Word: PCS

The word PCS has appeared in at least 280 clues on different crosswords.

'80s IBM products
AT's XT's etc.
Acer products
Across alts.
Alternatives to Macs
Alternatives to iMacs
Best Buy buys
British law officers: Abbr.
CD burners
CPU environs
CPU housings
Coins: Abbr.
Common desk items
"Compaq Presarios, e.g."
Compaq products
"Compaqs, e.g."
Computer lab purchase
Computers abbr.
Computers not supported by Jobs
"Computers, briefly"
DOS runners
Data proc. equipment
Data processing equipmt.
Dell and HP products
Dell and others
Dell champions them
Dell deliveries
Dell offerings
Dell options
Dell or Gateway products
Dell or Gateway wares
"Dell or Toshiba products, for short"
Dell output
Dell prods.
Dell products
"Dell products, in brief"
Dell wares
"Dells, Gateways, etc."
"Dells, at times"
"Dells, e.g."
"Dells, maybe"
"Dells, perhaps"
Desk items
Desk toppers
"Desk toppers, for short"
Desktop computers
Desktop devices
Desktop items
"Desktop items, briefly"
"Desktop items, for short"
Desktop machines
Desktop products
Desktop products: Abbr.
Desktop pub. items
Desktop wonders
"Desktop wonders, for short"
Digital devices (abbr.)
Drive holders
Electronics dept. purchases
Equipment in some labs
Floppy takers
Ford is offering these to all its employees
Fragments: Abbr.
Fujitsu products
Gateway output
Gateway products
Gateway sales
"Gateways or Dells, briefly"
"Gateways, e.g."
"HP Pavilions, e.g."
"HP laptops, for short"
HP offering
HP offerings
HP or Dell products
HP products
Hackers' machines for short
Hewlett-Packard products
Hint to this puzzle's theme
"IBM 5150s, e.g."
IBM clones
IBM compatibles
IBM hardware
IBM machines
IBM offerings
IBM or Dell products
IBM output
IBM products
IBM purchases
IBM units
IBM's and Compaqs
IBM's and clones
"IBM-compatibles, e.g."
IBM-type computers
IBM___type devices
IBMs and Compaqs
"IBMs, e.g."
IT workers use them
"In brief, some run Windows"
Individual Apples
Intel-ligent machines
Internet caf
Items: Abbr.
LAN nodes
LAN units
Laptops for short
"Laptops or desktops, e.g."
Laptops that aren't Apples: Abbr.
"Laptops, e.g."
"Laptops, maybe"
"Laptops, perhaps"
Laptops: abbr.
Late 20th C. phenomena: abbr.
"Lenovo IdeaCentres, e.g."
Lenovo or Dell products
Lenovo output
Lenovo products
Mac alternatives
Mac and IBM e.g.
Mac counterparts
Mac rivals
Machines in a modern-day battle
Machines near mice
Machines that can run Vista
Machines with CPUs
Many computers
Many home computers
Many of them can burn CDs
Many run Windows
Microsoft's natural habitats
Modern office items
Modern office needs
Modern office staples
"Modern office staples, for short"
No Macs
Not Macs
Notebooks of a sort
Objects on many desktops
Ofc. staples
Off. equipment
Office equipment
"Office equipment, for short"
Office fixtures
Office purchases
Office staples
"Office staples, for short"
Office-at-home necessities: abbr.
Old IBM products
Part of the IBM line
Parts: Abbr.
Pentium containers
Portions: Abbr.
Program holders
Pts. of a jigsaw puzzle
"Software runners, briefly"
Some Best Buy buys
Some Dell purchases (abbr.)
Some HP products
Some I.B.M. products
Some IBM products
Some Linux machines
Some are desktops
Some clones
"Some clones, briefly"
Some computers
Some desktops
Some laptops
Some network units
Some notebooks
"Some notebooks, briefly"
Some of the IBM line
Some office equipment
Some servers
Some surfers' needs
Some tablets
Some virus victims
Some workstations: Abbr.
Source of Michael Dell's billions
Sprint digital network
"Staples staples, briefly"
"Staples staples, for short"
Stations in some labs
Surfers can use them
Surfers may use them
Surfing equipment?
Tablet alternatives
Tandy products
Tech store buys
Tech store purchases
Their clones were once commonly kept in labs
They can crash
They carry programs
They get booted
They have Windows
They have drives
They have hard drives
They help you visit www.pgatour.com
They may be IBM-compatible [1975]
They may be cloned
They may be networked
They may do Windows
They may get viruses (abbr.)
They may have 64MB RAM
They're Intel-ligent
Trojan targets
Unix units
Victims of some viruses
Virus targets
Virus victims
Vista runners
WWW access points
What some users use
Windows 7 runners
Windows boxes
Windows boxes?
Windows can be found on them
Windows may open on them
Windows runners
Windows users
Windows will open on many of them
Workstation machines
iMac competitors
iMac rivals
Staples of many offices
HP or Acer products
Mac rivals
Desktop machines
Victims of some viruses
Some Core i7 runners
Mac alternatives
Mac alternatives
Windows-opening machines
Mac alternatives
Mac alternatives
Mac alternatives
Many WWW access points
Best Buy buys
Some notebooks, in brief
Mac alternatives
Acer or Asus products
Best Buy buys
HP products
MS-DOS runners of old
Mac alternatives
Mac alternatives
Some Toshiba products
Best Buy buys
Laptops that aren't Apples: Abbr.
They hold drives
Machines next to mice
Dell or HP offerings
Mac alternatives
They might be linked by LANs
Some IBM products (Abbr.)
Desktops and laptops that run Windows: Abbr.
Cubicle fixtures
Computers that run Windows, for short
Mac rivals
Lenovo devices: Abbr.
TRS-80s, e.g.
Staples buys
Laptops that might run Windows 10: Abbr.
Workstation machines, for short
Some Hewlett-Packard products, for short
Many laptops
Many desktop machines: Abbr.
Mac alternatives
Metro___ (prepaid wireless service)
Desktops and laptops, briefly
Computers that aren't Apples: Abbr.
Some HP products (Abbr.)
Mac competitors
Modern office staples
Machines that run Windows: Abbr.
Dell and Lenovo products: Abbr.
Many laptops