The word PACED has appeared in at least 113 clues on different crosswords.

Acted antsy
"Acted antsy, in a way"
Acted like an expectant father
Acted nervously
Acted the expectant father
"Acted the expectant father, perhaps"
Behaved nervously
"Betrayed anxiety, say"
Betrayed nervousness
Counted steps
"Didn't wait patiently, say"
Emulated an expectant father
Emulated some expectant fathers
Exhibited anxiety
Expended some nervous energy
Fast- -- (quick)
"Fretted in the waiting room, say"
Kept some energy for later
Led the pack
Led the way
Made tracks
Made tracks indoors?
Made tracks?
Measured by walking
Measured in a certain way.
Measured in steps
Measured off
"Measured off a distance, perhaps"
Measured on foot
Measured roughly
Roughly measured (off)
Set an example for
Set the speed.
Set the standard for
Set the tempo
Set the tempo for a race
"Set the tempo, in a race"
Showed anxiety
Showed nervousness
Stepped like an expectant father
Stepped off
Strode back and forth
Took measured steps
Took measured strides
Toured the waiting room
"Waited for a baby, maybe"
Waited for a birth announcement
Waited for a special delivery?
Waited for baby?
Waited nervously for baby?
Waited restlessly
Walked around
Walked around nervously
Walked around the waiting room
Walked back and forth
Walked like an expectant father
"Walked like an expectant father, say"
Walked nervously
Walked restlessly
Walked the floor
Walked the floor.
Walked to and fro
Walked up and down
Walked with a certain gait
Walked with measured steps
Walked worriedly
Went back and forth
What an expectant father did?
What the awaiting father did
Wore a groove in the rug
Wore a hole in the carpet
Wore a hole in the rug
Wore a rut in the rug
Wore out a maternity-room carpet
Wore out the carpet
"Wore out the carpet, so to speak"
Wore the carpet thin
Worked off nervous energy
"Worked off nervous energy, in a way"
Worried walker
Couldn't sit still, say
Betrayed nervousness
Strode impatiently
Walked back and forth
Strode impatiently
Walked back %26 forth
Walked back and forth
Took measured steps
Walked nervously
Showed impatience, in a way
Walked back & forth
Walked back & forth
Walked nervously
Walked nervously
Walked back & forth
Betrayed nervousness
Walked like an expectant father, perhaps
Walked back and forth
Measured off, in a way
Betrayed nervousness
Walked back & forth
Walked back & forth
Waited nervously, perhaps
Walked nervously back and forth
Walked nervously
Walked back & forth