Word: RCA

The word RCA has appeared in at least 710 clues on different crosswords.

"""Heartbreak Hotel"" label"
"""His Master's Voice"" brand"
"""His Master's Voice"" co."
"""His Master's Voice"" company"
"""His Master's Voice"" initials"
"""His Master's Voice"" label"
"""His Master's Voice"" org."
"""His Master's Voice"" record label"
"""His Master's Voice"" sloganeer"
"""In the Year 2525"" record label"
"""Red Seal"" record co."
"""The most trusted name in electronics"" sloganeer"
"""The most trusted name in electronics"" sloganeer, once"
"""The most trusted name in television,"" once"
'His Master's Voice' co.
'His Master's Voice' initials
'The most trusted name in electronics' sloganeer
1986 GE takeover
1986 General Electric acquisition
45 r.p.m. introducer
45 rpm introducer
70-story building in N. Y. C.
8-track tape co.
A$AP Rocky's record label
"Admiral competitor, once"
Alabama label
Alabama's label
Alternative to JVC
Alternative to JVC or Panasonic
"Alternative to JVC or Panasonic, once"
"Alternative to JVC, once"
Alternative to Magnavox
"Alternative to Panasonic, once"
Alternative to Sony or JVC
Alternative to Zenith or JVC
Amp connector named for the company that invented it
An Elvis label
Android phone purveyor
Audio equipment pioneer
Avril Lavigne's record label
Best Buy brand
Big Board initials
Big DVD maker
Big TV brand
Big TV maker
Big business initials.
Big name in LCD TVs
Big name in TVs
Big name in electronics
Big name in phonographs
Big name in plasmas
Big name in screens
Big name in stereo cables
Big name in talking machines
Big name on the TV
Big record company
Big-time record label
Biggie in the CD biz
Bing Crosby's label
Bldg. in Rockefeller Center
Blu-ray player brand
Boom box brand
Brand of TV
Brand of TV's and VCR's
Brand of TVs and VCRs
Brand of cable modem
Brand of dishes
Brief description of one walking backwards (5)
Broadcast letters of old
Building in N. Y. C.
Bullriders' grp.
Cable modem producer
Camcorder brand
Camcorder co.
Camcorder letters
Camcorder maker
Car radio letters
Car videodisc maker
Certain TV
Certain TV brand
Certain label (Abbr.)
Chris Daughtry's label
Christina Aguilera's label
Classic TV brand
Clock radio brand
Co. bought by G.E. in 1986
Co. co-founded by David Sarnoff
Co. first owned by GE
Co. headed by David Sarnoff from 1930 to 1971
"Co. in ""The Farnsworth Invention"""
Co. led by David Sarnoff until 1970
Co. led for decades by David Sarnoff
Co. that formed NBC
Co. whose mascot is Nipper
Co. with Nipper as its mascot
Co. with a Victrola logo
Co. with a dog listening to a phonograph
Co. with a victrola logo
Co. with two fox terriers
Collectible radio
Color TV introducer
Color TV pioneer
Color television pioneer
Color-TV pioneer
Colts' dome
Columbia competitor
Communication initials.
Communications initials
Communications initials.
Communications logo
Como's label
Como's record label
Compact-disc inventor
Company originally formed by GE
Company spawned by GE
Company that developed TV's Indian Head Test Pattern
Company that founded NBC
Company that founded NBC in 1926
Company that introduced 45-RPM records
Company that introduced TV at the 1939 World's Fair
Company that introduced color TV
Company that made Photophones
Company that made Victrolas
Company that pioneered color TV
Company that sold the first electronic turntable
Company whose mascot is Nipper
Company whose mascot was Nipper
Company with a dog in its logo
Company with a dog logo
"Competitor of Panasonic, Sony and JVC"
Consumer electronics brand
Corporate initials.
Corporate letters
Corporate monogram
DVD maker
DVD player brand
DVD player maker
"DVD player maker, once"
DVR brand
Dave Matthews Band label
David Sarnoff was its president it for 40 years
David Sarnoff was once its general manager
David Sarnoff's co.
"David Sarnoff's command, once"
David Sarnoff's company
David Sarnoff's org.
Developer of the U.S.'s first TV test pattern
Dinah Shore's label
Dish maker
Dish manufacturer
Dolly Parton's record label
EMI rival
Early 'N Sync label
Early TV co.
Early broadcasting co.
Early broadcasting inits.
Early media pioneer
Electronic initials
Electronic initials.
Electronic monogram
Electronics big shot
Electronics biggie
Electronics brand
Electronics brand letters
"Electronics brand, once"
Electronics co.
"Electronics company with the slogan ""Made For Moments"""
Electronics giant
"Electronics giant, once"
Electronics initials
Electronics logo
Electronics maker
Electronics name
Electronics pioneer
Elvis Presley's label
Elvis Presley's longtime label
Elvis label
Elvis record label
Elvis recorded for them
Elvis' label
Elvis' record label
Elvis's label
Elvis's long-time label
Elvis's longtime label
Elvis's record label
Elvis's recording co.
Ex-owner of NBC
Ex-parent of NBC
Famed N.Y. bldg.
Famous label
Famous record company
"First 45 maker, briefly"
First American color TV maker
First U.S. color TV maker
First U.S. color-TV maker
First color TV maker in the U.S.
First company to broadcast from the Empire State Building
Foo Fighters's record label
For whom Elvis recorded
Former N.Y.C. skyline letters
Former N.Y.C. skyline sign
Former NBC owner
Former TV org.
Former VCR maker
Former dome sponsor
Former electronics giant
Former owner of Random House
G.E. bought it in 1986
G.E. subsidiary
GE acquisition
GE acquisition in 1986
GE acquisition of '86
GE acquisition of 1986
GE purchase
GE purchase of '86
GE purchase of 1986
GE purchase of the '80s
GE purchase of the 1980s
GE subsidiary
GE subsidiary.
Giant U.S. record label
Giant record label
Gold Seal co.
HDTV alternative to JVC
HDTV brand
HDTV choice
HDTV maker
High sign in N. Y. C.
High skyline letters in N.Y.C.
His Master's Voice co.
Hitachi rival
Home entertainment company
Home entertainment industry giant
Home theater brand
Home theater option
Iconic label
Indianapolis dome
Indianapolis dome demolished in 2008
Indianapolis' Dome
Indianapolis' ___ Dome
Indianapolis' dome
Indianapolis's ___ Dome
Initials for Nipper
Initials in radio field.
Initials on N.Y.C. building.
Initials on a Rockefeller Center building.
Initials on a record label
Introducer of 45-rpm records
Introducer of a color TV in 1954
It bought Random House in 1965
It merged with GE in 1986
"It once billed itself ""The most trusted name in television"""
It pressed for Presley
Its ads feature Nipper and Chipper
Its logo is a dog listening to a Victrola
Its mascot is Nipper
"Its motto is ""Changing Entertainment. Again."""
"Its slogan was once ""We'll open your eyes"""
JVC alternative
JVC competitor
JVC rival
Jack on the stereo
Justin Timberlake's label
Ke$ha's record label inits.
Kelly Clarkson label
Kelly Clarkson record label
Kelly Clarkson's label
Kelly Clarkson's record label
Kings of Leon label
LG rival
Label for Alicia Keys
Label for Elvis
Label for Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert
Label for Keys and Ke$ha
Label for Nilsson
Label founded in 1901
Label owned by Sony Music
Label that signed Elvis
Letters for Victor?
Letters on N.Y.C. skyline
Letters on a TV
Letters on some TV's
Letters on some TVs
Letters on some TVs and VCRs
Letters on some remotes
Letters once on 30 Rock
Letters once seen on 30 Rockefeller Plaza
"Letters replaced by ""GE"" on 30 Rockefeller Plaza"
Letters seen on TVs
Letters seen on some TVs
Longtime Harry Belafonte label
Longtime record label
MP3 player maker
Magnavox alternative
Magnavox competitor
Magnavox rival
Major CD label
Major TV brand
Major TV maker
Major eight-track tape maker
Major electronics co.
Major record label
Maker of DVD players
Maker of MP3 players
Maker of a car radio
Maker of many a TV
Maker of sets
Maker of the L32HD31R television
Manufacturer of TVs with ColorTrak
Media co. founded in 1919
Media pioneer ___ Victor
Miley Cyrus label
Music industry initials
Music label
Music's ___ Victor
N. Y. C. building.
N.B.C. parent
N.Y. skyline letters
N.Y.C. bldg.
N.Y.C. building
N.Y.C. skyline letters
N.Y.C. skyscraper's letters
NBC co-founder
NBC owner
NBC parent
NBC's first owner
NBC's former owner
"NBC's owner, once"
NBC's parent
NBC's parent company
"NBC's parent, formerly"
NBC's progenitor
NYC building
NYSE listing
Name in electronics
Name on a VCR
"Name on a VCR, perhaps"
Name on many LPs
Name on many early radios
New York's former ___ Building
Nipper and Chipper's brand
Nipper and Chipper's co.
Nipper appeared in its ad
Nipper appeared on its logo
Nipper is its mascot
Nipper the Dog's co.
Nipper the Dog's company
Nipper the dog's co.
Nipper the dog's company
Nipper the dog's corp.
Nipper was its logo
"Nipper""s label"
Nipper's brand
Nipper's co.
Nipper's company
Nipper's corp.
Nipper's employer
Nipper's label
Nipper's letters
Nipper's org.
Nipper's owner
Nipper's real master
Noted TV producer
Old JVC rival
Old Philco competitor
Old TV name
Old electronics company
Old record label
One of Rockefeller Center's original tenants
One-time DVD player maker
One-time NBC owner
One-time owner of NBC
Onetime Hertz owner
Onetime NBC parent
Onetime owner of NBC
Org. for Sarnoff
Original tenant of 30 Rockefeller Plaza
Original tenant of NYC's General Electric Building
Panasonic alternative
Panasonic competitor
Panasonic rival
Parent Co. of N.B.C.
Parent of N.B.C.
Parent org. of N.B.C.
Perry Como's label
Perry Como's record label
Philips competitor
Philips rival
Pink label
Pioneer in 33 1/3 r.p.m. records
Pioneer in 45 singles
Pioneer in quadraphonic music
Pioneer in quadraphonic records
Pioneer media co.
Pioneering TV co.
Pitbull's record label
Plasma TV brand
Popular TV brand
Presley's label
Presley's record label
Producer of Scenium TVs
Producer of TV's and DVD players
Producer of TV's and VCR's
Producer of TVs and DVD players
Producer of some dishes
"Purchaser of the Victor Talking Machine Co., 1929"
Radio City building.
Radio City initials.
Radio City letters
"Radio Corp. of America, briefly"
"Radio Corporation of America, for short"
Radio gp.
Radio org.
Radiola maker
Record company with a lightning bolt in its logo
Record label
Record label for Elvis
Record label for Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus
Record label for Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus
Record label of the Dave Matthews Band
Record label that Avril Lavigne left for Epic
Record label with a dog in its logo
Recording biggie
Recording giant
Rival of JVC
Rival of JVC and Panasonic
Rival of JVC or Hitachi
Rival of Philips
Rival of Sony and JVC
Rival of Sony and LG
Rockefeller Center bldg.
"Rockefeller Center's ___ Building, opened May 1933"
Rockefeller Plaza building.
Sanyo rival
Sarnoff ran it
Sarnoff's co.
Sarnoff's company
Sarnoff's corp.
Sarnoff's org.
Sarnoff's outfit.
Satcom co.
Satellite dish producer
Satellite-dish producer
Second-oldest US record label
Selectavision producer
Set choice
Set-designing initials?
Shakira's label
Sharp competitor
Sharp rival
Show biz pioneer
Skyline letters in N.Y.C.
Sony BMG record label
Sony alternative
Sony competitor
Sony flagship label
Sony or JVC rival
Sony rival
Sony's rival
Stereo jack type
TV brand
TV brand name
TV choice
TV initials
TV inits.
TV logo
TV maker
TV maker no more
TV maker with a canine mascot
TV manufacturer
TV mfr.
TV name
TV pioneer
TV pioneering co.
TV producer
TV producer?
TV producers?
TV selection
Tablet maker
The Victor Talking Machine Co. successor
They used to crank out Victrolas
Toshiba competitor
Toshiba rival
Universal remote co.
"Usher's ""Looking 4 Myself"" label"
VCR brand
VCR choice
VCR maker
VCR manufacturer
VCR producer
VICTOR lead-in
Victor corp.
Victor's brand letters?
Victor's initials
Victor's initials?
Victor's letters?
Victor's onetime partner
Victor's predecessor
Victrola co.
Victrola company
Victrola corp.
Victrola developer
Victrola letters
Victrola maker
Victrola manufacturer
Victrola mfr.
Victrola-vending co.
Vintage vinyl letters
Widescreen choice
Widescreen maker
Zenith alternative
Zenith competitor
Zenith rival
___ Building (former name of an NYC skyscraper)
"___ Building, onetime part of Rockefeller Center"
___ Dome (Colts' longtime home)
___ Dome (former Colts stadium)
___ Dome (former home of the Indianapolis Colts)
___ Dome (home of the Indianapolis Colts until 2008)
___ Dome (old Colts home)
___ Dome (site of the 2006 March Madness Final Four)
___ Dome (where the Indianapolis Colts play)
"___ Dome, Indianapolis"
"___ Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts"
"___ Dome, old home of the Indianapolis Colts"
___ Dome: Lucas Oil Stadium predecessor
___ Gold Seal (classical music record label)
___ Records
___ Red Seal (classical music label)
___ Victor
"___ Victor (""His Master's Voice"" co.)"
"___ Victor (""His Master's Voice"" company)"
___ Victor (big name in old recordings)
___ Victor (early broadcaster)
___ Victor (recording company)
___ Victrola
___ connector
___-Ball (arcade game)
"___. F., Canadian air arm."
Old electronics company
Alicia Keys record label
Nipper the Dog's co.
Zenith competitor of old
__ Victor (Victrola maker)
Former electronics giant
Nipper's co.
Original tenant of 30 Rock
Camcorder brand
Nipper’s co
Miley Cyrus's record label for "Wrecking Ball"
HDTV brand
Color TV introducer
DVD player brand
HDTV rival to JVC
First U.S. color TV maker
Nipper's letters
Major 5 Across brand
Justin Timberlake's record label
TV producer
Home appliance giant
45 rpm record pioneer
Record label for Miley Cyrus and Pitbull
LG rival
Sony rival
Famed Canadian mil. unit
Color TV pioneer
HDTV brand
Justin Timberlake's label
GE purchase of the 1980s
Color TV pioneer
Sony rival
Sony rival
Onetime acquisition of G.E
Color TV pioneer
Color TV pioneer
'Don't give up'
Famed Cdn. regiment
Famed Cdn. regiment
TV pioneer
TV pioneer
Elvis's longtime label
Elvis's longtime label
1986 GE acquisition
Nipper the dog's co.
76-Down brand
Record label for Usher, Pitbull and Pink
Company with a lightning bolt in its logo
Sony rival
Longtime TV brand
Elvis' record label
Sony rival
GE purchase of the 1980s
Former NBC owner
LP maker
"Made for moments" sloganeer
Color TV pioneer
Q1 mobile phone maker
Sony rival
Old TV co.
Old "His Master's Voice" co.
HDTV maker
Sony rival
Sony rival
TV pioneer
Red Seal record label company
Nipper's co.
Electronics giant
Pioneering TV company
JVC or Hitachi rival
Label for Elvis
Long-gone VCR maker
Introducer of the 45 rpm record
___ Building (30 Rock, formerly)
HDTV brand
Pioneering TV company
Co. that founded NBC
DVD player brand
— Victor
TV/VCR maker of old
Color TV pioneer
Defunct VCR maker
Nipper's brand
NBC's former owner
Smart TV brand
HDTV brand
Nipper's co.
HDTV brand
Early TV maker
Former Sony rival
Sony rival
Elvis record label
Co. that once owned NBC
Smart TV brand
Sony rival
Defunct electronics co.
Microwave brand
Color TV pioneer
Label for Elvis
LG competitor
Canadian Military org.
HDTV brand
TV demonstrator at the 1939 World's Fair
Rival of JVC and LG
Early maker of color TVs
Nipper's brand
Descendant of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company
Toshiba competitor
Toshiba competitor
Sony rival
Panasonic alternative
Nipper's letters
JVC rival, once
Nipper's co
Former electronics co.
One-time VCR maker
DVD player seller
Record label for Pink and Pitbull
VCR pioneer
Sony competitor
Color TV pioneer
Color TV pioneer
Record label for P!nk
___ Victor
Memorable demonstrator at the 1939 World's Fair
HDTV maker
"His Master's Voice" record label
Early TV maker
Color-TV maker, once
Classic color TV brand
__ Victor
— Victor
GE acquisition of 1986
"His Master's Voice" label
Early producer of color TVs
— Victor
TV pioneer
"His Master's Voice" company
Early maker of 20-Down
Foo Fighters' record label
Magnavox competitor
Pioneering TV producer
Britney Spears's record label
Early color TV maker
Electronics company that was a pioneer in color television
"Made for Moments" TV brand
One of Rockefeller Center's original tenants
Co. that introduced the 45-rpm record
Sony rival
Record label owned by Sonyend
Big TV name
DVD player brand
Brand of TVs
"His Master's Voice" record label
TV pioneer
Justin Timberlake's record label
45 RPM record pioneerend
Record label for Pink
Former VCR maker
Nipper's co.
Early Melotone Records competitor
Creator of the first radio network
Pitbull's record label
GE purchase of 1986
TV trailblazer
Sony record label
Nipper's label
Pink's record label