Word: REEF

The word REEF has appeared in at least 322 clues on different crosswords.

"""Donovan's ___"": 1963 film"
"""The Great Barrier ___"" (1981)"
"""Won't somebody get me off of this ___"" Sublime"
*Cal ___
Aquatic habitat
Atoll barrier
Atoll component
Atoll feature
Atoll formation
Atoll former
Atoll protector
Atoll's makeup
"Atoll, essentially"
"Atoll, for one"
Backdrop for some schools
Bikini feature
Bikini feature?
Biodiverse habitat
Boat bottom basher
Boat bottom bumper
Boat bottom scraper
Boat-bottom bumper
Boater's hazard
Boating hazard
Buoy locale
Capitol ___ (Utah national park)
Capitol ___ (Utah)
Capitol ___ National Park
Cause of grounding
Cay or key.
Clownfish habitat
Coral --
Coral Sea hazard
Coral ___
Coral buildup
Coral collection
Coral colony
Coral colony.
Coral community
Coral construction
Coral creation
Coral deposit
Coral ecosystem
Coral formation
Coral formation.
Coral group
Coral habitat
Coral line
Coral mass
Coral outcrop
Coral product
Coral production
Coral ridge
Coral ridge.
Coral strand
Coral strip
Coral structure
Coral-encrusted structure
Coral-viewing venue
Damselfish's home
Danger area for a ship
Diver's destination
Diver's domain
Diver's haunt
Diver's milieu
Diver's place
"Diver's site, often"
"Diver's site, perhaps"
Diving site
Do a sailor's job.
"Eel's hangout, often"
Feature of Hawaii's Molokini Crater
Feature of N.E. Australia
Good area for snorkeling
Good snorkeling locale
Good snorkeling spot
Great Barrier <P>e.g.
Great Barrier ___
Great Barrier ___ (formation off Australia's east coast)
"Great Barrier, e.g."
"Great Barrier, for one"
Great Barrier.
Hazard for a hull
Hazard near Norman's Woe
Hazard to navigation
Hazardous obstruction
Hesperus's undoing
Hidden danger of a sort
Home to an anemone
It might be just below the surface
It's a great barrier
It's just below the waves
Keel scraper
Key feature?
"Key, e.g."
Lagoon barrier
Lagoon feature.
Lagoon perimeter
Lagoon sight
Lower a spar
Marine hazard
Marine peril
Mariner's concern
Mariner's danger
Mariner's hazard
Mariner's peril
Maritime menace.
Maritime peril
Menace for mariners
Mine vein
Moray's domain
Moray's home
Natural barrier
Natural breakwater
Nautical danger
Nautical hazard
Nautical term.
Navigating concern
Navigation hazard
Navigation hazard.
Navigational hazard
Navigational hazard.
Nemo's home
"Norman's Woe, for one."
Ocean danger
Ocean hazard
Ocean obstacle
Ocean rock
Offshore hazard
Offshore ridge
"Old 97s ""Barrier ___"""
Part of a sail
Part of a sail.
Pilot's hazard
Place for scuba diving
Place for snorkeling
Polyps' creation
Popular snorkeling destination
Possible shipwreck cause
Reduce a sail
Reduce sail
Reduce sail.
Reduction in sail area
Reduction in sail area.
Repurposed shipwreck
Ridge just below the surface
Ridge of coral
Rocky ridge
Rocky ridge offshore
Rolled and tied sail
Sail part
Sail tuck
Sailing danger
Sailing hazard
Sailing peril
Sailor's concern
Sailor's dread
Sailor's peril
Sailor's worry
Sailors' hazard
Sand ridge
Sandy ridge
Scuba diving area
Scuba setting
Scuba site
Scuba spot
Scuba venue
Scubaing place
Sea hazard
Sea-diving area
Shallow sea feature
Ship hazard
Ship wrecker
Ship's hazard
Ship's nemesis
Shipping hazard
Shipwreck cause
"Shipwreck cause, sometimes"
Shipwreck locale
Shipwreck site
"Shipwreck site, perhaps"
Shorten a sail
Shorten sail
Shorten sail.
Shorten sails
"Shorten, as a sail"
"Shorten, as a sail."
"Site of a shipwreck, perhaps"
Site of a wreck
"Site of a wreck, perhaps"
Site of many a shipwreck
Sloop hazard
"Sloop sinker, sometimes"
Snorkeler's hangout
Snorkeler's haunt
Snorkeler's heaven
Snorkeler's locale
Snorkeler's paradise
Snorkeling destination
"Snorkeling destination, perhaps"
Snorkeling locale
Snorkeling place
Snorkeling site
Snorkeling spot
"Snorkeling spot, perhaps"
Snorkeling venue
Snorkler's interest
Something for snorkelers to look at but not touch
Sound barrier?
Spot for snorkelers
Spot for some schools
Squirrelfish's habitat
Submerged hazard
Subsurface hazard
Surfing danger
Surfing hazard
Take in sail.
"The Keys, essentially"
Tied-up portion of a sail
Trim a bowsprit
Trim a sail
Tropical fish hangout
Underwater hazard
Underwater knoll
Underwater obstacle
Underwater ridge
Underwater rock ridge
Undoing of the Hesperus
Unseen danger for boaters
Unseen hazard
Usually splendid snorkeling site
Vein or lode.
"Vein, in mining."
Water hazard
Where a yacht might run aground
Where ships may run aground
Where ships run aground
Wreck of the Hesperus cause
Wreck site
Yachting hazard
Boater's hazard
Coral formation
Scuba spot
Coral strip
Coral ridge
Free to construct atoll matter
Coral formation
Coral formation
Coral structure
Coral ridge
Coral formation
Coral formation
Wreck site
Coral ridge
More efficient around bank
Skin diving locale
Coral bleaching locale
Ridge of coral
Coral structure
Atoll protector
Coral formation
Coral formation
Coral shipping hazard
Place divers explore
Place for a sponge
Shipping hazard
Submerged ridge of rock or coral
Underwater ridge
Underwater ridge
Ridge of coral
Ridge of coral
Coral formation
Ridge of coral
Nautical hazard
Type of double knot
Where to find some very wet sponges
Coral shipping hazard
Coral construction
Ridge of coral
Ocean hazard
Coral formation
Ridge of coral
Site of a shipwreck, perhaps
Atoll protector
Coral structure
6 Down component
Ocean obstruction
Shipping hazard
Underwater habitat
Coral formation
Coral formation
Coral ridge
Coral Sea hazard
Coral formation
Home to Nemo, in "Finding Nemo"
Coral formation
Shallow water obstacle
Coral shipping hazard
Lagoon perimeter
Ridge of coral
Ridge of coral
Sailing hazard
Submerged threat
22 across will be aware of free travel
Ridge of coral
Underwater obstacle
Underwater ridge
Damselfish's home
Shipwreck site, perhaps
Spot for snorkeling
Coral shipping hazard
Sailboat hazard
Ridge of coral
Coral formation