Word: ORT

The word ORT has appeared in at least 276 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Thing ___"" (Beach Boys song)"
A worthless leaving
Alimentary modicum
Alimentary particle?
Alley cat's scrap
Bit for Bowser
Bit for Fido
Bit for a boxer
Bit for the barker
Bit for the dog bowl
Bit for the silent butler
Bit from a bite
Bit of a bite
Bit of biscuit
Bit of food
Bite for Bowser
Boxer's scrap
Busboy's target
Crossworder's food scrap
Crumb of a torte
Diner's snippet
Dining table scrap
Dinner crumb
Dinner dropping
Dinner leftover
Dinner plate scraping
Dinner remnant
Dinner scrap
Dinner table bit
Dinner table dropping
Dinner-plate scrap
Dog's morsel
Doggie bag bit
Doggie bag morsel
Doggie bag scrap
Doggie-bag bit
Doggie-bag morsel
Doggie-bag scrap
Doggy bag bit
Doggy bag item
Doggy-bag scrap
Eating leftover
Eating scrap
Edible scrap
Feed leftover
Fido's dinnertime extra
Fido's find
Fido's scrap
Fido's snack perhaps
Food bit
Food bit for Fido
Food for Fido
Food fragment
Food fragment.
Food morsel
Food particle for Spot
Food remnant
Food scrap
Food scrap for Fido
"Food scrap, humorously"
Food scrap.
Food scrap: Dial.
Food scraping
Food you can barely taste
Forty at heart
Fragment for Fido
Fragment of food.
Fun food for Fido
"Group of 130,000 U.S. women fostering voc. ed."
Group sponsoring vocational ed.
Important heart
Jewish women's society
Kitchen leftover for the pet
Kitchen scrap
Kitty's bit
Lab's scrap
Leaving after dinner
Leaving after dinner?
Leaving after lunch
Leaving after lunch?
Leftover bit
Leftover crumb
Leftover for Fido
Leftover for Lassie
Leftover for Rover
Leftover for a little dog?
Leftover is half rotten
Leftover morsel
Leftover scrap
Leftover scrap of food
Leftover tidbit
Little bit
Little bit left over
Lunch leftover
Luncheon leaving
Mark of a careless diner
Meal Leftover
Meal bit
Meal crumb
Meal leftover
Meal morsel
Meal remnant
Meal scrap
Mere morsel
Minor matter on a platter
Morsel for Fido
Morsel for Rover
Morsel for Spot
Morsel for the dog
Morsel left over from a meal
Morsel of food
Morsel: Dial.
Move around
Mutt's morsel
Negligible crumb.
Nibble for Rover
Nipper's nibble
Noted women's service org.
Odd morsel
Offal piece
"One Cheerio, say"
Org. sponsoring vocational education
Org. sponsoring vocational training
Paltry piece
Pet's scrap
Piece on a plate
Plant suffix
Plate crumb
Plate scrap
Plate scraping
Puzzle leftover
Relic of the repast
Remnant for Rover
Remnant for a house pooch
Remnant of food.
Repast remnant
Rover's anticipated catch
Rover's scrap
Schnauzer's snack
Scone bit
Scrap at the table
Scrap for Fido
Scrap for Odie
Scrap for Pluto
Scrap for Rover
Scrap for Scottie
Scrap for Scotty
Scrap for Spot
Scrap for a kitty
Scrap for kitty
Scrap for the dog bowl
"Scrap for the dog, say"
Scrap for the pooch
Scrap from supper
Scrap of food
Scrap of scrapple
Scrap or morsel.
Scrappy little thing?
Service gp.
Service org.
Serving for Spot
Small bit
Smidgen for Spot
Snack for Odie
Snippet for Fido
Snippet for Sandy
Something to chew on
Spot scrap
Spot's scrap
Strip for Spot
Supper crumb
Supper scrap
Supper table scrap
"T-bone bone, perhaps"
Table crumb
Table crumb.
Table dropping
Table leaving
Table leaving.
Table leftover
Table scrap
Table scrap (hidden in PORTABLE)
Table scrap for Fido
Table scrap.
Terrier's tidbit
Tidbit for Eddie?
Tidbit for Fido
Tiny morsel
Treat for Fido
Turkey leftover
Uneaten bit
Uneaten morsel
Uneaten scrap
Uneaten table morsel
Uneaten unit
Unwanted scrap.
Women's gp. sponsoring vocational training
Women's group sponsoring voc. ed.
Women's service org.
Worthless morsel
"___ Wells, a top horse in 1904"
Meal remnant
Dinner remnant
Food crumb
Crumb on a dinner table
Food crumb
Food scrap
Food crumb
Leftover meal crumb
Small food crumb
Leftover scrap of food
Table crumb
Table scrap
Table crumb
Dinner plate scrap
Leftover bit
Leftover morsel
Small scrap of food
Small scrap of food
Food scrap
Food morsel
Food morsel
Wee bit of food
Wee bit of food
Table scrap
Table scrap
Leftover bit
Dinner crumb
Table scrap
Supper scrap
Food scrap
Doggie bag bit
Table scrap
Food crumb
Food scrap
Food scrap
Table scrap
Leftover on the dinner table
Food scrap
Bit of food
Food crumb
Meal scrap
Food scrap
Food scrap
Uneaten bit
Food scrap
Food crumb