Word: PIG

The word PIG has appeared in at least 277 clues on different crosswords.

"""Animal Farm"" animal"
"""Animal Farm"" baddie"
"""Animal Farm"" villain"
"""Babe: ___ in the City"" (1998 sequel)"
"""Pearls Before Swine"" character"
'Animal Farm' overlord
'Pearls Before Swine' character
2007 is the Year of the ___
Angry Birds target
Animal Farm critter
Animal Farm villain
Animal in a sty
Animal in clover.
Animal that makes bacon
Animal that oinks
"Animated Petunia, for one"
Animated Porky
Another farm animal
"Arnold Ziffel, notably"
"Associate of Rat and Goat, in the comic ""Pearls Before Swine"""
"Babe from Hollywood, e.g."
Babe in films
Babe in the movies
Babe of the movies
Babe on the screen
"Babe, e.g."
"Babe, for example"
Bacon source
Bar of iron.
Barnyard denizen
Barnyard grunter
Big eater
"Big eater, e.g."
Blind ___ (illegal saloon during Prohibition)
Blind ___ (illegal saloon)
Bricklayer in a kid's story
"Captain Link Hogthrob, e.g."
Cast metal bar.
Certain farm denizen
Charlotte's pal Wilbur
"Chester White, e.g."
Chinese zodiac animal
Chinese zodiac beast
Cinema's Babe
"Cinema's Babe, e.g."
"Cop, to one who hates cops"
Corkscrew-tailed animal
County fair animal
Critter with a prominent snout
Current Chinese New Year animal
"DMB ""Before These Crowded Streets"" song"
Disgusting sort
Dr. Dolittle's Gub-Gub
Dr. Doolittle's Gub-Gub
E. B. White's Wilbur
Fairy tale home builder
Farm animal
Farm animal.
Farm denizen
Farm rooter
Farrow member
Fiberglass critter now being seen all over Cincinnati
"Figure in ""Charlotte's Web"""
"Filmdom's Babe, e.g."
"Gilt, e.g."
Greased beast
Greedy animal?
Greedy eater
Greedy one
Greedy person
Greedy sort
Green character in 'Angry Birds'
Grunting one
He has a lot on his plate
Homebuilder in a tots' tale
Iron mold
It may end with a twist
It roots
Kind of Latin
Kind of iron
Last animal in the Chinese zodiac
Litter dropper?
Member of Old MacDonald's farm
Messy person
Metal casting
Metal mold
"Metal mold, as from a blast furnace"
"Muppet Link Hogthrob, e.g."
"Napoleon of ""Animal Farm,"" e.g."
"Napoleon, e.g."
Neatnik's opposite
Nonsharing type
Not the sharing type
"Olivia of kiddie lit, for one"
One of a nursery trio.
One of three
"Overeat (with ""out"")"
"Overeat, with ""out"""
Pen filler?
Pen pal?
"Petunia, e.g."
"Petunia, for one"
Piece of iron from a blast furnace
"Piper's son's theft, in rhyme"
Poke inhabitant.
Poke occupant
"Poke resident, perhaps"
Poke's occupant
Pork source
Porky of cartoons
Porky or Babe
Porky or Petunia
"Porky, for one"
Pot-bellied critter
Pot-bellied pet
Potbellied creature
Potbellied critter
Potbellied pet
Screen's Babe
Selfish sort
Shape of some banks
Simple hoops game
Slovenly person
"Snowball in ""Animal Farm"""
Snowball of literature
Snowball or Napoleon
"Snowball, e.g."
"Snowball, famously"
Source of bacon
Source of bacon and pork chops
Source of blood for blood pudding
Source of fatback
Sow or hog
Squealing rooter
Star of Babe
Steve Vai song for eating bacon?
Stock option
Sty animal
Sty denizen
Sty dweller
Sty dweller (3)
Sty guy
Sty occupant
Sty resident
Sty squealer
Swill eater
Swill swallower
Thirds taker
Tom's booty
Tom's loot.
Tom's theft.
Toon Petunia
Traditional luau entr
Truffle finder
Truffle seeker
Unforged metal bar.
Weezer song for a spit?
What you can become at a buffet
"Wilbur in ""Charlotte's Web"""
"Wilbur in ""Charlotte's Web,"" for example"
Wilbur or Napoleon
"Wilbur, in ""Charlotte's Web"""
You'll see an inflatable one at a Floyd show
Young swine
___ Latin
___ Latin.
___ iron
___ out
___ out (overeat)
___ stomach soup (Chinese dish)
Greedy sort animal-wise
Baby back ribs source
County fair animal
One of a fairy-tale trio
"Animal Farm" critter
Quiet soldier returns animal
Sty resident
Farm animal
Greek character has German livestock
Sow, e.g.
Sty resident
Farm animal
Oinking animal
Oinking animal
Bacon source
Bacon source
Animal between dog and rat in the Chinese zodiac
Animal between dog and rat in the Chinese zodiac
Farm animal
Eat, eat, eat, with 'out'
Greedy one
Gorge oneself, with 'out'
Either of two victims of the Big Bad Wolf
"Animal Farm" animal
Farm animal
Farm animal
It has a hairy tail
"Animal Farm" creature
Barnyard beast
Farm animal
Quiet soldier turns to swine
Sty dweller
Mammal from which pork is obtained
Sty resident
Sloppy sort
Truffle-seeking animal
Porker, say
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
Pot-bellied pet
Boar or sow
Farm animal
Greedy one
Pet rodent, guinea ...
Mammal from which pork is obtained
Greedy one
"Animal Farm" critter
Pet rodent, guinea ...
Oinking animal
Barnyard rooter
Farm animal
Babe, for one
Farm animal
Pressure on soldier to return swine
Big Bad Wolf's target
Boar, e.g.
Farm animal
Barnyard animal
Big eater
Little squealer
Porky or Petunia
Bacon source
Farm animal
Farm animal
Fairy tale home builder
Wilbur of "Charlotte's Web," for one
Greedy one
Mammal from which pork is obtained
Tamworth or Duroc Jersey
Type of animal that Babe is, in "Babe"
Pot-bellied pet
Pot-bellied pet
Greedy type
Farm animal
A ____ in a poke
Filmdom's Babe, for one
Barnyard oinker
Farm animal that oinks
Sty denizen