The word RACER has appeared in at least 280 clues on different crosswords.

"""Go, Speed ___, go!"""
"""Speed ___"""
"""Speed ___"" (2008 film)"
"""Speed ___"" (Japanese cartoon)"
"""Speed ___"" (cartoon)"
"""Speed ___"" (early anime hero)"
10K entrant
10K participant
12-Meter yacht.
500 entrant
"A. J. Foyt, e.g."
"A.J. Foyt, e.g."
Active snake
Al Unser e.g.
Al or Bobby Unser
America's Cup participant
American blacksnake
American snake
An ophidian
Andretti's auto
Andretti's vehicle
Any of the Unsers
"Arie Luyendyk, for one"
"Ass retreats, thwarted by head of colorful snake (5)"
"Atalanta, for one"
Athlete in a crash helmet
"Barney Oldfield, e.g."
"Barney Oldfield, for one"
Belmont entry
Black ___ (North American snake)
Black snake
Black snake.
Blink-182 side project Box Car ___
"Bobby Unser, e.g."
"Bobby Unser, for one"
Bonneville contestant
"Brad Keselowski, say"
Brickyard 400 entrant
Brickyard entrant
CART car
Car built for speed
Car of a kind
Carl Lewis is one
"Cartoon series ""Speed ___"""
Certain competitor
Certain horse
Certain snake or car
Competitive boater
Competitor in the Tour de France
Crab or snake
Cup competitor
"Dale Earnhardt, for one"
"Danica Patrick, for one"
Dashing one
Dashing sort?
Daytona 500 entrant
Daytona 500 entry
Daytona 500 participant
Daytona driver
Daytona entrant
Daytona entry
Derby competitor
"Eddie Cheever, for one"
English ___ (bicycle type)
Entrant in a dash
Fast car
Fast car.
Fast-moving snake
"Fittipaldi, for one"
Formula One car
Foyt or Unser
Foyt or Yarborough
"Go-kart, say"
Grand Prix car
Grand Prix entrant
"Greyhound, e.g."
"Greyhound, for one"
Guy on the fast track?
He sits in a lot of laps
Heat entrant
Heiden's skate
Hot Wheels product
Hot-rod man
Iditarod entrant
Iditarod entry
Indianapolis 500 entrant
Indy 500 competitor
Indy 500 entrant
Indy 500 entry
Indy 500 participant
Indy 500 vehicle
"Indy car, e.g."
Indy competitor
Indy contestant
Indy driver
"Indy driver, e.g."
Indy entrant
Indy entry
Indy figure
Indy or Iditarod entrant
Indy participant
It's built for speed
It's built for speed and goes round and round
It's kept on track
"It's kept on track, hopefully"
"Jeff Gordon, e.g."
"Jeff Gordon, for one"
"Jeff Gordon, notably"
"Jockey, e.g."
Kind of auto.
Kind of car or snake
Kind of snake.
Le Mans entrant
Le Mans entry
Le Mans sight
Lightweight bike
Man at Le Mans.
Man in a hurry.
Many an Olympian
Marathon contender
"Marathoner, e.g."
Meet competitor
Meet participant
Motocross participant
Mudder or bangtail
NASCAR competitor
NASCAR driver e.g.
NASCAR or CART driver
NASCAR participant
NEXTEL Cup competitor
"Olympian, often"
One active in the heat?
"One dragging, maybe"
One going in circles?
One in a relay
One in drag?
One in the 500
One in the heat
One in the pit
One making a pit stop
"One making a pit stop, maybe"
One on the fast track
One on the fast track?
"One running on a track, maybe"
One sitting in laps?
One who passes the baton
One who sits in laps?
One who stays on track
One whose job is a drag?
One with a track record?
Oval figure
Participant at Indy
Paul Gilbert band ___ X
Person working in drag events?
Pinewood Derby entrant
Pro driver
Relay athlete
Relay entrant
Relay runner
"Rick Mears, e.g."
"Rutherford, for one"
Short-track participant
Sight at Le Mans.
Slot car
"Slot car, e.g."
"Slot car, say"
Snake or athlete
Snake or crab
Soap Box Derby entrant
Soapbox derby entrant
Soapbox-derby entrant
Speed ___
Speed demon
Speed skate
Speedway man.
Speedy car
Speedy one.
Speedy type
Sport car.
Sports car.
Sprint Cup competitor
Sprint competitor
Sprint participant
"Sprinter, e.g."
Stock car driver
Texas Motorplex competitor
Thoroughbred role
Tortoise or hare
Tour de France participant
Toy on a track
Track competitor
Track competitor is one boarding railroad (5)
Track competitor.
Track contestant
Track driver.
Track man.
Track person
Type of contestant.
Unser or A.J. Foyt
Word with drag or speed
Indy 500 car
Indy 500 entrant
One on the fast track
Indy entrant
One on a track
Marathon runner
Professional speedster
Marathon entrant
Danica Patrick, for one
Marathon runner
Indy participant
Marathon runner
Recurring theme
Fast mover
Long slender non-venomous snake of North America such as the Striped — or Buttermilk —
Professional speedster
Professional speedster
Jackie Stewart, famously
5K or 10K participant
One found in a lot of laps?
Starting blocks user
Marathon runner
Professional speedster
Speed demon
Daytona entrant
Marathon runner
Person on a huge lap?
Relay entrant
Professional speedster
One in a 10K
Luge participant, for one
Marathon runner
Marathon runner
Participant in a sprint
Indy 500 competitor
Speedy driver, one in luxury car
Indy entrant
Professional speedster
Indy auto
Pit visitor
Indy 500 driver
Track figure
Marathon runner
Fast one
Indy auto
Motocross entrant
Luger or marathoner
Indy 500 contestant
Professional speedster
Professional speedster
Mario Andretti, e.g.
Indy 500 contestant
Track athlete
Indy entrant
Marathon runner
Indy entrant
Indy entrant
Professional speedster
Indy entrant
Marathon runner
Indy entrant
Marathon runner
Speed demon
Indy entrant
Speed demon
A model carer, being new, is not slow
Track competitor
Soap Box Derby entrant