Word: PERP

The word PERP has appeared in at least 135 clues on different crosswords.

"""Law & Order"" quarry"
"""Law & Order"" suspect"
"Alleged suspect, to the law"
Bad guy
Bad guy hidden in eight puzzle answers
Baddie to a cop
"Baddie, briefly"
Busted party
Busted party?
"Certain criminal, in copspeak"
Collar victim
Collared one
Cop's catch
Cop's collar
Cop's culprit
Cop's pursuit
Cop's quarry
Cop's suspect
Cop's target
Crime committer
Crime doer
"Crime figure, briefly"
Criminal to a cop
"Criminal, for short"
"Criminal, in cop slang"
"Criminal, in copspeak"
"Criminal, in police lingo"
"Criminal, in police slang"
"Criminal, to a cop"
"Criminal, to cops"
"Crook, in cop lingo"
"Crook, to a cop"
"Culprit, for short"
"Culprit, in copspeak"
"Culprit, to a cop"
Doer in a whodunit
"Doer, in crime-speak"
"Doer, in police slang"
"Felon, for short"
"Felon, in copspeak"
"Felon, to a cop"
"Felon, to the fuzz"
"Guilty one, in cop-speak"
"Guilty one, in copspeak"
Guilty party to a cop
"Guilty party, to a cop"
Guy hauled to jail
"Lawbreaker, in police lingo"
"Miranda warning receiver, informally"
Narc's target
Object of a collar
"Offender, in cop lingo"
"Offender, in copspeak"
"Offender, in crime-speak"
"Offender, to a cop"
"Offender, to an officer"
"Offender, to police"
"One chased in a car chase, for short"
"One collared, so to speak"
One doing a bank job
One for the books?
One for the record books?
"One hauled in, say"
"One on the lam, perhaps"
"One picked out of a lineup, informally"
One to collar for short
PD target
Party in jail?
Police blotter figure
Police slang for guilty party
Potential con
"Robber, to cops"
Short criminal?
Slangy culprit
"Suspect, in PD lingo"
"Suspect, in cop lingo"
"Suspect, in police lingo"
"Suspect, to a cop"
Suspect: slang
"Suspected lawbreaker, for short"
Tec's quarry
"Type of walk seen on ""Law & Order"""
Upright: Abbr.
Vertical: Abbr.
Whodunit quarry
Whom a copper apprehends
___ walk
___ walk (controversial police practice)
"___ walk (media event, of sorts)"
___ walk (photo-op ritual)
___ walk (police procedure)
Criminal in police lingo
Kind of walk
Arrested suspect, informally
Criminal, to a cop
Cop's collar
Culprit, so to speak
Robber, to a cop
Kind of walk
Cop's target
Kind of walk
Felon, to a cop
Cop's quarry
Cop's collar
Suspect, in police slang
Offender, to a cop
Cop's collar
Crime scene figure
Mug shot subject
Wrongdoer, in cop lingo
APB quarry
BOLO target
___ walk
Offender, in cop lingo
Criminal, to cops
Witness' lineup choice, ideally
Cop's collar, informally
Cop's collar
Heist puller
Bad guy
Blacksmith, miner, marathoner or barber, in this puzzle
Criminal, slangily
One in custody, informally
Criminal, slangily
Culprit, to a police officer
Criminal, slangily
Guilty party, slangily
Criminal, in cop lingo
Criminal, slangily
Doer in a whodunit
Guilty party, to a cop