Word: POLE

The word POLE has appeared in at least 388 clues on different crosswords.

+ or -
"+ or -, e.g."
-- vault
56 Ale-___ (stake placed to indicate fresh-brewed beer in old England)
A gondolier powers his boat with it
Advantageous position
After North or South
After flag or ski
Aid in vaulting
Amundsen's goal
Amundsen's quest
Angler's need
Axial extremity
Axis end
Axis terminal
Barber's emblem
Barber's sign.
Barber's symbol
Barbershop emblem
Barbershop fixture
Barbershop symbol
Basia or Ignace Paderewski
Battery part in physics
Bit of ski gear
Certain dancer's prop
Cherished position in auto racing
Choice position on a racetrack
Chopin for one
Chopin or Basia
Chopin or Curie
Chopin or Gomulka
Chopin or Paderewski
Chopin was one
"Chopin, for one"
Cold place
Cold spot
Copernicus or Chopin
Copernicus or Chopin e.g.
"Copernicus, by birth"
"Copernicus, e.g., by birth"
Coveted NASCAR position
Cracow man.
Curie or Copernicus
Czech's neighbor
Dancer's grip
Decathlete's implement
Decathlete's need
Desirable Indy 500 starting position
Dirty dancing partner?
Either end of a magnet
Either of two extremes
End of a magnet
End of an axis.
End of the earth
End of the earth.
End of the world
End of the world?
Equipment for Walton.
"Explorer's quest, with ""the"""
Extremity of the earth
Favored track position
Firehouse feature
Firehouse fixture
Fish stick?
Fisherman's item
Fishing gear
Fishing gear.
Fishing hole need
Fishing need
Fishing requisite
Fishing rod
Fixture in some fire stations
Fixture that a fireman might slide down
Flag bearer
Flag holder
Flag or May
Flag or bean follower
Flag support
"Foul line marker, in some stadiums"
Foul-line marker
Gdansk denizen
Gdansk man
Gdansk native
Gdansk resident
Geographical extremity
Global extreme
Global extremity
Goal for Scott or Peary
Gondola propeller
Gondolier gear
Gondolier's equipment
Gondolier's handful
Gondolier's implement
Gondolier's need
Gondolier's propeller
Gondolier's stick
Great position to be in
Guy from Gdansk
High or low point
Icy extreme
Indy 500 position
Inside position for a racer
It may be + or -
It may hold the line
It's the end of the world
Item for May Day dancers.
Item for Walton
Item for a vault
"John Paul II, e.g."
Kind of bean or lamp
Kind of cat
Kind of dance or position
Kind of lamp
Kind of position
Krakow native
Krakow resident
"Ladder, part 4"
"Madame Curie, by birth"
Magnet end
Magnetic North ___ (Canadian site)
Magnetic North ___ (located in the Canadian Arctic)
"Magnetic North, for one"
Magnetic extreme
Make a gondola go
Man from Lodz
Marie Curie was one
"Marie Curie, e.g."
"Mast, familiarly"
Matt Kenseth's favorite position
May fixture
May follower
May or bean
"May, for one"
Metro rider's handhold
NASCAR position
Native of Lodz
Native of Lodz.
Native of L
Need for an Olympic vault
No. 1 slot at the track
North Magnetic ___
North Magnetic ___ (Canadian Arctic location)
North ___ (Santa's home)
"North ___, 1909 destination of naval officer Robert Peary"
North and SOuth
North of South end
North or South
North or fishing
North or south
"North, for one"
"One end of the world, as we know it"
One of the ends of the earth?
"One-armed European you can get out of a tree by waving to him, according to an offensive joke"
Opposing force
"Paderewski, for one"
Peary's conquest
Peary's goal
Person from Poznan
Person from Pozn
Pesky's ___ (Fenway Park feature)
"Piece of bamboo, say"
Place for totems
Plum NASCAR position
Plum Nascar position
Pool worker's aid
"Pope John Paul II, by birth"
"Pope John Paul II, e.g."
"Pope John Paul II, for one"
Position at Indy
Position on a race track
Propel a gondola
Propel a punt
Propel a raft
Punting need
Racer's privilege
"Raft ""oar"""
Raft propellant
Raft's propeller
Remote region
Santa's home
Santa's place?
Ski equipment
Skier's accessory
Skiing aid
"Spar, e.g."
Standard bearer
Star or cat
Starting line advantage
Strip club fixture
Strip club site
Striped barbershop fixture
Stripper's fixture
Subway car feature
Telephone ___
Telephone cable support
Ten-foot item.
Tent support
Tetherball fixture
There's one up north and down south
There's one way up north
Thing down the foul line
Tonsorial symbol
Top of the world
Top of the world?
Totem follower
Track and field prop
Track position
Trekker's aid
True north spot
Ukrainian's neighbor
Upright rod
Vault necessity
Vault necessity.
Vault opener?
Vault or cat
Vaulter's accessory
Vaulter's aid
Vaulter's gear.
Vaulter's implement
Vaulter's necessity
Vaulter's need
Vaulter's prop
Vaulter's tool
Vaulting need
Vaulting tool
Vine holder.
Wagon tongue
Wagon tongue.
Walesa is one
"Walesa, e.g."
"Walesa, for one"
Warsaw citizen
Warsaw native
Warsaw resident
Where Santa sits?
Where the Aurora Borealis may be visible
Wojtyla or Walesa
Wooden shaft.
Word before position or vault
"Word in sports with ""position"" or ""fishing"""
Word with May or ski
Word with North of South
Word with North or South
Word with ax or vault
Word with flag of vault
Word with may or South
Word with may or ski
Word with ski or North
Workshop setting
Wroclaw man
Wroclaw native
___ bean
___ vault
John Paul II e.g.
European staff
Vaulter's need
Amundsen's goal
Warsaw native
Vaulter's need
European staff
European staff
Barbershop signal
North __
One nominally finished with a ski?
Fishing rod
Warsaw native
Warsaw native
European staff
European staff
European staff
European staff
Either of two opposites
Barber symbol
European staff
Gdansk resident
____ vault
____ vault
Choice position at the Indy 500
Decathlete's implement
Warsaw native
Warsaw native
____ vault
____ vault
Top of the world
Warsaw native
Vaulter's need
You might see one in a vault
____ vault
____ vault
Flag support
Helicopters dropping off richest staff
European staff
Global extreme
European staff
Warsaw native
Track and field item once made of bamboo
Flag holder
Home to Santa's workshop
Warsaw native
Word after ski or South
Either end of Earth's axis
European staff
Fishing rod
European staff
Racer's "position"
Warsaw native
Battery part
Global extreme
Fishing rod
European staff
Vaulter's need
See 61-Down
Fishing rod
Magnet end
____ vault
Thing way up north
John Paul II, e.g.
John Paul II, e.g.
Area at the very top or very bottom of the Earth
Warsaw native
____ vault
Firehouse fixture
Global top or bottom
Fishing rod
Warsaw native
Flag site
Bit of ski gear
____ vault
Warsaw native
Tree : Christmas :: ___ : Festivus
____ vault
Word that can go after "totem" or "fishing"
Chopin, e.g.
German's neighbor
European staff
Barbershop emblem
Fishing tool
Flag holder
European staff
____ vault
European staff
Word with North or South
May follower?
Fishing rod
European staff
Marie Curie, by birth
Warsaw native
Fishing rod
Many a central European
European staff
Warsaw native
One of two on a magnet
Top of the world
North ___ (center of the Arctic)