Word: PDAS

The word PDAS has appeared in at least 145 clues on different crosswords.

"""Get a room!"" elicitors, for short"
App runners
"App runners, for short"
"Apples, sometimes"
Appt. holders
BlackBerries and Palm Pilots
"BlackBerries, e.g."
"BlackBerries, for short"
"BlackBerry and Treo, for short"
"BlackBerry and Treo, for two, for short"
"BlackBerry and others, for short"
"BlackBerry devices and iPhones, briefly"
"BlackBerry devices, e.g."
"BlackBerry, PalmOne, etc., for short"
"BlackBerrys and Palms, for short"
BlackBerrys and iPhones
"BlackBerrys, e.g., for short"
Blackberries and Palm Pilots
"Blackberries and Palm Pilots, e.g."
"Blackberries and Palm Pilots, in brief"
Blackberries and such
"Blackberries, e.g."
Blackberry and iPhone
Devices for businesspeople on the go (abbr.)
"Devices like Palm Pilots, for short"
Droids and iPhones
"Droids, e.g."
"Droids, e.g., for short"
"Droids, etc."
"Droids, iPhones, etc."
Electronic organizers: Abbr.
Forerunners of smartphones: Abbr.
Hand-held computers
Hand-held computers: Abbr.
"Hand-held helpers, for short"
Hand-held hi-tech gadgets
"Hand-held organizers, briefly"
"Hand-held organizers, for short"
Hand-held organizers: Abbr.
Handheld CPUs
Handheld organizers: Abbr.
Handhelds (abbr.)
"Handhelds, for short"
Hi-tech appt. books
Hi-tech gadgets fit for your palm
Hi-tech hand-held gadgets
Hi-tech organizers
High-tech appt. books
High-tech hand-held gadgets
"High-tech hand-held gadgets, briefly"
High-tech organizers
High-tech organizers (abbr.)
"Keepers of appointments, for short"
"Kisses in a restaurant, e.g."
"Kisses in the park, e.g. (abbr.)"
"Many hand-helds, for short"
Mechanized secretaries?
"Modern electronic organizers, for short"
Modern info holders
"Modern organizers, briefly"
"Modern organizers, for short"
Modern organizers: Abbr.
"Most new phones, for short"
"Multipurpose hand-held devices, for short"
P.R. agents' aids
Palm Pilots and Droids
"Palm Pilots and such, for short"
"Palm Pilots, e.g., for short"
Palm Treo and Sharp Zaurus
"Palm Treos, e.g. (abbr.)"
"Palm Treos, e.g., briefly"
"Palm Treos, e.g.: Abbr."
"Palm devices, for short"
"Palm products, for short"
"PalmPilot, et al."
PalmPilots and Droids
"PalmPilots, e.g.: Abbr."
Palms and BlackBerries (abbr.)
"Palms and BlackBerries, in brief"
Palms and such
Palms and the like
Palms in your hands
"Palms, etc."
"Palms, perhaps"
Palmtop computers: Abbr.
"Palmtop organizers, for short"
Palmtop organizers: Abbr.
"Palmtops, briefly"
Pocket PCs and the like
"Pocket PCs, e.g."
"Pocket PCs, et al."
Portable info-storing devices
Pre and iPhone
"Smart-phones, for short"
Smartphone ancestors
Smartphone ancestors (abbr.)
Smartphone ancestors: Abbr.
Smartphone forerunners
Smartphone predecessors: Abbr.
"Smartphones, e.g."
"Smartphones, mostly"
Some Droids
Some Palms
Some are GPS-enabled
Some e-mail receivers
Some email receivers
Some hand-helds
Some handhelds (abbr.)
Some handhelds: Abbr.
Some have small touchscreens
Some organizers
"Some palmtops, for short"
They're apt to have appt. apps
They're smaller than ultramobile PCs
"Treo, iPhone, etc."
"Treos and iPhones, briefly"
You can plan on them
Zoo favorites
iPhone ancestors: Abbr.
"iPhone and Treo, e.g."
iPhones and such
"iPhones, e.g."
Outmoded organizers
’90s conveniences
Smartphone ancestors: Abbr
Smartphone preceders: Abbr
BlackBerries, e.g.
Some info holders
Android ancestors
Modern organizers, for short
High-tech appt. books
57 Down predecessors
BlackBerries, e.g.
Forerunners of smartphones, for short
Smartphone precursors
Smartphone forerunners
Smartphone predecessors, for short
Romantic kissing at the mall and such, briefly
BlackBerrys, e.g., in brief
Old PalmPilot products, in brief
Smartphones replaced them, for short
Palmtops, e.g., for short
Palm gadgets, briefly

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