Word: RAND

The word RAND has appeared in at least 246 clues on different crosswords.

"""Anthem"" author"
"""Atlas Shrugged"" author"
"""Atlas Shrugged"" author Ayn"
"""Atlas Shrugged"" writer Ayn"
"""Fan dancer"" Sally"
"""Fountainhead"" author"
"""The Fountainhead"" author"
"""The Fountainhead"" author Ayn"
"""The Fountainhead"" novelist Ayn"
"""The Fountainhead"" writer"
"""The Fountainhead"" writer Ayn"
"""The Fountainhead"" writer Ayn ___"
"""The Virtue of Selfishness"" author"
"""We The Living"" author"
"""We the Living"" author"
'Anthem' author
'Atlas Shrugged' author
-- McNally (map maker)
100 cents
100 cents abroad
100 cents in Pretoria
"100 cents, abroad"
"100 cents, in Cape Town"
"100 cents, in East London"
African gold field
African money
African region.
Andrew McNally's partner
Atlas Shrugged author
Atlas Shrugged writer
Atlas name.
Author Ayn
Author Ayn ___
"Author of ""The Fountainhead"""
"Author who ""a lot of us... pick[ed] up... when we were 17 or 18 and feeling misunderstood,"" per Obama"
"Ayn of ""The Fountainhead"""
Ayn of didactic monologues from wooden characters
Ayn of fiction
Ayn or Sally
Ayn who was friends with Alan Greenspan
"Ayn who wrote ""Atlas Shrugged"""
"Ayn, the writer"
Big name in cartography
Big name in mapmaking
Big name in maps
Botswana money
Cape Town cabbage
Cape Town cash
Cape Town coin
Cape Town currency
Cape Town money
Capetown coin
Capital of East London
Cash in Capetown
Cobbling strip
Coin depicting a springbok
Coin featuring a springbok
Coin of Pretoria
Coin of South Africa
Coin with the image of a springbok
Coin worth 100 cents
"Coiner of the word ""objectivism"""
Controversial novelist-philosopher born 2/2/1905
Currency honoring Mandela
Currency in Cape Town
"Currency, in Capetown"
Dancer Sally with just a few fans?
Dancer Sally with very few fans?
Dancer who had only a few fans
Dancer with a few fans
Durban currency
Durban dollar
Durban dough
East London coin
Famous fan dancer
Fan dancer Sally
Fan-dancer Sally
Foreign currency
Former fan fancier
Founder of 'the Collective'
"GOP nomination race dropout before Jeb!, Carly, and Chris"
Gold district in the Transvaal.
Gold region of South Africa
Gold-mining district in So. Africa.
"Gold-mining district of the Transvaal (with ""the"")."
Her fans protected her to a degree
It's tender in Johannesburg
Johannesburg coin
John Galt's creator
Kentucky congressman Paul
Kentucky senator Paul
Kentucky senator ___ Paul
Last name in objectivism
Late author Ayn ___
Leather strip
Leather strip on a shoe
Leather strip on a shoe.
Leather strip.
Lucre in Lithoso
"Major gold-mining area, with ""the"""
Mandela's money
Map man McNally
Map man William
Mapmaker McNally
Mapmaker McNally's partner
Mapmaker ___ McNally
McNally partner
McNally's friend
McNally's map partner
McNally's mapmaking mate
McNally's mapmaking partner
McNally's pal
McNally's partner
Monetary unit in S. Africa
Money in Johannesburg
Money in Port Elizabeth
Money in Pretoria
Money in South Africa
Name after Sperry and before McNally
Name in mapmaking
Name on a globe
Name on many a road map
Name with McNally
Novelist Ayn
Novelist associated with objectivism
Objectivism figure Ayn
Objectivism founder
Objectivist Ayn
Part of a shoe.
Partner of McNally
Paul Ryan read her
Paul in November 2010 news
Paul in the Senate
Paul in the senate
Paul of the Tea Party
Pioneering map publisher William
Pretoria cash
Pretoria coin
Pretoria dollar
Pretoria money
Pretoria payment
Pretoria specie
"Road-map maker, ___ McNally"
Ron Paul's senator son
Ron Paul's senatorial son
Ron Paul's son
S. African dollar.
Sally of the fans
Sally or Ayn
Sally or Remington
Sally whose fans were sensational
Sally with a fan
Sally with the fans
She had several fans
She sallied forth with fans
She sallies forth with fans
"She wrote ""Atlas Shrugged"""
"She wrote ""The Fountainhead"""
Shoe part.
Shoe-sole leveler
Shoemaker's term
"South Africa's currency, or Senator Paul"
South African bread
South African cash
South African coin
South African currency
South African currency unit
South African district.
South African dollar
"South African gold discovery site, with ""the"""
South African monetary unit
South African money
South African moola
Sperry's partner
Strip of leather
Strip of shoe leather
Strip of shoe leather.
Stripper Sally
Synth player for Roxy Music
The Fountainhead author
The ___ of South Africa
"The ___, rich gold site."
Think tank unaffiliated with Ayn
Think-tank in Calif.
"Transvaal region (with ""the"")"
"Transvaal region (with ""the"")."
Transvaal region.
World's Fair Sally
Writer Ayn
Writer Ayn ___
___ McNally
___ McNally (atlas publisher)
__ McNally (atlas publisher)
Cape Town currency
“Atlas Shrugged” author
McNally partner
Ayn —, author of 1943 novel The Fountainhead
Currency in Cape Town
"Atlas Shrugged" author
Objectivist Ayn
South African monetary unit
Politician son of Ron Paul
S African currency
S African currency
Kentucky senator Paul
Mapmaking name since 1872
Mapmaking name since 1872
African currency
African currency
McNally partner
Senator/physician Paul
McNally's partner in maps
Currency arbitrarily cut by 50%
Novelist Ayn
McNally's map partner
One spent in South Africa?
South African currency
"Atlas Shrugged" author Ayn
Pol Paul
South African currency
Monetary unit
South African currency
Author born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum
South African currency
"Atlas Shrugged" author
— McNally
___ McNally (mapmaker)
___ McNally (GPS maker)
McNally with the maps
Cape Town currency
McNally partner
Ayn who wrote "Atlas Shrugged"
South African currency
Mary —, 1966 Commonwealth long jump gold medallist
South African currency
Kentucky senator Paul
Managed Democrat money
Cape Town coin
Writer Ayn
McNally's mapmaking partner
S African currency
Mapmaker __ McNally
Cape Town currency
South African currency
Kentucky senator Paul