Word: RAIN

The word RAIN has appeared in at least 611 clues on different crosswords.

RAIN definition(s):

• To fall from the clouds in drops of water.

• of rain: to fall from the sky

• (impersonal) To have rain fall from the sky.

• any matter falling

• (figuratively) An instance of particles or larger pieces of matter moving or falling through air.

• Any matter moving or falling, usually through air, and especially if liquid or otherwise figuratively identifiable with raindrops.

• To issue (something) in large quantities.

• condensed water from a cloud

• drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds

• anything happening rapidly or in quick successive; "a rain of bullets"; "a pelting of insults"

• water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere

• An instance of particles or larger pieces of matter moving or falling through air.

• Precipitation in the form of liquid water drops with diameters greater than 0.5 millimeters.

• precipitate as rain; "If it rains much more, we can expect some flooding"

• (transitive) To issue (something) in large quantities.

• To fall as or like rain.

• Condensed water falling from a cloud.

• (figuratively) Any matter moving or falling, usually through air, and especially if liquid or otherwise figuratively identifiable with raindrops.

• (intransitive) To fall in large quantities.

• an instance of particles falling

• To have rain fall from the sky.

• to issue in large quantities

• to fall in large quantities

• To fall like rain.

"""... the Lord sendeth ___ upon the earth"" (I Kings 17:14)"
"""A Little Fall of ___"" (""Les Miserables"")"
"""And the ___ was upon the earth forty days and forty nights"
"""Chocolate ___"" (2007 YouTube viral video)"
"""Don't ___ on my parade!"""
"""Hey Jude"" song"
"""Liquid sunshine"""
"""Looks like ___"" (amateur meteorologist's assessment)"
"""Miss Thompson,"" on stage"
"""Paperback Writer"" B-side"
"""Purple ___"""
"""Purple ___"" (1984)"
"""Soon It's Gonna ___"" (""The Fantasticks"" tune)"
"""Still Falls the ___"": Edith Sitwell poem"
"""The ___ in Spain"""
"""The ___ in Spain,"" 1956 song"
"""The ___ in Spain... """
"""The sky descending to the earth,"" per John Updike"
"""Walkin' in the ___"" (Ronettes hit produced by Phil Spector)"
"""___ Man"" (Hoffman film)"
"""___ Man"" (Hoffman flick)"
"""___ Man"" (Hoffman title role)"
"""___ Man"": Hoffman film"
'Don't ___ on my parade'
'Paperback Writer' flip side
'Purple ___' (1984 Prince song)
*Drought ender
*It may drop acid (1)
1922 play
1932 Crawford film
1966 Beatles hit
1994 Peace Nobelist
A blessing or bane
A pluviometer measures it
Acid ___
Al Roker prediction
Answer to many a farmer's prayer
April forecast
"April forecast, often"
"April forecast, typically"
April likelihood
April outlook
April visitor
Aqueous descent
Aquifer feeder
Arid area dweller's prayer request
Ark weather.
As right as ___
BBQ ruiner
BBQ spoiler
Backdrop for Gene Kelly
Bad weather for ballgames
Ball game delayer
Ball game postponer
Ball game ruiner
Ball game spoiler
Ball-game canceler
Ball-game delayer
Ballgame delayer
Ballgame ender
Ballgame ruiner
Ballgame spoiler
Ballgame stopper
Barbecue spoiler
Baseball game delayer
Baseball game postponer
Be unfair?
Beatles hit
Beatles single featuring reversed tracks
"Beatles song off ""Hey Jude""?"
Beatles tune
Beatles' psychedelic B-side
"Best Picture between ""The Last Emperor"" and ""Driving Miss Daisy"""
Bestow abundantly
Bestow abundantly.
Bestow profusely.
"Blind Melon ""No ___"""
Broadway play of 1922
"CCR wonders ""Who'll Stop"" it"
Camping trip dampener
"Cats and dogs, metaphorically"
Cause for a game delay
Cause for a makeup game
Cause for cancellation of a ball game
Cause for umbrellas
Cause of Shea delay
Cause of a game cancellation
Cause of a game delay
Cause of a washout
Cause of called games.
Cause of delay
Cause of low visibility at sea
Cause of pitter-patter
Cause of some delays
Certain dancer's hope
Check or date preceder
Classic Maugham short story
Classic play based on a Maugham tale
Cloud contents
Cloud or tree
Cloudburst result
"Cloudburst, e.g."
Cloudy stuff
Colton-Randolph play
Colton-Randolph play: 1922
Come down
Come down in sheets
Comes in cats and dogs
Common Seattle forecast
Common cause of postponement
Concern of pluviometry.
"Counting Crows are the ""King"" of this"
Crawford film from a Maugham work
Dance that may affect the weather
Dark sky's omen
Death Valley rarity
"Delay cause, maybe"
Delayer at Wimbledon
Descend in torrents
Desert lack
Desert rarity
Desire of some dancers
Dispense in large quantities.
Downpour or drizzle
"Drama, often revived."
Dramatic triumph of 1922.
Dramatization of a Maugham story
Dreary forecast
Dreary forecast for nonfarmers
Drizzle or shower
"Drizzle, e.g."
"Drizzle, say"
Drops down from above
Drops from a great height
Drops from a great height?
Drops from above
Drops from the clouds
Drops from the skies?
Drops from the sky
Drops on the ground?
Drops on the lawn
Drops on the sidewalk
Drops on the windshield
Drops out of the sky
Drought buster
Drought easer
Drought ender
Drought need
Drought relief
Dust Bowl dream
Eagels vehicle: 1922
Eaves dropper?
End of a dry spell
Epitome of rightness?
Fall down
Fall from above
Fall from on high?
Fall from the sky?
Fall in April?
Fall or drop leader
Famous Maugham short story
Famous play
Farmer's hope during droughts
Farmer's necessity
Farmer's plea.
Farmer's prayer
"Farmer's prayer request, sometimes"
"Farmer's prayer, perhaps"
"Farmer's prayer, sometimes"
Farmers look for it
"Favorable forecast, to farmers"
Festival drag
Festival no-no
Flood cause
Flooding cause
Flower bed wetter
"Forecast, perhaps"
Forest fighter's aid
Form of precipitation
Frequent occurrence in Seattle
Game delay cause
Game delayer
"Game delayer, perhaps"
Game interruption
Game stopper
Gauged stuff in the backyard
Gene Kelly was singin' in this
Genesis forecast
Gift from the god Jupiter Pluvius
Give abundantly.
Give generously
Give profusely
Goal of some dances
Goal of some seeders
Gobi rarity
Golf round spoiler
Golfer's inconvenience
Grass grower's need
Gridders will play through it
Gully filler
Hoped-for cloud seeding result
Indra's liquid
It caused the first NFL night game in 1929
It comes in drops
It comes in fall
It drops on Iran
It falls from on high
It falls somewhere every day
It hits the roof
It lowers voter turnout
It may be forecast for the start of the second quarter?
It may come in buckets
It may come in sheets
It may delay things
It may drop acid
It may hold up the game
It may precede the front
It may spoil a sporting event
It might come in buckets
It might hold up a parade
It might lead to a check
It often messes tresses
It ruins a dry spell
It was red for Peter Gabriel and purple for Prince
It'll fall
"It'll fall today, somewhere"
It's forecast in percentages
It's heard on the roof
It's sent by Jupiter Pluvius
Jeanne Eagels play
Jeanne Eagels vehicle
Jeanne Eagels vehicle: 1922
Jeanne Eagles vehicle: 1922
"Joan Crawford film, 1932"
Kind of bow or barrel
Kind of bow or fall
Kind of check
Kind of check or coat
Kind of coat
Kind of coat or check
Kind of dance
Kind of forest
Kind of god
Kind of tree or forest
"Korean heartthrob with the singles ""I'm Coming"" and ""Inside of You"""
Lowland fall in Spain
Mac user's motivation
Macy's Parade spoiler
Makeup of some sheets
Many a Seattle weather forecast
Maugham chestnut
Maugham classic
Maugham novel
Maugham story
Maugham title
Maugham work
Meteorological prognostication
Miss Thompson's play
Monsoon feature
Noah's concern
Noah's nemesis?
Nonfactor at a domed stadium
Nonfactor at domed stadiums
Nonfactor at the Astrodome
Nonfactor at the SkyDome
Not be fair?
Oft-revived play.
Often revived drama.
Often-revived drama.
One reason to wear foul weather gear
Outdoor event planner's worry
Outdoor shower
Outing ruiner
Outing spoiler
Outing spoiler.
Outside shower
Parade concern
Parade organizer's worry
Parade postponer
Parade problem
Parade ruiner
Parade spoiler
"Parade spoiler, figuratively and literally"
"Parade spoiler, perhaps"
Parade stopper
Parade woe
Parade wrecker
Paraders' woe
Patter source
Pavement pounder
Pavement pounder?
"Phil Collins: ""I Wish It Would ___ Down"""
Picnic concern
Picnic curtailer
Picnic dampener
Picnic deterrent
Picnic ender
Picnic hamperer
Picnic hazard.
Picnic postponer
Picnic problem
Picnic ruiner
Picnic spoiler
Picnic spoiler.
Picnic worry
Picnic wrecker
Picnicker's worry
Pitter-patter maker
"Pitter-patter, perhaps"
"Plain thing, in Spain"
Play about Sadie Thompson
Play based on Maugham tale
Play based on a Maugham story
Play based on a Maugham tale
Play featuring Sadie Thompson
Play re Sadie Thompson
Play stopper
"Play, often revived."
Pluviometry subject
Pluvious event
Pluvious forecast
Postponement cause
Pour down on
Pour down.
Prefix for drop or fall
"Prince's ""Purple ___"""
Prince's was purple
"Prince's was purple, Peter Gabriel's was red"
"Pryor of ""Head of the Class"""
Puddle source
Puddle stuff
Rattler on the roof
Reason for a delay
"Reason for a delay, perhaps"
Reason for a game delay
Reason for a makeup game
Reason for a wet suit?
Reason for postponement
Reason to roll out the tarp
Reason to wear 57A
Relief for the Kalahari
Reservoir filler
Result of a high seeding?
Right as ___
Sadie Thompson play.
Sadie Thompson's film
Sadie Thompson's play.
Sadie Thompson's saga.
Sahara rarity
Seattle forecast
"Seattle forecast, often"
Seattle standby
Seeder's make it
Seeders make it
Sheet material?
Shine alternate
Shine alternative
Shine counterpart
Short story about Sadie Thompson
Shower down.
Shower in public?
"Shower, e.g."
"Showers, e.g."
"Showers, say"
Showery forecast
Slick-street cause
Small talk topic
Some precipitation
Somerset Maugham opus
Somerset Maugham story
Spoiler from the sky
Spring fall
Spring outlook
Start to fall?
Storm form
Storm production
Story of Sadie Thompson.
Subject of current news.
Subject of some prayers
Taxi weather
Theme word 1
Title shared by hits for The Beatles and Madonna
"Tlaloc's domain, to the Aztecs"
Tournament stopper
Type of check
Type of check or gauge
Type of coat or check
Type of coat or forest
Type of forest
Type of shower
Unwelcome visitor at a baseball game
Vacation spoiler
Vancouver Island ___ forest
Vegas gets about 4.3 inches of it annually
Warm weather snow
Washington weather word
Water fall?
Water from the sky
Watery downpour
Weather condition
Weather forecast
"Weather forecast, perhaps"
Weather forecast.
Weather in Genesis 7
Weather prediction.
Weather report.
Weather word
Weather word.
Wet Beatles song?
Wet forecast
Wet from above
Wet stuff
Wet weather
Wetness in Seattle?
"What ""it looks like,"" in conversation"
"What ""it looks like,"" perhaps"
What Gene Kelly was singin' in
What Milli Vanilli blamed their troubles on
What Phil Collins wishes it would do
What a pluviometer measures
What a sou'wester may keep off
What a udometer measures.
What gray clouds may produce
What to be right as
What udometers measure.
Willard Scott word
Windshield-wiper weather
"Word after ""ppd."" on a sports page"
Word heard in spring and before fall
"Word repeated before ""go away"""
Word with check or coat
Word with check or date
Word with coat or check
Word with dance or bow
Word with dance or date
Word with dance or fall
Word with date or dance
Word with drop or fall
Word with forest or barrel
Word with hat or dance
Yard-sale spoiler
___ cats and dogs
___ check.
___ forest
"___-in-the-Face, Sioux chief."
Drops from above
April weather
Common London forecast
Goal of some seeders
Picnic spoiler
Parade spoiler
Razor thin edges from the shower
Reservoir filler
April forecast
Word with drop or fall
Water from clouds
Monsoon weather
Drought's lack
Common Seattle forecast
Bad weather for a parade
Dramatic weather
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Reason for soft ground, in part, over Aintree
Wet weather
It might get the drop on you
April forecast
April forecast
Water from sky
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Water from sky
Monsoon weather
Golf game spoiler
Golf game spoiler
Ballgame stopper
Ballgame stopper
Is it forecast precipitately?
Is it forecast precipitately?
1932 film drama starring Joan Crawford as Sadie Thompson based on a short story by W Somerset Maugham
1932 film drama starring Joan Crawford as Sadie Thompson based on a short story by W Somerset Maugham
Sprinkle, say
Nonfactor at domed stadiums
'Purple ___' (Prince hit)
Water from clouds
April forecast
Forecast word
Golf outing spoiler
With precipitation, I shot round
Monsoon weather
Drought's lack
Drought's lack
April forecast
It often occurs following a car wash, seemingly
Drops from above
It might be driving on your head
What may hit tarps
Common 68-Across forecast
Wet weather
Prince's "Purple __"
April forecast
Wet weather
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Dreary forecast
Barbecue spoiler
Croatian removes coat out of wet weather
Parade spoiler
Wet weather
Parade spoiler
April forecast
Common forecast for Mobile, Alabama
Game stopper
Pitter-patter maker
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Croatians regularly shower
Managed to get one in bad conditions
It hits the roof
Wet weather
Picnic spoiler
Dust Bowl's lack
Weather for 63 Across
Showery forecast
Wet weather
Precipitation from clouds
Drought's lack
One managed to hold water
Monsoon weather
Parade spoiler
Showery forecast
Wet weather
April forecast
Water from sky
Death Valley rarity
The weather according to Miss Thompson
Reason to roll out the tarp
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Water from clouds
Wimbledon delayer
April forecast
Common precipitation
Pour, e.g.
Dust Bowl deficiency
Water from clouds