Word: OREO

The word OREO has appeared in at least 1283 clues on different crosswords.

"""...a kid'll eat the middle of an ___ first"""
"""100 years young"" cookie"
"""Biscuit"" introduced in 1912"
"""Biscuit"" treat introduced in 1912"
"""Celebrate the Kid Inside"" treat"
"""Creme Sandwich"" cookie"
"""Dark, delicious cookie"" of ad jingle fame"
"""Double Stuf"" cookie"
"""Double Stuf"" or ""Big Stuf"""
"""Double Stuf"" treat"
"""Got Milk?"" ad partner"
"""Grab 'em. Pop 'em. Love 'em"" brand of Minis"
"""Kid'll eat the middle"" cookie"
"""Milk's Favorite Cookie"""
"""Milk's favorite cookie"""
"""Milk's favorite cookie"" sloganeer"
"""Milk's favorite cookie,"" according to ads"
"""Milk's favorite cookie,"" in commercials"
"""Pizza"" ingredient in a disastrous Dominos product"
"""The world's favorite cookie"""
"""Uh-Oh!"" cookie"
"""Who's that kid with the ___ cookie?"" (old jingle)"
"""Wonderfilled"" brand"
"""Wonderfilled"" cookie"
"""Wonderfilled"" cookie brand"
"""Wonderfilled"" snack"
"""Wonderfilled"" sweet"
"""___ Cookie Blues"" (Lonnie Mack song)"
'Biscuit' introduced in 1912
'Double Stuf' treat
"'Milk's Favorite Cookie"""
"'Milk's favorite cookie,' according to ads"
'Wonderfilled' sweet treat
100-year-old cookie
100-year-old snack
101-year old cookie
90-year-old cookie
95-year-old cookie
A favorite with milk
A kid will eat the middle of this first
A kid'll eat the middle first
A kid'll eat the middle of it first
A kid'll eat the middle of one first
"Addictive cookie, according to a 2013 study"
After-dinner sandwich?
After-lunch bite
After-lunch sandwich
After-lunch sandwich?
After-lunch snack
After-meal sandwich
After-school cookie
After-school munchie
After-school sandwich
After-school snack
After-school treat
"After-school treat, maybe"
Best-selling cookie
Best-selling cookie in America
Best-selling sandwich cookie
Bi-chromatic cookie
"Bicolor ""biscuit"" since 1912"
Bicolor bite
Bicolor snack
Bicolor treat
Bicolored snack
Big Nabisco brand
Big Stuf cookie
"Big Stuf was one, 1985-91"
Big name at Nabisco
Big name in the cookie business
Bite in black and white
Black and white biscuit
Black and white bite
Black and white cookie
Black and white dunker
Black and white goodie
Black and white sandwich
Black and white snack
Black and white snack since 1912
Black and white treat
Black-and white treat
Black-and-white bite
Black-and-white classic
Black-and-white cookie
Black-and-white delight
Black-and-white dunker
Black-and-white invention of 1912
Black-and-white sandwich
Black-and-white snack
Black-and-white treat
"Black-and-white, in sneaker lingo"
Blizzard choice at Dairy Queen
Blizzard component
Blizzard flavor
Blizzard flavor at Dairy Queen
Blizzard option at Dairy Queen
Blizzard variety
Blue-packaged cookie
Brand featured at nabiscoworld.com
Brand of chocolate cones
Brand of piecrust
Brand on nabiscoworld.com
Brand since 1912
Brand that turned 100 in 2012
"Brand touted as ""Milk's favorite cookie"""
"Brand with a ""Triple Double"" variety"
"Brand with a ""Twist, Lick, Dunk"" app"
"Brand with a ""Wonderfilled"" ad campaign"
Brand with a 2012 centennial
Brand with chocolate cookie outsides
Branded treat in some ice creams
Breeze: Sp.
Breyers ___ Cookies & Cream
Breyers ice cream flavor
Brown bagger's dessert
"Brown bagger's dessert, perhaps"
Brown-and-white cookie
Brownie alternative
Brownie brand
Cakesters brand
Cakesters cookie
Cakesters flavor
Centennial cookie since 2012
Certain cookie
Certain cookie with a filling
Cheesecake flavor
Chiaroscuro cookie
Chiarosurro cookie
Chips Ahoy! alternative
Chocolate Creme cookie
Chocolate cookie
Chocolate cookie with white filling
Chocolate sandwich
Chocolate sandwich cookie
Chocolate snack
Chocolate treat
Chocolate-and-cream cookie
Chocolate-and-creme cookie
Chocolate-creme cookie
Chocolaty nibble
Chocolaty snack
Chocolaty treat
Chocolaty treat since 1912
Christie cookie
Chunky milkshake flavor
Chunky milkshake ingredient
Circular cookie
Circular snack
Circular treat
"Clarence Thomas, according to John McLaughlin"
Classic Nabisco cookie
Classic Nabisco snack
Classic Nabisco treat
Classic cookie
Classic snack
Classic treat
Cold Stone mix-in option
Commercial cookie
Common black-and-white cat name
Common cheesecake flavor
Common cookie
"Cookie ""Weird Al"" Yankovic wrote a song parody about"
Cookie Barz brand
"Cookie Monster treat, maybe"
Cookie added to a McFlurry
"Cookie atop a sundae, sometimes"
Cookie bestseller
Cookie brand
"Cookie brand with a Twist, Dunk, Lick game app"
Cookie celebrating 100 years
Cookie celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012
Cookie celebrating its centennial in 2012
Cookie choice
Cookie classic
Cookie created in 1912
Cookie created to compete with Hydrox
Cookie creation of 1912
"Cookie crumbled in a milkshake, often"
Cookie deep-fried at fairs
Cookie embossed with florets
Cookie favorite
Cookie favorites for decades
Cookie first baked in Manhattan's Chelsea district
Cookie first sold in 1912
Cookie for 95 years
Cookie for dunking
Cookie for which a block in Manhattan is named
Cookie found in ice cream
Cookie found in many crosswords
Cookie frequently taken apart
Cookie giant
Cookie in cookies-and-cream ice cream
"Cookie in ice cream, often"
Cookie in pie crusts
Cookie in sleeves
Cookie in some cheesecakes
Cookie in some pie crusts
Cookie in stacking contests
Cookie ingredient in dirt cake
Cookie introduced in 1912
Cookie involved in a licking race
Cookie jar denizen
"Cookie jar denizen, maybe"
"Cookie jar denizen, often"
"Cookie jar denizen, perhaps"
"Cookie jar denizen, sometimes"
"Cookie jar item, perhaps"
Cookie made famous by crosswords
Cookie many take apart
Cookie nearing 100
Cookie of cookies
Cookie of note
Cookie often dipped in milk
Cookie often eaten inside out
Cookie often eaten inside-out
Cookie often eaten with milk
Cookie often pulled apart
Cookie often served deep-fried at state fairs
Cookie often taken apart
Cookie often twisted
Cookie on a Domino's pizza
"Cookie on a sundae, perhaps"
"Cookie on a sundae, sometimes"
Cookie over 80 years old
Cookie owned by the same company as Chips Ahoy!
Cookie resembling the old Hydrox
Cookie sandwich
"Cookie seen in ""Wreck-It Ralph"""
Cookie selection
Cookie served crumbled in some drinks
Cookie served deep-fried at state fairs
Cookie shaped like two of its letters
Cookie shelf favorite
Cookie shown with rainbow filling in ads on Gay Pride Day
Cookie similar to Hydrox
Cookie since 1912
Cookie snack
Cookie snack since 1912
Cookie snackwich
Cookie sold in a White Fudge version in winter
Cookie sold in a blue package
Cookie some dunk in milk
Cookie sometimes deep fried
Cookie sometimes deep-fried
Cookie sometimes dunked in milk
Cookie sometimes eaten inside-out
Cookie that Donald Trump said he was 'never eating again' in protest of a plant move to Mexico
"Cookie that can be ""Double Stuf"""
Cookie that can be divided
Cookie that can be readily stacked
Cookie that can be taken apart
Cookie that celebrated its centennial this year
Cookie that comes in watermelon
Cookie that debuted in 1912
Cookie that has its name on it
Cookie that has its own day every March 6
Cookie that many take apart
Cookie that might flavor a McFlurry
"Cookie that now has a ""cookie dough"" flavor"
Cookie that often appears in crosswords
"Cookie that once had ""Sandwich"" in its name"
Cookie that outcompeted Hydrox
Cookie that predates crossword puzzles
Cookie that predates crosswords
Cookie that received its kosher certification in late 1997
Cookie that recently celebrated its centennial
Cookie that reportedly is produced in 59 minutes
Cookie that turned 100 this past Tuesday
Cookie that turns 100 in 2012
Cookie that was verified as kosher in 1997
Cookie that's been around for a century
Cookie that's been kosher since 5758
Cookie that's kosher
Cookie that's loaded with vowels
Cookie that's often twisted apart
Cookie that's one year older than crosswords
Cookie that's round on both ends
"Cookie that's the subject of ""Weird Al"" Yankovic's ""The White Stuff"""
"Cookie that's the subject of Weird Al's ""The White Stuff"""
Cookie treat
Cookie treat since 1912
Cookie type
Cookie used in cheesecake
Cookie used in ice cream recipes
Cookie used in many desserts
Cookie used in milkshakes
Cookie used in some Klondike bars
Cookie whose embossed design is trademarked
Cookie whose name is also a racial slur
Cookie with Spring and Winter varieties
Cookie with a Candy Corn variety
Cookie with a Double Delight variety
"Cookie with a Fried Chicken variety - wait, dammit, that was a hoax"
Cookie with a Golden variety
Cookie with a Thins variety
Cookie with a chocolaty outside
Cookie with a creamy middle
Cookie with a creme center
Cookie with a crunch
"Cookie with a disgusting-sounding, limited-time watermelon flavor"
Cookie with a filling
Cookie with a floral design on it
Cookie with a green tea version in Asia
Cookie with a lickable center
Cookie with a name of unknown origin
Cookie with a seasonal Pumpkin Spice variety
Cookie with a twist?
Cookie with a white center
Cookie with a white cream filling
"Cookie with an ""Uh-Oh!"" variety"
Cookie with an iconic embossed design
Cookie with creme
Cookie with creme in the middle
Cookie with creme inside
Cookie with filling
Cookie with its name on it
Cookie with its name on its side
Cookie with its name printed on it
Cookie with its name stamped on it
Cookie with only one consonant
Cookie with orange filling in October
Cookie with parallel chocolate disks
Cookie with three parts
Cookie with two colors
Cookie with two colors and three layers
Cookie with white filling
Cookie you might eat at the Nabisco Championship?
Cookie-based Jell-O pudding flavor
Cookie-crumble candidate
"Cookies & Cream ingredient, maybe"
Cookies 'n Cream cookie
Cookies 'n' cream component
Cookies 'n' cream cookie
Cookies and cream ice cream cookie
Cookies n' Creme cookie maker
Cookies-and-cream cookie
Cream cookie
Cream sandwich
Cream-filled cookie
Cream-filled delight
Cream-filled sandwich
Cream-filled snack
Cream-filled treat
Creamy cookie
Creamy nibble
Creme container
Creme cookie
Creme sandwich
Creme treat
Creme-centered snack
Creme-filled chocolate cookie
Creme-filled chocolate snack
Creme-filled cookie
Creme-filled sandwich
Creme-filled snack
Creme-filled treat
Creme-y snack
Crispy creme treat
Crossword constructor's favorite cookie
Crossword cookie
Crossword solver's favorite cookie?
Crossworder's favorite cookie?
Crosswords' favorite cookie
Crumbled ice cream topping
Crumbled ice-cream additive
"Crumbled ingredient in ""dirt pudding"""
Crumbly snack
Crunch Parfait ingredient
Crunchy cookie
Crunchy creamy cookie
Crunchy ice cream flavor
Crunchy ice-cream addition
Crunchy ice-cream flavor
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Crunchy ice-cream topping
Crunchy lunch box cookie
Crunchy munchie
Crunchy sandwich with debatable nutritional value
Crunchy sundae topping
Crushed sundae topping
Dairy Queen Blizzard add-in
Dairy Queen Blizzard choice
Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor
Dairy Queen Blizzard option
Deep-fried carnival treat
Dessert cookie with a creamy middle
Dessert developed by Nabisco in 1912
Dessert item since 1912
"Dessert item that was clued as ""Mountain: Comb. form"" in old crosswords"
Dessert pizza topping at Domino's
Dessert sandwich
Dichromatic dessert
Dichromatic sweet
Dipped cookie
Dirt cake ingredient
Dirt pie ingredient
Domino's topping introduced in '07
Double Delight cookie
Double Delight for Cookie Monster
Double Delight snack
Double Delight treat
Double Stuf Racing League brand
Double Stuf brand
Double Stuf cookie
Double Stuf cookie brand
Double Stuf delight
Double Stuf maker
Double Stuf treat
"Double Stuf, e.g."
"Double Stuf, for one"
Double-Stuf snack
Double-disc cookie
DoubleStuf cookie
DoubleStuf item
DoubleStuf treat
"DoubleStuf, e.g."
Doubly unhealthy deep-fried snack
Droxie cookie rival
Droxie lookalike
Dunkable brand
Dunkable cookie
Dunkable delectable
Dunkable delight
Dunkable dessert
Dunkable sandwich cookie
Dunkable snack
Dunkable sweet
Dunkable treat
Dunked cookie
Dunked sweet
Dunked treat
Dunker's cookie
Dunker's delight
Dunker's dunkee
Dunkin' cookies?
Dunking cookie
Duotone cookie
Each one has two colors and three layers
Embossed snack
Embossed treat
Favorite cookie
Favorite snack in crosswords?
Fig Newton rival
Filled cookie
Filled treat
Filling snack?
Flavor in some decadent cheesecakes
Flavor of a McDonald's McFlurry
Food introduced in 1912
Food item whose name appears on its side
Food often disassembled before consumption
Food often twisted apart before consumption
Food that became kosher in 1998
Food with its name imprinted on it
Food with its name stamped on it
Frequently dunked cookie
Fudge ___ (Nabisco cookie)
Fudgees brand
Fun Stix cookie brand
Golden ___ (Nabisco cookie)
Goodie in the lunchbox
Grade school snack
Grade-school snack
Grandfather of SnackWell's
Halloween ___ (cookie with orange creme)
Halloween ___ (orange creme cookie)
Handi-Snacks brand
High-contrast cookie
Hugely popular cookie
Hundred-year-old cookie
Hydrox alternative
Hydrox clone
Hydrox competitor
Hydrox cookie rival
Hydrox look-alike
Hydrox lookalike
Hydrox rival
"Hydrox rival, now that Hydrox is back on the market"
"Hydrox rival, once"
Ice cream add-in
Ice cream cone flavor
Ice cream flavor
Ice cream mix-in
"Ice cream mix-in, ___ crumbles"
Ice cream sandwich brand
"Ice cream topping, sometimes"
Ice cream variety
Ice cream-and-cookies brand
Ice-cream flavor
Ingredient in Cookies 'n Cream ice cream
"Ingredient in cheesecake crusts, sometimes"
Ingredient in edible Dirt with Worms
Ingredient in several Dairy Queen Blizzards
Ingredient in some Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes
Ingredient in some Klondike bars
Ingredient in some truffles
It can be crumbled on your cone
It can be twisted
It can be twisted apart
It can make a cookie shake crunchy
It comes in a CarbWell Chocolate variety
It comes in black and white
It goes with milk
It has 12 flowers on each side
"It has a 1 3/4"" diameter"
It has a cream center
It has a creamy filling
It has a creamy middle
It has round parts on both sides
It has two colors and three layers
It has two tones and three tiers
It may be dipped in milk
It may be double-stuffed
It may be dunked
It may be licked
It may be pulled apart before eating
It may get a good licking
It may get a licking after dinner
It may get a licking after lunch
It may get dipped in milk
It may get dunked in milk
It might be worth a Fig Newton in a cafeteria trade
It often gets a lick
It often gets dunked
It was made kosher in 1998
"It was patented on March 6, 1912"
"It's 71% cookie, 29% creme"
It's a cookie
It's black and white and consumed all over
It's creamy in the middle
It's dipped in milk
It's often twisted apart
It's one twisted cookie
It's sometimes eaten from the inside out
Item dunked in milk
"Item in a ""lick race"""
Item often dunked in milk
Its Spring edition has yellow filling
Its addictiveness was likened to cocaine in a 2013 Connecticut College study
Its creme may be eaten first
Its ingredient list starts with sugar and ends with chocolate
Its limited editions have included Watermelon and Gingerbread
Its parts may be eaten separately
"Its slogan is ""Milk's Favorite Cookie"""
Its top may be twisted off
Jell-O pudding flavor
Jell-O pudding flavoring
Junk-food sandwich
"Kids cereal, ___ O's"
"Kind of ""snackwich"""
Kind of cookie
Kind of mud pie
Kind of pie or cake
Klondike bar variety
Kraft Foods brand
Kraft Foods cookie brand
Kraft cookie
Kraft cookie brand
"Krispy Kreme donut variety with the tagline ""No twisting required"""
Layer cookie
Layered cookie
Layered cookie treat
Layered snack
Layered treat
Lickable cookie
Lickable snack
Lickable treat
Licked cookie
Little dipper in a milky way?
Little dipper?
Longtime Hydrox competitor
Longtime Hydrox rival
Lunch bag dessert
Lunch bag treat
"Lunch box addition, perhaps"
Lunch box cookie
Lunch box dessert item
Lunch box snack
Lunch box treat
Lunch box treat since 1912
"Lunch finish, perhaps"
Lunch munchie
Lunch-box cookie
Lunch-box snack
Lunchables treat
Lunchbag dessert
Lunchbag snack
Lunchbag treat
Lunchbox cookie
"Lunchbox cookie, perhaps"
"Lunchbox cookie, sometimes"
Lunchbox dessert
Lunchbox dessert item
Lunchbox favorite
Lunchbox goodie
Lunchbox goody
Lunchbox sandwich
Lunchbox sandwich?
Lunchbox snack
"Lunchbox snack, perhaps"
Lunchbox stuffer since 1912
Lunchbox sweet
Lunchbox treat
Lunchtime snack
Makeshift beach blanket Othello piece?
Mallomar alternative
McFlurry flavor
McFlurry flavor at McDonald's
McFlurry option
Milk accompanier
Milk companion
Milk dipper
"Milk dipper, for some"
Milk dipper?
Milk go-with
Milkshake cookie
Milkshake flavor
Milkshake flavor with chunks
Mini found in Snak-Saks
Mint 'n Creme cookie
Modern ice cream flavor
Modern ice-cream flavor
Mount: Comb. form
Mountain combiner
Mountain: Comb. form
Mountain: Comb. form.
Mountain: Prefix
Mountain: Prefix.
Mountain: prefix
Mountainous cookie?
"Mousse pie ingredient, maybe"
Multi-level cookie
Nabisco best seller
Nabisco best-seller
Nabisco bestseller
Nabisco brand
Nabisco buy
Nabisco chocolate-and-creme cookie
Nabisco classic
Nabisco cookie
Nabisco cookie since 1912
Nabisco favorite
Nabisco favorite since 1912
Nabisco goodie
Nabisco has introduced a bite-sized one
Nabisco item
Nabisco mainstay
Nabisco moneymaker
Nabisco nibble
Nabisco nosh
Nabisco nugget
Nabisco offering
Nabisco product
Nabisco product certified as kosher in 1998
Nabisco sandwich cookie
Nabisco snack
Nabisco sweet
Nabisco trademark
Nabisco treat
Nabisco's bestseller
Name for a black and white dog
Name on a cookie
Name on a wafer
National Biscuit Company creation of 1912
"New ""biscuit"" of 1912"
Newman-O lookalike
Newton alternative
Non-fruit smoothie flavor
Nonagenarian cookie
Nosh from Nabisco
Novelty 'mousse' ingredient
Official cookie of the Double Stuf Racing League
Oft twisted treat
Oft-disassembled cookie
Oft-dunked cookie
Oft-dunked item
Oft-dunked sweet
Oft-dunked treat
Oft-twisted cookie
Oft-twisted snack
Oft-twisted treat
Often-dunked cookie
Often-dunked item
Often-dunked treat
Often-twisted treat
One dunked after school
One in a tray of 45 in an 18 oz. package
One may be dipped in milk
"One of about 7,500,000,000 consumed each year"
One topping for a Domino's dessert pizza
One twisted cookie
One twisted cookie?
Particular sandwich cookie
Pie crust flavor
Piecrust flavor
Popular Blizzard flavor
Popular Nabisco cookie
Popular black and white cookie
Popular cookie
Popular cookie brand
Popular cookie since 1912
Popular dunker
Popular ice cream flavor
Popular ice-cream ingredient
Popular lunch bag munchie
Popular lunchbag item
Popular milk dunkee
Popular sandwich cookie
Popular snack
Popular snack since 1912
Popular treat since 1912
Popular treat to split
Post-lunch sandwich
Post-sandwich sandwich
Post-sandwich sandwich cookie
Post-sandwich sandwich?
Product first released by the National Biscuit Company in 1912
Prop for a dunk contest?
Pulled-apart cookie
Puzzle solver's favorite cookie?
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ___
Round of snacking?
Round sandwich
Round sandwich cookie
Round snack
Round treat
"Round, crunchy sweet"
Round-on-both-sides snack
Sandwich after lunch
Sandwich cookie
Sandwich cookie brand
Sandwich cookie name
Sandwich creme
Sandwich creme cookie
Sandwich for dessert
Sandwich in a lunchbox
Sandwich often given a twist
Sandwich snack
Sandwich sweet
Sandwich that won't make a lunch
Sandwich treat
Sandwich without meat or cheese
Sandwich-style dunker
Sandwich-style sweet
Satirical 1974 novel by Fran Ross that shares its name with a cookie
School snack
Separable snack
Small sandwich
Small sweet sandwich
"Small, round sandwich"
Snack aisle bestseller
Snack brand that sponsored Dale Earnhardt
Snack brand that turned 100 in 2012
Snack brand with a 2012 centennial
Snack choice
Snack cookie
Snack cookie since 1912
Snack favorite
Snack first created in 1912
Snack food
Snack food item since 1912
"Snack in a new ""Thin"" version"
Snack in a see-through pack
Snack in a stack
Snack item since 1912
Snack item that's round on both ends?
Snack often twisted
Snack sandwich
Snack since 1912
Snack sold in a stack
Snack sometimes fried
Snack that can be twisted apart
Snack that can be twisted open
Snack that looks like a miniature ice cream sandwich
Snack that may be twisted apart
Snack that turned 100 last month
Snack that turns 104 in 2016
Snack that's been a kosher food since 1998
Snack that's been kosher since 1998
Snack that's bitten or licked
Snack that's often separated
Snack time treat
Snack whose ingredient list ends with chocolate
Snack with Banana Split and Birthday Cake varieties
Snack with a Double Stuf variety
Snack with a Thins variety
Snack with a cream center
Snack with a creamy middle
Snack with a floral design
Snack with a floral design on it
Snack with a removable top
Snack with a white center
Snack with several eating options
Snack with white filling
Snack-aisle fixture
Snackworks.com brand
Soft-centered snack
Some twist it before eating
Something dunked
Something often twisted apart
Sometimes-twisted snack
Source of some ice creams' crunch
"Source of the title material in ""Weird Al"" Yankovic's ""The White Stuff"""
Splittable cookie
Sponsor of NASCAR's Meijer 300 race
Sponsor of the Double Stuf Racing League
Stackable cookie
Stackable dessert item
Stackable food
Stackable snack
Stacked cookie
Stacked snack
Stacked treat
Stacking contest cookie
Store-bought cookie
Stratified snack
"Subject of ""Weird Al"" Yankovic's ""The White Stuff"""
"Subject of ""Weird Al"" Yankovic's NKOTB parody ""The White Stuff"""
Subject of Weird Al Yankovic's 'The White Stuff'
"Subject of Weird Al's ""The White Stuff"""
Sundae mix-in
"Sundae topper, perhaps"
Sunshine Hydrox alternative
Sweet dipped in milk
Sweet lunchbox sandwich
Sweet sandwich
Sweet sandwich cookie
Sweet snack
Sweet snack-time sandwich
Sweet that's often crumbled
Sweet treat
Sweet treat since 1912
"Sweet, circular treat"
The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake choice
The Cru's favorite cookie?
The Official Cookie of Crossword Puzzles
The first one was made at what is now Chelsea Market
Thing often eaten open-faced
Three-layer cookie
Three-layer snack
Three-layer treat
Three-layered snack
Three-part cookie
Three-part snack
Three-ply snack
Three-tier cookie
Three-tiered cookie
Three-tiered snack
Three-tiered treat
Tiered snack
Tiered treat
Top-selling U.S. cookie
Top-selling cookie
Top-selling cookie of the 20th century
Traditional cookie in Cookies 'n Cream ice cream
Traditional ingredient in cookies and cream ice cream
Treat celebrating its 100th birthday in 2012
Treat consisting of 29% creme
Treat dipped in milk
Treat for Cookie Monster
Treat for Cookie Monster?
Treat in a blue wrapper
Treat introduced in 1912
Treat invented in Chelsea
Treat invented in Manhattan's Chelsea district
Treat invented in what's now the Chelsea Market
Treat often pulled apart
Treat often taken apart
Treat that can be pulled apart
Treat that comes apart
Treat that comes in a Golden Original variety
Treat that comes in a Heads or Tails variety
Treat that is often taken apart
Treat that's had a holiday candy cane edition
Treat that's sometimes dunked
"Treat with ""Cool Mint"" creme"
"Treat with a ""Golden"" variety"
Treat with a creamy middle
Treat with a creme filling
Treat with a trademarked design
Treat with creme
Treat with its name printed on it
Treat with milk
Treat with three vowels
Tri-level cookie
Tri-level snack
Tripartite treat
Triple-decker cookie
Triple-decker snack
Triple-decker treat
Triple-layer cookie
Triple-layer treat
Twist-apart cookie
Twist-apart snack
Twist-apart treat
Twist-off cookie
Twist-off snack
Twist-open snack?
Twistable cookie
Twistable cookie treat
Twistable snack
Twistable treat
Twisted cookie
Twisted delight?
Twisted food
Twisted item
Twisted snack?
Twisted treat
Twisted-apart treat
Twisting dessert
Two color treat
Two-color cookie
Two-colored cookie
Two-tone cookie
Two-tone dunker
Two-tone sandwich
Two-tone sandwich cookie
Two-tone snack
Two-tone treat
Two-toned cookie
Two-toned cookie treat
Two-toned sandwich
Two-toned treat
Type of cookie
Ubiquitous cookie
Ubiquitous crossword cookie
Uh-Oh! ___ (Nabisco product)
Uh-Oh! ___ (chocolate creme cookie)
Unhealthy frozen yogurt topping
Vanilla ice cream add-in
Vegan treat
Versatile cookie
Vowel-rich cookie
Vowel-rich snack
Wafers-and-creme treat
White and black snack
White-and-black stacked snack
White-center snack
White-centered cookie
White-centered snack
White-centered treat
Yogurt shop crumble
You might unscrew it to eat it
___ Biscuit (1912 debut)
___ Biscuit Bites (new Church's offering)
___ Biscuits (dessert now offered by Church's Chicken)
___ Blizzard (Dairy Queen offering)
___ Cakesters
___ Cakesters (Nabisco offering)
___ Cakesters (snack brand)
___ Dessert Pizza (Domino's dish)
___ Double Stuf
___ Dunkers (oblong cookies)
___ Freeze (drink at Friendly's)
___ Frosty Parfait (Wendy's dessert)
___ Lick Race (cookie-eating contest)
___ Matchin' Middles (Fisher-Price game)
___ O's (Post cereal)
___ O's (chocolaty cereal)
___ Thin Crisps (Nabisco product)
___ Thins (Nabisco snacks)
___ Way (Block on Ninth Avenue in New York between 15th and 16th named after a sweet)
___ balls (chocolate covered treats)
___ balls (chocolaty snacks)
___ balls: chocolaty snacks
___ cheesecake (black-and-white dessert)
___ cookies 'n creme: Jell-O flavor
___ crumbles
___ truffles (homemade dessert)
Nabisco bestseller
Handi-Snacks snack
“Biscuit” introduced in 1912
Black-and-white cookie
Treat with a lickable center
Cookie many take apart
Cookie that can be disassembled
Cookie with a Thins variety
Treat since 1912
Snack in a stack
Ice cream flavor
Cookies-and-cream cookie
Popular cookie
Popular cookie
Three-layer treat
Three-layer treat
Cookie in dirt cake
Twistable cookie
Dessert item since 1912
Black-and-white cookie
___ Thins (cookie variety)
McFlurry flavor
Black-and-white cookie
Snack since 1912
Three-layered snack
Popular cookie
1 Down-shaped treat
Common cookie
Crunchy ingredient in ice cream
Tri-level cookie
Separable cookie
Black-and-white sandwich cookie
Creme-filled snack
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Triple-decker cookie
Cookie in some McFlurrys
Sandwich treat
Creme-filled treat
Cookie that started as a Hydrox knockoff
Three-layered treat
"Wonderfilled" cookie
Vowel-rich cookie
After-lunch sandwich
Cookie shaped like two of its letters
Three-tier cookie
Cookie with a "Thins" line
Chocolate-and-vanilla treat
Black-and-white cookie
Twistable snack
Common cookie type
Sandwich cookie
Sandwich cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Three-layer cookie
Three-layer cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Cookie in some cheesecake crusts
Hydrox competitor
Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor
Three-tier cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Sandwich treat
Chocolate cookie brand
Snack often eaten inside-out
Stacked snack since 1912
Twistable treat
Dirt cake ingredient
Three-layered cookie
Layered cookie
It often gets dunked
Cookie that's often pulled apart
Creme-centered treat
Chocolate cookie
Sandwich cookie
It has a Candy Corn limited edition for Halloween
Cookie brand
Embossed cookie
Black-and-white stacked snack
Black-and-white cookie
Sandwich cookie
Sandwich cookie
Double Delight cookie
Make oneself scarce
Cookie from Nabisco
Nabisco chocolate-creme cookie
Nabisco chocolate-creme cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Cookie brand
Cookie brand
Sweet sandwich
Black-and-white cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Cookie that may be dipped in milk
Black-and-white cookie
Nabisco cookie since 1912
Nabisco cookie since 1912
Sandwich cookie
Sandwich cookie
Dunkable treat
Dunkable treat
Cookie with three layers
Cookie with three layers
Two-tone treat
Nabisco treat
Triple-decker cookie
Sandwich cookie
Sister brand of Nilla
Sister brand of Nilla
"Milk's Favorite Cookie"
Sandwich treat
Sandwich treat
Mini __ cheesecake
Sandwich cookie
Cookies 'n' creme cookie
Brand with a 2017 dunk challenge
Black-and-white cookie
Classic cookie
Creme-filled cookie
Jell-O pudding flavor
Creme-filled treat
Popular cookie brand
Nabisco cookie
Cookie with more vowels than consonants
Black-and-white cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Cookie with a limited-edition Peeps version
__ Biscuit, product debut of 1912
Common cookie
Two-tone treat
Nabisco treat
Black-and-white cookie
Layered cookie
Two-tone cookie
Twistable cookie
Sandwich treat
Hydrox rival
Popular cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Popular sandwich cookie
Brand advertised as "Wonderfilled"
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Sandwich cookie
Twistable treat
Black-and-white cookie
Billion-selling cookie
Two-tone snack
Sandwich treat
Sandwich treat
Nabisco's answer to the Hydrox
Black-and-white cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Product for which Christina Aguilera has done recent ads
Sandwich cookie
Nabisco cookie
Cookie shaped like two of its letters
Cookie with flower designs
Popular cookie brand
Double Delight cookie
Sandwich treat
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Sandwich cookie
Billion-selling snack
Nabisco cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Hydrox rival
Nabisco brand since 1912
1912 answer to the Hydrox
One may be crumbled on a sundae
Creme-filled cookie
Nabisco's answer to Hydrox
___ O's (chocolaty cereal brand)
Triple-decker cookie
Nabisco bestseller
Cookie with three vowels
Black-and-white cookie
Popular cookie brand
White-centered snack
Sandwich cookie
Oft-twisted cookie
Cookie you may twist apart
"Wonderfilled" cookie
Dunked snack
Black-and-white cookie
Sandwich cookie
Twistable cookie
Certain cookie brand
Cookie in some ice cream
Snack in a new Firework flavor
Black-and-white cookie
Sandwich treat
It's 29% cream
Nabisco cookie
'Creme sandwich' introduced over a century ago
Twistable cookie
Creme-filled cookie
Treat older than sliced bread
Cookie from the makers of 10-Across
Crunchy cheesecake ingredient
Twistable cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Sweet sandwich
Sandwich treat
Three-layer cookie
Lunchbox staple
Certain fro-yo add-in
Sandwich treat
Cookie with a limited-edition Swedish Fish variety
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Black-and-white cookie
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Cookie with a PB&J variety
Two-toned cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Twistable cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Crumbled froyo topping
Twistable cookie
Snack since 1912
Cookie brand
Its filling contained lard until 1997
Nabisco treat
Popular cookie
Brand name after 'Oh! Oh!,' in old ads
Little dipper?
Sandwich cookie
Sandwich cookie
Snack you might bite or lick
Sandwich cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Cookie brand
Cookie deep-fried at state fairs
Popular cookie
Cookie once billed as a "biscuit"
Snack with a lickable center
Cookie giant
Treat with a Thins variety
Triple-decker cookie
Android operating system named for a cookie
Cookie in dirt pudding
Black-and-white cookie
___ Blizzard (Dairy Queen offering)
Layered snack
Crunchy cookie
Cookie in dirt cake
After-lunch sandwich
Small, sweet sandwich
Black-and-white cookie
Best-selling sandwich cookie
Creme-filled snack
Cookie with a Cookies & Creme variety
Black-and-white cookie
Cookie deep-fried at fairs
Onetime "Open up...and take a lick!" advertiser
Food with its name stamped on either side of it
Treat whose name appears on it twice
Nabisco snack since 1912
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Two-tone treat
Two-tone treat
Cookie with a Triple Double variety
Twistable treat
Black-and-white cookie
Two-toned treat
Sandwich for dessert
Cookie since 1912
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Crunchy cookie
It has a Double Stuf variety
"Wonderfilled" cookie
Snack item since 1912
Often-twisted treat
Cookie with a Peeps variety
Two-tone sandwich
Sandwich cookie brand
Cookie brand
Common cookie
Double Delight cookie
Twistable cookie
Stacked cookie
Cookie with a Thin Bites variety
Cookie crumbled into desserts
Stale cookie in crosswords?
Triple-decker cookie
Nabisco's flagship brand
Cookie in some Jell-O pudding
White-center snack
Layered cookie
Two-toned snack
Cookie sold in over 100 countries
Chocolate nosh
"Biscuit" introduced in 1912
Billion-selling cookie
Double Delight cookie
Crunchy cookie
Popular cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Cookie brand
Deep-fried carnival treat
Creme-filled cookie
Particular cream cookie
Cookie crumbled in ice cream
Crunchy cookie
Triple-decker cookie
Creme-filled treat
Double Stuf cookie
Black-and-white cookie
Nabisco cookie
Stackable cookie