Word: PATE

The word PATE has appeared in at least 256 clues on different crosswords.

-- de foie gras
1976 US Open champ
A certain crown
An hors d'oeuvre
Anagram for tape
Appetizer spread
Baguette spread
"Bean, so to speak"
Bistro order
Boulanger's creation
Brains: Humorous.
Brie alternative
Brynner's is bald
Canape covering
Canape spread
Canape topper
"Canape topper, perhaps"
Caterer's staple
Ceramist's paste
Certain spread
"Chichi chopped liver, essentially"
Chopped hors d'oeuvre
Chopped liver
Chopped liver dish
Chopped liver spread
"Chopped liver, e.g."
Chopped spread
Cocktail hour spread
Cocktail party fare
Cocktail party preparation
Cocktail party spread
Cocktail party topping
Cocktail spread
Comb-over's locale
Cracker spread
Cracker topper
"Cracker topper, sometimes"
Cracker topping
"Cracker topping, perhaps"
Crostini topping
Crown of the head
Crown of the head.
Crown spot
Dough: Fr.
Eight-time TOUR winner Jerry
Evening spread
Evening spread?
Fancy chopped liver
Fancy cracker spread
Fancy hors d'oeuvre
Fancy party selection
Fancy spread
Fancy spread for a fancy spread
Fancy topping for a cracker
Fancy topping for crackers
Finely chopped liver
Finger-food spread
Foie gras
Foie gras for one
"Foie gras, e.g."
Foie-gras offering
Form of pasty.
Former head of the Marines.
French appetizer
French delicacy.
French spread
Frenchified chopped liver
Georgia-born Jerry
Golf pro Jerry
Golf's U.S. Open champion: 1976
Golfer Jerry
Golfing champ once
Goose liver appetizer
Goose liver delicacy
Goose liver product
Goose-liver spread
Gross-looking delicacy
Hairless head
Head of the head
Head or spread
Head part
Head part.
Head's crown
"Head, in Hereford"
Head: Humorous.
High-priced spread
Hors d'oeuvre
Hors d'oeuvre choice
Hors d'oeuvre item
Hors d'oeuvre paste
Hors d'oeuvre selection
"Hors d'oeuvre selection, perhaps"
Hors d'oeuvre spread
Hors d'oeuvres liver spread
Hors d'oeuvres selection
Hors d'oeuvres spread
Hors d'ouevre spread
Hors doeuvre spread
Hors-d'oeuvre item
It may contain aspic
It may have a bald spot
"It's bald, possibly"
It's chopped liver
It's chopped liver to the upscale
Jerry of golf
Jerry of the P.G.A.
Keep it under your hat
Liver dish
Liver follower
Liver hors d'oeuvre
Liver paste
Liver spread
Marines' Commandant.
Meat delicacy.
Meat paste
Meat paste.
Meat pie
Meat spread
Meat spread on the head?
Meat spread.
Newcastle noggin
Ofttimes bald spot
P.G.A. star
PGA's Comeback Player of 1999
Parisian's pie
Party dip
Party fare
Party favorite
Party paste
Party spread
Party treat
Peat spread
Place for a toupee
Place of hard knocks?
Place to get conked
Popular hors d'oeuvre
Posh spread
Potter's paste
Prominent Yul Brynner feature
Rich French spread
Rich cracker spread
Rogaine target
Salmon stuff
Savory spread
Seasoned-meat product
Small meat pastry
Snack spread
Snack-tray spread
Soft spread
Soiree spread
Spiced meat spread
"Spot for a rug, maybe"
Spread at a party
Spread before dinner
Spread choice
Spread during cocktails
Spread for a nice spread
Spread for a spread
Spread for company
Spread in a spread
Spread of pur
Spread on crackers
Spread out at a party?
Spread out on a table
Spread sometimes made of liver
Spread with cocktails
Spread with drinks
Spreadable delicacy
Strasbourg export
Tape for the head.
Tasty paste
The head.
This can be hairy or hairless
Toast topping
Toast-points topper
Tonsure area.
Tonsure site
Top of head
Top of the head
Top of the head.
Top of the monk
Top of the noggin
Top of your head
Type of dough
U.S. Open champ: 1976
U.S. Open winner: 1976
Upscale party fare
Uptown cracker topper
Where the toupee goes.
Yarmulke site
___ de foie gras
___ de foie gras.
___ feuillet
___de foie gras
Canape spread
Liver spread
Party spread
Popular name in Ireland for English spread
Fancy spread
Top of the head
Goose liver spread
Savoury spread
Smallest of a litter
Canape topper
Hors d'oeuvres spread
Hors d'oeuvres spread
Top of the head
Cracker topper
Cracker spread
Meat spread
... de foie gras
Meat spread
Hors d'oeuvre spread
... de foie gras
Top of the head
Canape spread
It's chopped liver
... de foie gras
Fancy cracker spread
Liver spread
Canapé spread
Meat spread
... de foie gras
Jerry —, golfer; 1976 US Open Championship winner
Savoury spread
Fatty liver spread
Meat spread
Liver spread
Savoury spread
Cracker spread
... de foie gras