Word: RAP

The word RAP has appeared in at least 760 clues on different crosswords.

RAP definition(s):

• the act of hitting vigorously; "he gave the table a whack"

• To free (a pattern) in a mould by light blows on the pattern, so as to facilitate its removal.

• A sharp blow with something hard.

• Rap music.

• Any of the tokens that passed current for a halfpenny in Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century; any coin of trifling value.

• (informal, intransitive) To talk casually.

• To speak lyrics in the style of rap music

• (uncountable) Rap music.

• a reproach for some lapse or misdeed; "he took the blame for it"; "it was a bum rap"

• A song, verse, or instance of singing in the style of rap music.

• To strike with a quick blow; to knock on.

• A sharp blow with something hard

• make light, repeated taps on a surface; "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"

• perform rap music

• (ambitransitive) To speak (lyrics) in the style of rap music.

• To strike something sharply with one's knuckles

• genre of African-American music of the 1980s and 1990s in which rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment; several forms of rap have emerged

• Blame (for something), whether or not it results in a conviction.

• talk volubly

• A lay or skein containing 120 yards of yarn.

• strike sharply; "rap him on the knuckles"

• To speak (lyrics) in the style of rap music.

• voluble conversation

• A whit; a jot.

• (countable) A sharp blow with something hard.

• A casual talk

• To talk casually.

• (informal) A casual talk

• Rap music

• the sound made by a gentle blow

• To strike something sharply with one's knuckles; knock.

• a gentle blow

• (uncountable) Blame (for something).

"""Epic ___ Battles of History"""
"""Gangsta"" genre"
"""Gangsta"" music"
"""Gangsta's Paradise"" genre"
"""Riding the ___"" (Elmore Leonard book)"
'Straight Outta Compton' genre
-- sheet
... a knock on a door
50 Cent genre
50 Cent piece
50 Cent piece?
50 Cent style
50 Cent's genre
50 Cent's music
90's music genre
A lot of popular music nowadays
A perp may beat it
A stretch in stir.
A$AP Rocky or Joey Bada$$ screed
"A$AP Rocky song, e.g."
Ant Banks music style
Any Kendrick Lamar tune
Apply knuckles
Apply knuckles to wood
Arrested Development offering
Back up Snoop
Back up Snoop Dogg
Bass-heavy music genre
Be critical of
Beat the ___
Beat the ___ (get acquitted)
Big Daddy Kane's specialty
Big Daddy Kane's style
Billboard category
Blame that may be bum
"Blame, slangily"
"Blame, so to speak"
"Blame, to a perp"
Blame: sl.
Bow Wow work
Bow Wow's genre
Break dancing accompaniment
Brisk knock
Bum ___
Bum ___ (injustice)
Bum ___ (unjust accusation)
Bust some rhymes
Busta Rhymes genre
Busta Rhymes will do it sometimes
Busta Rhymes' rhymes
Busta Rhymes's genre
Busta's rhymes
Busta's thing
CD store section
Cam'ron's music
Cash Money Records genre
Censure: Colloq.
Certain mod music
Chamillionaire's field
Charge on a record
Chat candidly
Chat informally
Chat with Hammer
Chat with a teener
"Chat, mod style"
Chatter in a session
Chew the fat
Chin or jaw
Collection of rhymes
Common genre?
Common interest?
Common music
Communicate in a way
Con's sentence
Content of some on-stage battles
Converse: Slang
Coolio's genre
Coolio's medium
Coolio's music
Copy Ice-T
Copy Jay-Z
Copy Lil' Kim
Copy Q-Tip
Court sentence: Slang.
Criminal charge
Critical review.
Criticize sharply
Criticize: Informal.
"Culpability, so to speak"
DMX's genre
Def Jam genre
Def Jam output
Def Jam records genre
Diddy ditty
"Discuss, mod style"
Do like Dr. Dre
Dogg tracks
Don't care a ___
Door opener
Door sound
Door-knock sound
Dr. Dre forte
Dr. Dre's bag
Dr. Dre's domain
Dr. Dre's genre
Dr. Dre's music
Dr. Dre's specialty
Dr. Dre's thing
Drake specialty
Drake's forte
Dre forte
"Drop sick rhymes, perhaps"
Drop some rhymes
Earl Sweatshirt's genre
"East Coast, say"
Eminem genre
Eminem specialty
Eminem's field
Eminem's genre
Eminem's music
Emulate 2 Chainz
Emulate Busta Rhymes
Emulate Chuck D or Master P
Emulate Coolio
Emulate Eminem
Emulate Hammer
Emulate Ice-T
Emulate Jay-Z
Emulate Kanye
"Emulate Kanye, say"
Emulate LL Cool J
Emulate Nelly
Emulate Puff Daddy
Emulate Run-D.M.C.
Emulate Salt 'N Pepa
Emulate Salt-N-Pepa
Emulate Sir Mix-A-Lot
Emulate Sister Souljah
Emulate Tone Loc
Emulate Vanilla Ice
Emulate the Beastie Boys
Eschew the doorbell
Eve's music
Fall guy's fate
Farthing's cousin.
Find fault with
Flavor Flav's genre
Flo Rida medium
Flo Rida's field
Flo Rida's genre
Form of music
Forte of Flavor Flav
Forte of Flavor-Flav
Foxy Brown's music
"Freestyle, maybe"
"Freestyle, perhaps"
Fresh Prince medium
Funky music genre
Future music
Gangsta ___
Gangsta style
Gangsta's music
Gas away
Gavel sound
Genre associated with turntablism
Genre for Coolio
Genre for Coolio or Chuck D
Genre for Eazy-E and Heavy D
Genre for Jay Z and Schoolboy Q
Genre for Jay Z or J. Cole
Genre for Jay-Z
Genre for Jim Jones
Genre for N.W.A. or T.I.
Genre for Notorious B.I.G.
Genre for Schoolly D
Genre in which Notorious B.I.G. was big
Genre of 50 Cent and Andr
Genre of Macklemore and Master P
Genre of N.W.A. and Run-D.M.C.
Genre of music
Genre that includes freestyling
"Genre with long lyric sheets, typically"
Gentle blow
Gentle knock
Get handed a bum ___
Ghostface Killah's genre
Ghostface Killah's style
Ghostly sound.
Give a couple quick knocks
Good thing to beat
Grammy Awards category
Grammy category
Grammy category division
Grammy category first awarded in 1989
Grammy category since 1988
Grammy category since 1989
Grammy genre
Grammy genre for Jay-Z
Grammy genre since 1989
Grammy genre since 1991
Grammys category
Grandmaster Flash's genre
Grandmaster Flash's music
Grandmaster Flash's music genre
Group gab
Hammer away at
Hammer hit?
Hammer number
Hammer sound
Hammer specialty
Hammer's genre
Hammer's style
Hard knock
Heavy D work
Hip-hop element
Hip-hop genre
Hip-hop music
Hip-hop music form
Hip-hop sound
Hip-hop's sound
Hippie conversation
Hit music?
Hit on the knuckles
"Hit, as the knuckles"
Hood's comeuppance
Howl like a Dogg?
Huckster's come-on
Ice Cube does it
Ice Cube genre
Ice Cube medium
Ice Cube's music
Ice-T and Jay-Z's genre
"Ice-T hit, e.g."
Ice-T's music
Ice-T's music genre
Ice-T's style
Iggy Azalea's specialty
"In draw poker, at the time to draw cards, indicate that one is pat"
"Indicate a pat hand, in draw poker*"
Indicate one is standing pat in draw*
Insistent knock
It can be beaten
It may be beaten
It may be beaten in court
"It may be beaten, with ""the"""
It may be bum
It may be legally beaten
It may be pinned on
It's taken by a fall guy
Item on a sheet
Ja Rule's genre
Ja Rule's music
Jadakiss's genre
Jail sentence
Jay Z's genre
Jay Z's music
"Jay-Z hit, e.g."
Jay-Z music
Jay-Z's genre
Jay-Z's music
Jay-Z's music genre
Jay-Z's style
Join a bull session
Justin Bieber's purported ability
Kanye West specialty
Kanye West spiel
Kanye West's genre
Kanye West's music
Kanye West's output
Kanye's forte
Kanye's forte (other than self-promotion)
Kind of artist
Kind of session
Kind of sheet
Kind of sheet for a felon
Kind of sheet or music
Kind of sheet or session
Knock (on)
Knock lightly
Knock loudly
Knock on a door
Knock on wood
Knock sharply
"Knock, as on wood"
"Knock, like the raven"
Knuckle job
Kool Moe Dee genre
Kool Moe Dee's genre
L.L. Cool J's genre
L.L. Cool J's music
LL Cool J style
LL Cool J's genre
"Lay down phat rhymez, perhaps"
Lay down rhymes
Lay down rhymes to the beat
Least bit
Least bit.
Least bit: Colloq.
Light blow
Light knock
Light tap
Lil Wayne's music
"Locker room music, sometimes"
Looping and sampling genre
Ludacris genre
Ludacris music
Ludacris offering
Ludacris output
Ludacris performance
Ludacris sound
Ludacris's music
MC Lyte's genre
MC's delivery
Macklemore's genre
Make like Master P
Make music?
Mark Wahlberg's former forte
Medium evocation
Medium's signal
Medium's signal.
Method Man's music
Missy Elliott's music
Modern music
Modern music form
Modern music genre
Modern music mode
Modern music style
Modern musical genre
Mos Def's music
Mostly monotonic genre
Music also called hip-hop
Music category
Music for Ice Cube
Music for Ice-T
Music for Jay Z or Snoop Lion
Music form
Music genre
Music genre and this puzzle's theme
Music genre in the 'hood
Music genre whose artists often have pseudonyms
Music store section
Music style
Music style since the '70s
Music that is absolutely Ludacris?
Music that is downright Ludacris?
Music to break dance to
Music type
Musical genre
"Musical genre featured in ""Bulworth"""
Musical talk
Nelly's genre
Nelly's music
Nicki Minaj specialty
Offering from Lil Jon or Fat Joe
One form of hip-hop
One kind of session
"One of hip-hop's ""four elements"""
One of hip-hop's sounds
OutKast's genre
Outkast's musical genre
P. Diddy's genre
P. Diddy's music
Perform for Def Jam records
Perform like Eminem
Perform like Lil Wayne
Perform like Puff Daddy
Perform like Salt-N-Pepa
Perp's charge
Phife Dawg's genre
Pitbull offering
Pitbull's specialty
Playlist category
Poetic music genre
Pop music genre
Pop music style
Popular music category
Popular music style
Prison sentence
Prison term
Public Enemy genre
Public Enemy output
Puff Daddy music
Puff Daddy's genre
Puff Daddy's music
Puff Daddy's music style
Puff Daddy's style
Punishment on the knuckles
"Put words to music, in a way"
Q-Tip specialty
Queen Latifah output
Queen Latifah's domain
Queen Latifah's music category
Radio format
Rakim's music
Record store section
Relative of a thump
Reverse of par
Rhyme in time
Rhythmic genre
Rhythmic rhyming patter
Rock offshoot
"Run-D.M.C.'s ""Christmas in Hollis,"" e.g."
Run-D.M.C.'s music
S ance sound
Salt-N-Pepa genre
Salt-N-Pepa specialty
Salt-N-Pepa's music
"Say sharply (with ""out"")."
Seance communication
Seance noise
Seance signal.
Seance sound
Seance sound effect.
Seance sound.
Seance sound?
Session activity
Sharp blow
Sharp blow.
Sharp criticism
Sharp knock
Sharp smack
Sheet at the police station
Sheet item
Sheet opening?
Shoot the breeze
Show flow
Silkk the Shocker's genre
"Sing some M.O.P., say"
Sister Souljah song
Smart blow.
Snoop Dogg specialty
Snoop Dogg's field
Snoop Dogg's music
Snoop Doggy Dogg's genre
Snoop Lion's genre
Some MTV music
Some hip-hop
Some musical performances
Something to beat
Song from the 'hood
Song from the hood
Sound at a s
Sound at the door
Speak on the record?
Specialty of Vanilla Ice
Spectral sound.
Spirit answer
Spirit sound
Spirited response?
Spit rhymes
Spoken-word genre
Spook signal
Stand pat*
Station house sheet
Strike against
Strike quickly
Strike sharply
Strike smartly
Strike smartly.
"Style of music on Deion Sanders' album ""Prime Time"""
T-Pain music
T.I.'s field
T.I.'s music
T.I.'s sound
TLC's music genre
Take it or beat it
Take the ___
Take the ___.
Talk and talk
Talk casually
Talk freely
Talk genre?
Talk in the '60s?
Talk informally
Talk it over
Talk openly
"Talk over, hippie-style"
Talk shop
Talk to a beat
Talk tune
"Talk, mod style"
"Talk, today"
The Game's game
The Sugarhill Gang's genre
The least bit
"The least bit, informally"
The least bit.
They might pin one on you
Three 6 Mafia's forte
Trifle: Colloq.
Tupac's music
Type of session
Type of sheet or session
Undeserved reputation
Urban music
Urban music form
Urban music genre
Use a gavel
Usually nonmelodic music genre
Utter sharply
Vanilla ice specialty
Wale's genre
What a fall guy takes
What fall guys take
What some hoods beat
Will Smith does it in public
Will Smith does it sometimes
Will Smith forte
Will Smith musical genre
Will Smith work
Will Smith's genre
Will Smith's music
Will Smith's music style
Will Smith's musical genre
Wiz Khalifa's genre
Word before sheet or music
Word before sheet or session
"Word with ""sheet"" or ""music"""
"Word with ""sheet"" or ""session"""
Word with gangster or bum
Word with sheet or music
Word with sheet or session
Yak with your buds
You can take it or beat it
You might do it over a beatboxer
You might end up with a bum one
Young Jeezy's art
Young Jeezy's genre
___ across the knuckles
___ session
___ sheet (arrest record)
___ sheet (police arrest record)
___-A-Lot Records (Geto Boys label)
"iPod playlist contents, perhaps"
Knock sharply
Future field
Drake offering
Nicki Minaj genre
Grammy category since 1989
Criticism, so to speak
Q-Tip's style
Criminal charge
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
Urgent knock
Drake's genre
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
Criminal charge, slangily
Smart blow
Knock a style of music
50 Cent's genre
Smart blow
Knock a style of music
Smart blow
Knock a style of music
Kanye creation
Grammy category
Knock sharply
Musical genre
Sharp knock
Jay-Z's genre
Grammys category
Macklemore's music
Radio format
Sharp knock
Dre's music
Knock hard
Grammys category
Eminem's milieu
Eminem's milieu
Eminem's milieu
Eminem's milieu
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
Freestyle musical genre
Freestyle musical genre
Type of music
Type of music
Sharp knock
Sharp knock
Sharp knock
Sharp knock
Blame, old-school
Blame, old-school
Grammys category since 1989
Rebuke, ... over the knuckles
Criminal charge
Smart blow
Knock style of music
Genre using speakers?
Music? It's attention-seeking noise
Knock sharply
Knock sharply
Strike sharply
Contrapuntal piece, fast, rhythmic and vocal
Kendrick Lamar specialty
Musical genre
Musical genre
Knock, as on a door
Certain music genre
Genre for G-Unit
Smart blow
Knock a style of music
Eschew the doorbell
Drake's genre
Genre pioneered by Run-D.M.C.
A knock up in the park
Blame for the crime
Bill of fare (4)
Soldiers find acceptable range of food (4)
Grammy category
Genre with spoken lyrics
Knock loudly
Drake's music
Striking legal case?
Eminem's milieu
Sharp blow
Knock style of music
Genre for Big Sean or Biggie Smalls
S´┐Żance sound
Escape punishment, beat the ...
Perp's charge
Genre of Ice-T or Ice Cube
Grammy category since 1988
Kendrick Lamar's genre
Hit with a piece of shrapnel
Kanye West's genre
"Hip, hop, don't stop" genre
Deliver a pulpit belonging to Knock
Percussive contrapuntal piece
Busta Rhymes's music
Escape punishment, beat the ...
Coolio's forte
Sharp knock
Grammy category
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
Penalty of being in a scrape?
A suspect may beat one
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
Least bit, in a phrase
Drake's music
Music genre
Genre for 21 Savage and 50 Cent
Wiz Khalifa's music genre
Music genre
Jay-Z's genre
Musical genre
Sharp knock
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
A lot of Top 40 music
Knock back, as usual
Gucci Mane's specialty
Jay-Z's genre
Grammy category
Certain music style
Is such music a bit contrapuntal?
Kanye West's music
Eminem's milieu
Rebuke, ... over the knuckles
Knock sharply
Drake's music
Rebuke, ... over the knuckles
Sharp door knock
Sharp knock
G-Eazy's music
Sharp blow
Knock a style of music
Subject for The Source magazine
Sharp knock
Gavel sound
"8 Mile" music
Musical monologue in opera, perhaps
Freestyler's music genre