Word: PRE

The word PRE has appeared in at least 587 clues on different crosswords.

"""Ante"" relative"
"""Ante-"" relative"
"""Before"" indicator"
"""Before,"" if before"
"""Before,"" when before"
"""Before,"" when placed before"
"""Diction"" starter"
"""Fab"" attachment"
"""Fix"" or ""game"" beginning"
"""Fix"" or ""school"" beginning"
"""Law"" or ""med"" lead-in"
"""Med"" or ""law"" lead-in"
"""Post-"" antonym"
"""Post-"" opposite"
"""Prior to,"" for starters"
"""View"" attachment"
-- -K
-- -K (tot's class)
-- -K (tyke's class)
Acadia's Grand ___
Acadians' Grand ___
Adolescent lead-in
Adolescent leader
Adolescent leader?
Affix meaning 'before'
Affix with fix
"Ahead of, for starters"
Amble lead-in
Amble start
Announcement lead-in
Ante- alternative
Ante- cousin
Ante- equivalent
Ante- kin
Ante- relative
"Anteceding, in combinations"
Anterior to: Prefix
"Apt opening for ""fix"""
Before (prefix)
Before beginning
Before indicator
Before paid or sent
"Before, as a comb. form"
"Before, at the beginning"
"Before, at the fore"
"Before, before"
"Before, before a word"
"Before, before words"
"Before, before?"
"Before, for starters"
"Before, in combinations"
"Before, in combos"
"Before, in the beginning"
"Before, prefix"
"Before, when before"
"Before-the-fact, in combinations"
Before: Pref.
Before: Prefix
Before: Prefix.
Before: pref.
Before: prefix
"Beforehand, in combinations"
Beforehand: Prefix
"Beginning for ""fix"""
"Beginning for ""sent"" or ""vent"""
Beginning for fix
Beginning for package
Beginning for sent or vent
Beginning for tax or payment
Beginning for tend or text
Beginning of school?
Beginning to mature
Beginning to mature?
Beginning with law
Calculus lead-in
Calculus opener?
Cambrian lead-in
Cambrian opening
Canada's Grand ___
Canada's Grand ___ National Historic Park
Cautionary beginning?
Cautionary opening?
Cautious start?
Columbian starter
Coming before
Common prefix
Common prefix.
Cousin of ante-
Cursor attachment?
Cursor lead-in
Cursor starter?
Cursory introduction
Destination opener?
Destined leader?
Determine lead-in
Determined beginning?
Determined lead-in
Disposed starter
Disposition opener
Disposition opener?
Dominant leader?
"Droid rival, until 2011"
Earlier than: Prefix
Early start
Early start?
Early starter
Early: Prefix
Eminent beginning?
Eminent entry?
Eminent introduction?
Eminent lead-in
Eminent leader
Eminent leader?
Eminent leader? (3)
Eminent opening?
Equal of ante-
Evangeline's Grand ___
Evangeline's home Grand ___
Existing intro
Existing start
Fab attachment
Fab intro?
Fab introduction
Fab lead in
Fab leader?
Fab opener
Fab opening
Fab start?
Fabricated head?
Face opening
Face opening?
Fix beginning?
Fix front
Fix front?
Fix lead-in
Fix opener
Fix opening
Fix or game beginning
Fix starter?
Fore kin
Front: Prefix.
Game intro?
Game opener?
Grand ___
"Grand ___ (""Evangeline"" locale)"
"Grand ___ (""Evangeline"" setting)"
Grand ___ ('Evangeline' locale)
Grand ___ (Annapolis Valley community)
Grand ___ (Evangeline's Nova Scotia home)
Grand ___ (Evangeline's home)
Grand ___ National Historic Park
"Grand ___, (Evangeline's home)"
"Grand ___, Acadia"
"Grand ___, Evangeline's home"
"Grand ___, Evangeline's home."
"Grand ___, Nova Scotia"
"Grand ___, Nova Scotia (""Evangeline"" setting)"
"Grand ___, setting for ""Evangeline"""
Grand ___.
Grand ___: home of Evangeline
Heat or date opener
Heated start?
Historic beginning
Historic beginning?
Historic intro?
Historic introduction?
Historic lead-in
Historic leader?
Historic opening
Historic opening?
Historic start
Historic start?
Historic starter
Historical introduction?
Historical leader?
"In advance, in combinations"
In advance: Prefix
Initially before?
Intro to history?
Intro to law?
Intro to many college majors?
Introduction to calculus?
It can come before the first word in each starred entry
It can comes before dawn
It combines with war and law
"It comes before ""view"" or ""text"""
It comes before adolescence
It comes before dawn
"It comes before late, fab and side"
It comes before view or text
It means before
Kin of 'ante-'
Kin of ante-
Kin of fore-
Kind of diction
Kind of fix
Kind of fix or mix
Kind of text or cursor
Late start?
Late starter?
Law or Med preceder
Law or med lead-in
Law or school lead-in
Lead-in for amble or arrange
Lead-in for arrange or view
Lead-in for date or late
Lead-in for face pare and tend
Lead-in for fix or fab
Lead-in for fix or mix
Lead-in for heat or cook
Lead-in for law or med
Lead-in for school or season
Lead-in to Columbian
Lead-in to calculus
Lead-in to fix or mix
Lead-in to law
Lead-in to law or med
Lead-in to med or op
Lead-in to natal or nuptial
Lead-in to nuptial
Lead-in to sent or vent
Lead-in to wash
Leading prefix
Marital beginning?
Mature introduction
Mature start?
Mature starter
"Meadow, in Meuse"
Meadow: Fr.
Med lead-in
Med or law lead-in
Meditation beginning?
Memorable cellist Jacqueline du ___
Midi meadow
Mouvaux meadow
"Not ""post-"""
Not post
Not post-
Nova Scotia's Grand ___
Nova Scotia's Grand ___.
Nuptial beginning
Nuptial lead-in
Nuptial leader?
Nuptial opening?
Nuptial or natal lead-in
Nuptial or natal starter
Nuptial starter
"Opposite of ""post"""
"Opposite of ""post-"""
Opposite of post
Opposite of post-
Paid intro?
Paid leader?
Palm ___ (smartphone)
Palm model
Palm phone released in June 2009
Palm smartphone
Phone with a slide-out QWERTY
Possessed leader?
Post antithesis
Post antonym
Post counterpart
Post opposite
Post's opposite
Post- antithesis
Post- opp.
Post- opposer
Post- opposite
Post-'s opposite
"Prefix for ""before"""
"Prefix for ""eminent"""
"Prefix for ""packaged"""
"Prefix for ""season"" or ""tend"""
Prefix for eminent
Prefix for fix
Prefix for fix?
Prefix for game or fix
Prefix for med or meditate.
Prefix for mix or fix
Prefix for packaged
Prefix for school or screen
Prefix for season or deceased
Prefix for tend or text
Prefix for vent or sent
Prefix for view
Prefix indicating priority
"Prefix meaning ""before"""
Prefix meaning prior to
"Prefix with ""Columbian"""
"Prefix with ""determine"""
"Prefix with ""fix"" (!)"
"Prefix with ""owned"" or ""occupied"""
"Prefix with ""school"" or ""mature"""
"Prefix with ""test"""
Prefix with Columbian
Prefix with Raphaelite
Prefix with Raphaelite or Renaissance
Prefix with arrange
Prefix with cook or heat
Prefix with cool or cook
Prefix with date or dawn
Prefix with determined
Prefix with eminent
Prefix with fix
Prefix with judge or trial
Prefix with mature
Prefix with med or law
Prefix with meditated
Prefix with nuptial
Prefix with owned or occupied
Prefix with pay or plan
Prefix with pupal or pubescent
Prefix with release
Prefix with school
Prefix with school or season
Prefix with school or war
Prefix with schooler
Prefix with suppose and signify
Prefix with teen
Prefix with test
Prefix with washed
Prefix you've seen for fix?
Prefix's prefix
Prefix's prefix.
Prior to
Prior to: Prefix
Prior: Prefix.
Pubescent leader?
Pubescent start?
Recorded intro?
Recorded introduction?
Relative of ante-
Reverse of post-
School beginner
School commencement?
School lead-in
School opening?
School start?
School starter
Season lead-in
Season opener
Season opener?
Season start?
Season starter?
Self-descriptive sort of fix?
Set intro?
Set opening
Set opening?
Side entrance?
Sort or soak starter
"Start for ""fab"" or ""face"""
"Start for ""fix"" or ""face"""
"Start for ""view"" or ""tense"""
Start for eminent
Start for existing
Start for fab or face
Start for fab or fix
Start for fix or face
Start for fix or mix
Start for history
Start for law
Start for mature or school
Start for med
Start for school
Start for school or historic
"Start for school, mature or historic"
Start for school?
Start for serve or shrink
Start of a position?
Start of adolescence?
Start of adulthood?
Start of school?
Start to amble?
Start to conceive?
Start to date
Start to date?
Start to dominate
Start to dominate?
Start to exist?
Start to fix?
Start to heat?
Start to mature
Start to mature?
Start to meditate?
Start to occupy?
Start to pay?
Start to production?
Start to school
Start to school?
Start to schooler?
Start to soak?
Start to text?
Start to vent?
Start to wash or sort
Start with school
Starter for fabricate or meditate
Superior: Prefix.
Surgical opening?
Surpassing: Prefix
Talk foolishly
Teen leader?
Tender opening?
Tense beginning?
Tense intro?
Tense lead-in
Tense start?
Test starter
Test starter?
Text start
Text starter?
"The beginning of school, for a toddler?"
This sometimes gets a fix
This sometimes needs a fix
Trial opener?
Vent opener?
Vent opening?
Vent or view leader
Vent starter
View start
Viewer record lead-in
___-1900 (old)
___-Columbian era
___-K (before kindergarten)
___-K (school for tots)
___-K (toddler's school)
___-K (toddlers' school)
___-K school
___-owned (like many boats for sale)
___-tournament favorite
__-K (school for tots)
Historic leader?
"Adolescent" start
__-Columbian era
Historic beginning?
"Adolescent" lead-in
Start for marital
Lead-in to fix, appropriately
Historic beginning
Adolescent leader?
Prefix for nuptial or natal
___-game warm-ups
Lead-in to history
TSA ___ (airport screening program, informally)
Before, at the fore
Opposite of "post-"
Season opener?
''Boulevard __ Capucines'' (Monet painting)
Lead-in to historic
Ante- kin
___-existing condition
Prefix with "fix" or "test"
Prefix with "fix" or "test"
Post's opposite
Teen introduction?
Teen introduction?
Historic start
Beginning for "sent" or "vent"
Start for "fab" or "soak"
"Med" or "fix" lead-in
Prefix with med or law
Lead-in to 52-Down
___-K (early schooling)
Fore relative?
Attachment to "view" or "text"
Post's opposite
Post- opposite
Nova Scotia's Grand ___ National Historic Site
Post counterpart
Before, when before
Antonym of post-
Eminent lead-in
Prefix with "game"
Opposite of "post-"
Opposite of post-
Historic starter
Opposite of post-
Opposite of post-
School commencement?
Opposite of post-
Opposite of "post-"
Prefix for ''before''
Lead-in to "med" or "natal"
Antonym of post-
Prefix for occupied or historic
"Adolescent" prefix
Op lead-in
Season opener?
Prefix for historic or mature
Lead-in to fix
Natal and historic starter
"Adolescent" prefix
Opposite of "post-"
Lead-in to screening
___-med studentend
"Mature" prefix
Post's opposite
Prefix for "order" or "owned"
___-K (tot's class)
Grand ___, Nova Scotia
Opposite of "post-"
School opening?
Historic opening?
Season opener?
Prefix for historic or nuptial
Season opener?
Lead-in for "heat" or "cooked"
"Post-" opposite
Starter for heat or history
Lead-in to K
___-med (future doctor's undergraduate major)
Before medical or historic
School opening?
Opposite of post-
"Before" prefix
Post antonym
Nuptial lead-in
Season opener?
Tense beginning?
Prefix for "text" or "teen"
K preceder
___-existing conditions
Prior to, prior to words
Lead-in to law or med
Start to mature?
Historic intro?
Opposite of "post-"
Prefix that means "before"
Season opener?
Eminent and determined prefix
Not post, U-turn
Canada's Grand ___ National Historic Park
Opposite of "post-"
___-op (before surgery)
Prefix meaning "before"
Grand ___ ("Evangeline" setting)
Season opener?
Historic opening?
Lead-in to historic
Season opener?
Prefix that means the opposite of "post-"
Lead-in to occupy
Historic opening?
TSA ___ (screening program)
Grand ___, Nova Scotia
Historic opening?
Historic beginning
Post antonym
What may come before K
Post antonym
Opposite of post-
___-K (young kid's school)
Prefix like ''ante-''
Opposite of post-
Opposite of post-
Prefix for "eminent"
Vent opening?
Before medical or historic
Grand ___ ("Evangeline" setting)
Season opener?
___pay: money down
___-existing conditions
Opposite of post-
Register opening?
Post- opposite
In advance
Palm phone released in June 2009
Before natal or pay
Intro to history or science?
Historic opening?
Air traveler's convenience, informally