Word: OWS

The word OWS has appeared in at least 71 clues on different crosswords.

"""Tell me if this hurts"" replies"
"""That hurt!"" shouts"
"""That hurts!"" blurts"
"""That hurts!"" cries"
"""We are the 99%"" movement, for short"
Band-Aid removal comments
Boo-boo signals
Clumsy hammerers' cries
Concert divisions
Cries from the pained
Cries from the woodshed
Cries of a toe-stubber
Cries of discomfort
Cries of pain
Cries of pain.
Cries of surprise.
Cutting remarks?
"Early 2010's street protest movement, briefly"
Expressions of pain
Hammer-on-the-thumb cries
Hurt expressions.
Hurt responses
Hurtful comments?
Hurtful outbursts?
"Injection reactions, maybe"
"Injection reactions, often"
Little yelps
Nurses hear a lot of them
Pain reactions
Pained cries
Pained exclamations
Pained exclamations.
Pained expressions
Pained expressions?
Pained replies
Pained shouts
Pained sounds
Pained sounds.
Painful cries
Paper cut cries
Plaints of pain
Punch lines?
Reactions to punches
Responses to sticker shock?
Responses to tattooers
Results of big hits?
Smart answers?
Smart comments?
"Sounds at a vaccination center, maybe"
Sounds from clumsy hammerers
Sounds from tack-sitters
Sounds from the ER
Sounds from the smacked
Sounds of discomfort
Sounds of pain
Stinging remarks?
Tattoo parlor sounds
They may follow bee stings
Toe-stubbers' cries
Yelps of pain
"Zuccotti Park movement, for short"
Stinging remarks
Cries that might be made while hopping on one foot
Hurt responses
Expressions of pain
Cries of pain
They're rarely heard from skilled carpenters
Reactions to buffets?
Pained cries
Yelps of pain