
Texas tea
Fuel from boiler
Ring the film centre for something smooth
Olive product
Crude stuff
Tin Man's need
"Texas tea"
Texas tea
Olive product
The poilu's hair dressing?
A drop from the can?
Texas tea
Tin Man's need
Vinegar mixer
Apportion (5)
Distribute a toll differently (5)
Peanut product
Furnace fuel
Liquid for frying
Being well drilled can make men rich
Coconut product
Natural resource
Major export from 19-Across
Cod liver ...
Palm ___
Texas tea
Crude commodity
It's crude but valuable
Texas tea
Motor need
Salad stuff
Deep fryer fill
Tin Man's need
Liquid for frying
Tanker's load
Slick stuff
Shale extract
Whaler's product
Liquid for frying
Texas tea
Barrel contents
Vinegar's partner
Ecuadorean export
Tin Man's need
Crude __
Saudi export
Something kept in reserve?
Gusher output
Engine stuff
The poilu's hair dressing?
Texas tea
Texas tea
38-Across, for one
Squeak stopper
Jiffy Lube supply
Petroleum product
Tin Man's need
Drilling target
Salad topping option
Mineral wealth means nothing to the Italian
Home heating fuel
Squeak squelcher
Gusher flow
Salad dressing liquid, olive ...
Safflower product
What the poilu has to put on his hair
Cod liver ...
Drop out of a can?
Common lubricant
Slick liquid
Used in frying, it may be dripping
Liquid for frying
Tin Man's need
Tin Man's need
Iraq export
Peanut yield
Hinge quieter
Texas tea
Squeak stopper
Alaskan export
Tanker cargo
Olive product
Salad dressing liquid, olive ...
Furnace fuel
Cod liver ...
Petroleum product
Mineral wealth meaning nothing to the Italian?
Massage parlor supply
Canola or coconut
Petroleum product
Crude liquid
Well yield
Liquid used in one's toilet
Lubricating squirt
Contents of some cans
Kind of painting
Fluid that flows in pipelines
Black gold
Cooking liquid
Engine need
Slick starter
Standard product, once
Engine lubricant
Clampett's strike
Fuel called "black gold"
Liquid that food is fried in
Lucky strike?
Garage stain
Vinegar's partner
Engine lubricant
Texas tea
Salad dressing liquid, olive ...
Texas tea
Masseur's supply
Salad topping often paired with vinegar
Crude commodity
Frying liquid
Well-produced stuff
Texas tea
Crude resource
Heating option
Nigeria's biggest export
It can fix a squeaky hinge
Whale blubber yield, to the Inuit
Stir-fry necessity
Vinegar partner
Engine lubricant
Valuable commodity
Engine lubricant
Peanut product
A lubricant
'Mona Lisa,' e.g
Slick stuff
Squeak stopper
Resource extracted from Alaska's North Slope
Deep fryer's fill
Safflower ___
Something kept in reserve?
Commodity controlled by OPEC
Squeak stopper
epic film 47. Fossil fuel
Surprisingly, what the "O" in OPEC doesn't stand for
Expensive black liquid
Home heating fuel
Content of some barrels
Fossil fuel
Lubricant from boiler
Tanker's contents
'Black gold'
Start for spill or drum
Does an engine use none of it for half a mile?
Texas tea
Cooking liquid
What lasted for eight days, in the story of Hanukkah
Salad topper
Engine fluid
Vinaigrette ingredient
Squeak stopper
Slippery liquid
Black gold
Sunflower product
Engine need
Application for the Mr. Universe contest?
Fossil fuel
Lubricant from boiler
Many a Monet
Clampett's "bubblin' crude"
Halliburton product
Sunflower seed product
Wildcatter's find
ExxonMobil product
Middle East export
Bath additive
What the poilu has to put on his hair
Key Persian Gulf cargo
Texas tea
Tin Man's need
Commodity fought over in "There Will Be Blood"
Engine fluid that's changed
Squeak silencer
Painter's medium
Squeak squelcher
Some is changed regularly
Friction reducer
Jed Clampett's find
Target of refinement
Olive extraction
Fossil fuel
Lubricant from boiler
Engine need
Salad topper
Canola ___
Salad-dressing ingredient
Jiffy Lube supply
Word with baron or basin
Cruet contents