Word: PEDI

The word PEDI has appeared in at least 114 clues on different crosswords.

A S. African people
Bantu-speaking S. African group
Bantu-speaking S. African people
Beginning of a cure?
Beginning of greed or a cure?
Beginning of greed?
Beginning to cure?
Cab opener?
Cab or cure lead in
Cab or cure opener
Cab starter
Cab starter?
"Clipping service, informally"
Cure introduction?
Cure opening?
Cure preceder?
Cure start
Cure starter
Digital indulgence
"Dog treatment, informally"
"Feet pampering, briefly"
Feet: Prefix.
Foot (prefix)
Foot at a word head
Foot at the head?
Foot part?
Foot prefix
Foot put forward?
Foot: Comb. form
Foot: Comb. form.
Foot: Comb.form
Foot: Prefix
Foot: Prefix.
Foot: pref.
Kind of cure
"Low-digit treatment, for short"
Mani counterpart
Mani go-with
Mani partner
"Mani partner, in a spa"
"Mani partner, salonwise"
Mani's mate
Mani's salon go-with
Mani- --
"Mani-, but for feet"
Mani-___ (combo service at a nail salon)
Mani-___ (nail job)
Mani-___ (nail salon treatment)
Mani-___ (salon job)
"Mani-___ (salon specialty, slangily)"
Mani-___ (salon treatment)
Mani-___: spa service
"Nail salon treatment, briefly"
"Nail treatment, for short"
"Part of a salon combo, casually"
"Partner of a mani, salon-wise"
Prefix before cab or cure
Prefix for 'foot'
Prefix for cure
Prefix for cure or cab
"Prefix meaning ""foot"""
Prefix with cab
Prefix with cab or cure
Prefix with cure
Prefix with form
"Salon foot treatment, briefly"
Salon offering
Salon service
Salon service often paired with a mani
"Salon service, for short"
Salon treatment
"Spa nail treatment, for short"
"Spa offering, for short"
"Spa treatment, briefly"
"Spa treatment, for short"
Start for cab or cure
Start of a cure?
Start of cure?
Start to cure?
"Starter for ""cure"" or ""greed"""
Starter for cure or greed
Swerve wildly
"Toe treatment, for short"
Treat for one's dogs?
Mani-___ (salon offering)
Lead-in to cab
Foot prettifier, briefly
Half a spa treatment
Toe treatment, for short
Mani-___ (salon job)
Beginning to cure?
Prefix with cure
Salon service
Spa treatment, informally
Toenail treatment, for short
Mani go-with
Mani go-with
Mani mate
Spa treatment
Mani counterpart
Toenail treatment, for short
Toenail treatment, for short
Mani counterpart
Salon offering, familiarly
Mani counterpart
"Mani" go-with
Salon foot treatment, briefly
Mani mate
Spa offering, for short