The word REDYE has appeared in at least 90 clues on different crosswords.

"Add more brown to, say"
"Be fickle about, as hair"
"Brighten up, say"
Change a sweater back to blue from red
"Change back to brunet, say"
Change back to brunette
Change batik colors
Change color
Change color again
Change colors
"Change colors, again"
"Change colors, in a way"
Change colors?
Change colours again
"Change colours, in a way"
Change from gray to black to red?
Change from green to yellow to red?
"Change from red to black, perhaps"
Change hair color again
Change the color
Change the color again
Change the color of
Change the color of again
"Change the color of, at the salon"
"Change the color, again"
Change the hue anew
Color again
Color again.
Color anew
"Color anew, as hair"
Color once more
Color over
Cover the gray again
Cover up new roots
Cover up some roots
Dip in color again.
Do a new hue
Do a salon job
Do one's roots
"Fix the coloring of, say"
Give a new hue
Give a new hue to
"Go back to blonde, say"
"Go back to brunette, say"
"Go from purple to brunette, maybe"
Make a shade of difference?
"Make blue, then bluer"
Make blue?
"Make even brighter, say"
Opt for another Preference
Re-change color
"Return to brunette, say"
Stain another color
Tint again
Tint anew
"Touch up one's roots, say"
Touch up roots
Touch up the roots
Try a new color on
Try a new hue
Try a new shade on
Try another shade
Try another shade on
"Try another shade, in a way"
"Try, as a new do hue"
Turn black to blue
"Turn black, then blue?"
"Turn blue, maybe"
"Turn green again, maybe"
"Turn red, maybe"
Use different Clairol
Make refreshingly colourful
Change colors again
Change colors again
Do what's colourful but unoriginal
Turn back to yellow, e.g.
Turn back to yellow, e.g.
Change the color of, in a way
Change color again
Color again
Color again, as hair
Try another shade on
A colourful though unoriginal thing to do
Change the color of again
Change the color of again
Keep getting fresh looks?
Try a new shade on
Change the color of again
Change the color of again
Tint again