Word: PADS

The word PADS has appeared in at least 275 clues on different crosswords.

(Puzzle by R.J. Hartman) Hippie homes
Adds to deceptively
Adds to dishonestly
Adds to unnecessarily
Adrian's shoulder extenders
Apartments slangily
"Apartments, in the vernacular"
Apollo starting points
Athlete's protection
Athletes' protective wear
Bachelor apartments
Bears' wear on Sundays
Beatnik abodes
Beatnik quarters.
Beatnik residences
Bottoms of paws
Brake components
Brake parts
Bruise preventers
Canoeists sometimes kneel on them
Catcher's equipment
Cats' flats
Certain living quarters.
Cheats on the expense account
Crash sites of the 60's
Crash sites?
Desk accessories
Desk appurtenances
Desk items.
Diddles the expense account
Doctors the expense account
Dog's paw cushions
Eagle's protection
"Elvis Costello's ""___, Paws and Claws"""
"Elvis Costello/Paul McCartney song ""___, Paws & Claws"""
Embellishes an expense account.
Exaggerates an expense account
"Exaggerates, as an expense report"
Expands with needless matter
Falsifies accounts
"Falsifies, as accounts"
Feet of some animals
Fills out
Foot and stamp
Football gear
Football player's protection
Football protection
Footballer's protection
Footballer's wear
"Fudges, in a way, as an expense report"
Gear for fencers
Gear for the gridiron
Goalie equipment
Goalie gear
Goalie protectors
Goalie's gear
Goalie's knee guards
Goalie's protection
Goalies' gear
Gridiron gear
Gridiron needs
Guards for guards
Halfback's protection
Heating and scratch
Hip abodes
Hip homes
Hippie apartments
Hippie dwellings
Hippie homes
Hippies' digs
Hippies' hangouts
Hippies' haunts
Hippies' homes
Hippies' quarters
Hippies's digs
Hippy hangouts.
Hipsters' homes
Hockey players' protection
Homes for beatniks.
"Homes, colloquially"
In-line skating gear
Increases artificially
Inflates artificially
Inflates falsely
Inflates for personal gain
Inflates improperly
Inflates the expense account
"Inflates, as a r
"Inflates, as an expense account"
"Inflates, say"
Ink holders
Is generous on one's resume
John Elway wore them on Sundays
Joint protectors
Juggles an expense account
Knee guards
Knee protectors
Kneeling ___ (canoeing need)
Launch locations
Launch platforms
Launch sites
Launch sites... or crash sites
Launching ___.
Launching areas
Launching areas at Canaveral.
Launching platforms.
Launching settings
Launching sites
"Launching sites, in rocketry."
Legal ___
Legal aids?
Lily leaves.
Linemen's protectors
Living quarters
"Living quarters, in beatnik jargon."
Locales for mice
"Maxi, mini, and i"
Memo units
Mice are handled on them
Mice may rest on them
Mod apartments
Modern residences
Montana equipment
Monthly toiletries
Mouse homes?
Mouse surfaces
Mouse underthings
Moving van supplies
"Note homes, maybe"
Paper blocks
Paper tablets
Part of a goalie's gear
Parts of animals' feet
Paw bottoms
Paw parts
Pew parts
Places for computer mice
Places for notes
Places to crash
Pond floaters
Protection for goalies
Protective cushions
Protective football gear
Protective gear
Protective sports equipment
Punter's protection
Quarterback protectors
Receiver's gear
Rented quarters
Reporters carry them
Reporters' notebooks
"Residences, in slang"
"Residences, new style."
Roller derby equipment
School supplies
Schoolboy's need.
Shoulder ___.
Shoulder enhancers
Shoulder or knee
Shoulder protection
Shoulder protectors
Sites at Cape Kennedy.
Sites for mice
Small notebooks
Some are legal
Some diggings
Some football gear
Space-age platforms.
Stamp inkers
Stationer's stock
Stationery stock
Stationery store purchases
Steno and legal
Steno supplies
Steno's accessories
Steno's needs
Stenographers' needs
Stenos' needs
Surfaces for computer mice
Surfaces for mice
Tablets found on desks
Tackle's protection
Tampon substitutes
These keep gridders from getting hurt
Thin cushions
Things to make notes on
Things with wings
Travels on foot.
Walks on little cat feet
Walks softly
Water lily leaves
Water lily leaves.
"Word with knee, mouse or shoulder"
Word with shoulder or soap
Writers' blocks
Writers' blocks?
Writing blocks?
Writing tablets
X Games coverage?
Bachelor homes of old
Footballer’s shoulder protectors
Office Depot stack
Football gear
Knee protectors
Flat cushions
Skate park protection
Writing tablets
Parts of dogs' paws
Spongy part of paws
Goalie's protectors
Bachelors' digs
Protectors at skateparks
Shoulder protection
Writing tablets
Writing tablets
Flat cushions
Brake parts
Saddle accessories
Guards the homes
Gridiron protection
Gridder's protective wear
Hippies' digs
Goalie's gear
Flat cushions
Gridders' wear
Inflates, as expenses
Writing tablets
Skateboarder's protection
Places for notes
Suit's shoulder enhancers
Writing tablets
Stationer's stock
Safety mats
What's kept under mice
Stationer's stock
Flat cushions
Paw bottoms
Drawing tablets
Launch areas
___ the bill
Stuffs with paper
They protect the quarterback
Knee cushions
Goalie protectors
Elbow protectors for rollerbladers
Bachelors' homes
Inflates, as a bill
In cricket, they go to leg