Word: RBI

The word RBI has appeared in at least 512 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ Baseball"" (NES classic)"
"""___ Baseball"" (arcade game with a 2014 update)"
A HR produces at least one
A dinger is at least one
A double might get you one
A drive might increase it: Abbr.
A grand slam gets four
A grand slam home run gets four
A grand slam home run is four: abbr.
A grand slam is four: abbr.
A homer provides at least one
A long drive might get you one: Abbr.
A round-tripper earns at least one: Abbr.
A sac fly earns one
A sac fly results in one
A sacrifice fly garners one
"A single may get you one, briefly"
A single might get you one
A single might get you one: Abbr.
A solo HR earns one
A solo dinger counts for one
A solo shot gets you one: Abbr.
A solo shot is one
A tater always comes with at least one
A two-run homer is two
Abbr. of interest to Tony Perez
Abbr. on a Topps card
Abbr. on a baseball card
Abbr. seen on baseball cards
Abbreviation used in baseball.
"After 2012, A-Rod is one behind Stan Musial"
An Angel might get one: Abbr.
An HR results in at least one
An Indian might get one: Abbr.
An ___ double
An ___ single
An ___ triple
At bat stat
At-bat stat
Ballpark fig.
Ballpark figure
Ballpark stat
Barry Bonds stat
Barry Bonds stat.
Baseball Triple Crown stat
Baseball abbr.
Baseball abbreviation.
Baseball card abbr.
Baseball card fig.
Baseball card info
Baseball card stat
Baseball card stat.
Baseball category.
Baseball data: Abbr.
Baseball hitter's stat
Baseball hitting stat
Baseball hitting stat.
Baseball item.
Baseball no.
Baseball player's record.
Baseball score-producing stat
Baseball scoring initials.
Baseball slugger's stat
Baseball stat
Baseball stat (Abbr.)
Baseball stat first tracked by the Buffalo Bisons
Baseball stat inserted into this puzzle's longest answers
Baseball stat.
Baseball statistic that's higher for heavy hitters
Baseball statistic: Abbr.
Baseball tally: Colloq.
Baseball term.
Baseball- card abbr.
Baseball-card stat
Bases-loaded walk result (abbr.)
Bases-loaded walk stat
Bat stat
Bat stat.
Batter's abbr.
Batter's achievement
Batter's concern.
"Batter's credit, briefly"
Batter's hope
Batter's stat
"Batter's stat, for short"
Batter's stat.
Batting stat
Batting success
Belle stat
Big stat for Manny Ramirez
"Bloop single's outcome, at times"
Bonds stat
Bonds stat.
Box score abbr.
Box score abbreviation
Box score no.
Box score stat
Box-score abbr.
Box-score col.
Box-score column
Box-score column header
Box-score column heading
Box-score initials
Box-score stat
Box-score stat.
Boxscore entry
Boxscore reading
Brett stat.
Card or Yank stat
Category in baseball statistics.
Category in baseball's Triple Crown: Abbr.
Category in which the single-season record is 191
Citi Field stat
Clean-up hitter's stat
"Cleanup hitter's goal, often"
Cleanup hitter's stat
Cleanup hitter's stat.
Cleanup stat.
Clutch hitter's goal
Column in a box score
Common result of a sacrifice: Abbr.
Credit for driving people home?
Credit for driving people home?: Abbr.
D.H.'s stat
DH stat
DH's achievement
"DH's goal, often"
DH's stat
Diamond abbr.
Diamond abbreviation.
Diamond datum
Diamond letters
Diamond stat
Diamond stat (abbr.)
"Diamond stat, briefly"
Diamond stat.
Driving-home stat
Fenway stat
"Fielder's choice result, perhaps"
Fig. on a baseball card
Figure in batter's record.
Figure in orbit
Frequent result of a sac fly
Game-winning ___
Goal for a D.H.
Goal on a squeeze play
"Good result from a squeeze play, briefly"
"Good squeeze result, for short"
Good thing for a DH to get
Griffey Jr. stat
Guys with gushers
HR consequence
Hank Aaron stat
Help to get home
Hideki Matsui stat
"Hit bonus, for short"
Hitter's accomplishment (abbr.)
Hitter's stat
Hitter's stat.
Hitter's stat: Abbr.
Hitting record: Abbr.
Hitting stat
"Hitting stat, in baseball"
Hitting stat.
Hitting stats
Homer consequence
Initials in baseball.
It drives someone home
It's awarded for getting someone home (abbr.)
It's earned for bringing someone home: Abbr.
Jeter stat
Jeter stat.
Ken Griffey Jr. stat.
Line in a batter's record.
M.L.B. stat
MLB stat
MLB statistic
Nat stat
No. for a batter
"Number of people you bring home, for short"
Offensive baseball stat
Offensive stat
"One hit might result in it, for short"
"One of 1,000 for Darryl Strawberry"
"One of 1,111 for Fred Lynn"
"One of 2,297 for Hank Aaron"
"One of A-Rod's 1893, for short"
"One of Aaron's 2,297"
One of Aaron's 86 in '68
One of Albert Pujols's many
"One of B. Ruth's 2,213"
One of Hack Wilson's record-setting 191 in 1930
One of Hank Aaron's 2297
"One of L. Gehrig's 1,995"
"One of McGwire's 1,414"
One of Ryan Howard's 864
One of four in a grand slam
One of four in a grand slam: Abbr.
One of many for Yaz
"One-third of baseball's Triple Crown, for short"
Perez stat.
Piazza numbers
Pinch hitter's hope
Plate stat.
Poss. hit result
Poss. result of a sacrifice
"Possible outcome of a blooper, briefly"
Possible result of a sacrifice
Productive stat
Quick score in baseball
Rarity for an A.L. pitcher
Relative of E.R.A.
Result of a bases-loaded BB
"Result of a bases-loaded walk, briefly"
"Result of a blooper, maybe: Abbr."
"Result of a certain sacrifice, for short"
"Result of a fielder's choice, maybe"
Result of a fruitful plate appearance in the Grapefruit League: Abbr.
Result of a good squeeze: Abbr.
Result of a sac fly
"Result of a sac fly, often"
Result of a smash hit?
Result of a solo HR
"Result of a squeeze, briefly"
"Result of a squeeze, for short"
Result of a timely hit
"Result of bringing someone home, for short"
Result of driving someone home?
"Reward for a hit, maybe"
"Reward for a sacrifice, sometimes"
Robinson Cano feat
Royal stat
Ruth stat.
Sabermetrics fig.
Sabermetrics stat
Sac fly result
"Sac fly result, often"
Sac fly stat
Sac-fly stat
Sac.-fly stat
"Sacrifice fly result, often"
Sacrifice fly stat
Sacrifice fly stat.
"Sacrifice outcome, perhaps"
Sacrifice-fly result
"Sacrifice-fly result, sometimes"
Sacrifice-fly stat
Sacrifice-fly stat.
"Safety squeeze result, for short"
Sammy Sosa stat
Score-boosting hit
Score-boosting stat
Score-producing stat
Score-raising stat
Scoring initials
"Scoring play, for short"
Scoring play: Abbr.
Scoring stat
"Sending someone home, for short"
Shea stat
"Single outcome, maybe"
"Single result, possibly (abbr,)"
"Slugger's pickup, quickly"
Slugger's pride
Slugger's stat
"Slugger's stat, for short"
Slugger's stat.
Slugger's stat: Abbr.
Slugger's statistics.
Slugging meas.
Slugging stat
Slugging stat.
Softball stat (abbr.)
Solo HR result
Solo home run's stat
Someone getting home safely
Sosa stat
Sports page abbr.
Sports page initials.
Sports page stat
Sports stat
Squeeze bunt stat
Squeeze play stat
Squeeze-bunt result: Abbr.
Stat based on plate performance
"Stat for ""Big Mac"""
Stat for A-Rod
Stat for Aaron
Stat for Barry Bonds
Stat for Boggs
Stat for Bonds
Stat for Bonilla
Stat for Canseco
Stat for Cecil Fielder
Stat for Chipper Jones
Stat for David Ortiz
Stat for Floyd or Sheff
Stat for Granderson or Teixeira
Stat for Griffey
Stat for Hojo
Stat for Jeff Bagwell
Stat for Jeff Kent
Stat for Juan Gonzalez
Stat for Ken Griffey Jr.
Stat for Manny Ramirez
Stat for Mark McGwire
Stat for Miguel Cabrera
Stat for Musial
Stat for Papi
Stat for Prince Fielder
Stat for Pujols
Stat for Ruth
Stat for Ryan Howard
Stat for Sammy Sosa
Stat for Sosa
Stat for Staub
Stat for Strawberry
Stat for Vlad Guerrero
Stat for Yastrzemski
Stat for a DH
Stat for a HR hitter
Stat for a Nat
Stat for a clean-up hitter
Stat for a hitter
Stat for a sacrifice fly
Stat for a slugger
Stat for an Oakland A
Stat for sluggers
Stat for swingers
Stat not counted if there's an error during the play
Stat on some baseball cards
Stat scoring someone
"Stat sometimes called a ""ribby"""
Stat whose utility is questioned by Sabermetricians
Stat. for Barry Bonds
Stat. for Jordan
Stat. for Mattingly
Stat. for a slugger
Statistic for Sammy Sosa
Statistic for Yaz or DiMag
Subj. of Rule 10.04 in baseball
"Success at the plate, briefly"
Success for a slugger
"Suicide squeeze result, for short"
"Suicide squeeze result, maybe"
Suicide squeeze stat
Suicide squeeze stat.
Suicide-squeeze stat
Swinger's stat
Swinging stat.
"Texas leaguer result, perhaps"
The Rangers' Nelson Cruz earned the last one of 2010
Timely hitting result
Topps-card stat.
Trading card stat
Triple Crown component (abbr.)
Triple Crown part
Triple Crown stat
Triple Crown stat.
Triple crown stat
"Typical homecoming outcome, for short?"
"Walk-off result, at least"
Walkoff hit stat
What a triple with one on gets you: Abbr.
What you get for bringing someone home
What you get for driving someone home: Abbr.
Yastrzemski's concern.
You can't get one if you ground into a DP
You earn one for a sac fly
You get one for a sac fly
You get one for helping somebody score
You might earn one in a fielder's choice
You might get one for a sac fly
You usually don't get one when you ground into a DP
___ Baseball (NES classic)
___ Baseball (classic NES game)
___ single
Slugging stat
Possible result of a sacrifice briefly
One of 2297 for Hank Aaron in brief
Ballpark fig.
One of 2000+ for 30 Across
Cred for bringing someone home
Baseball card stat
Batting stat
Slugger's stat
Slugger's stat
One of 34-Across' 2,170
MLB stat
Baseball stat
Baseball hitter's stat
Ballpark fig.
MLB stat
Batting stat
Sac fly stat
Slugger's stat
Batter's stat
Stat for David Ortiz
Stat resulting from a solo shot
Eggplant cousin
Slugger's stat
Ballpark fig
Home-coming stat?
Home-coming stat?
Sac-fly result, often
MLB stat
MLB stat
Batter's stat.
MLB Triple Crown stat
Sac fly result
Sac fly result
Stat inserted into this puzzle's long Across answers
Batter's stat
Batter's stat
Slugger's stat
Slugger's stat
Baseball card letters
Hitter's stat
Homer stat
Cleanup hitter's stat
Slugger's stat.
League-leading stat for a cleanup hitter, perhaps
Stat for Lou Gehrig or Manny Ramirez
Diamond stat
Baseball stat
Baseball stat
Slugger's stat
MLB number
Result of a sac fly
Slugger's stat
Clutch hitter's stat
Slugger's stat
Baseball stat
Hitter's stat
Slugger's stat
Batter's stat
Stat for A-Rod or Hammerin' Hank
Slugger's stat
MLB stat
Slugger's stat
Batter's stat
Hitter's stat
Sac fly result
Slugger's stat
Slugger's stat
Baseball Triple Crown stat
Batting stat
Baseball Triple Crown stat
Baseball Triple Crown stat
Hitter's stat
Result of a successful squeeze bunt, for short
Hitter's stat
Batter's stat
Solo HR result
Batter's stat
Slugger's stat
Slugger's stat
Stat for Miguel Cabrera
Sac fly result
Sac fly result
Sac fly result
Bases-loaded walk statend
Hitter's stat: Abbr.
Slugger's stat, for short
One of four for a grand slam, in brief
Baseball stat
Hitter's statistic, in baseball: Abbr.
Batting success
Baseball card stat for a slugger (Abbr.)
Ballpark fig.
One of four for a grand slam HR
MLB stat
Sac fly stat
One of four in a grand slam
Slugger's stat
Driving-home reward
Slugger's stat
Batter's stat
Hitter's stat
Batter's stat
Suicide squeeze stat
Hitter's stat
Slugger's stat
MLB stat
Slugging stat
You can only get one if you're near home, briefly
Baseball statistic that won't be credited if there's an error on the play: Abbr.
MLB stat
Single-stranded building block
MLB stat
Stat for baseball player Shohei Ohtani: Abbr.
MLB stat
Slugger's statistic, in baseball: Abbr.
Letters before single, double or triple
Baseball score-producing stat (Abbr.)
Sac fly result
Slugger's stat
MLB stat
Cleanup hitter's stat (Abbr.)
Solo homer stat
Triple Crown stat
Slugger's stat
MLB stat
Designated hitter's stat: Abbr.
One of 80 for 18-Across in 2018 (Abbr.)
Triple Crown stat
Result of a sac fly
Box score inits.
Sac fly stat
Slugger's baseball card figure (Abbr.)
Cleanup hitter's stat (Abbr.)
Slugger's stat