The word ONEON has appeared in at least 57 clues on different crosswords.

Baseball announcer's phrase
Baseball single
Baseball situation
"Bunt situation, perhaps"
"Bunt situation, possibly"
Common situation near the start of an inning
Diamond situation
Diamond situation after a single hit
Diamond status
End-of-inning situation
"Hall & Oates' ""___ One"""
Hit-and-run situation?
Leadoff single situation
Potential RBI
Required situation for a two-run homer
Result of a hit by a leadoff batter
Result of a lead-off single
Result of a lead-off walk
Result of a leadoff double
Result of a leadoff single
Result of a leadoff walk
Result of walking the lead-off batter
Runner aboard
Situation after a lead-off walk
Situation after a leadoff single
Situation after a leadoff walk
Situation before a two-run homer
Situation just prior to a two-run homer
Tie ___
Tie ___ (carouse)
Tie ___ (drink to excess)
Tie ___ (get drunk)
Tie ___ (get smashed)
Tie ___ (get soused)
Tie ___ (get spiffed)
Tie ___ (party hard)
Tie ___ (party hardy)
Tie ___ (party hearty)
Tie ___ (tipple)
Tie___ (carouse)
Two-run homer prerequisite
Two-run homer requirement
Two-run homer situation
What you always have after a triple
You need this for a two-run homer
You need this to hit a two-run homer
___ top of the other
Result of a leadoff single
Tie __
Result of a leadoff single
__ top of the other
Baseball broadcaster reminder
Mildly promising baseball situation
"That's a new — me!"
Status after a triple
Situation before a two-run homer
Diamond situation after a leadoff double