Word: REM

The word REM has appeared in at least 486 clues on different crosswords.

REM definition(s):

(Acronym): rapid eye movement, a sleep state.

• rapid eye movement, a sleep state.

• remaining

• A dose of absorbed radiation equivalent to one roentgen of X-rays or gamma rays

• (computing) A programming language statement used for documentation (in BASIC for example); also used in DOS batch files.

• (roentgen equivalent man) the dosage of ionizing radiation that will cause the same amount of injury to human tissue as 1 roentgen of X-rays

• A remark; a programming language statement used for documentation (in BASIC for example); also used in DOS batch files.

"""(Don't Go Back To) Rockville"" band"
"""Around the Sun"" band"
"""Automatic for the People"" band"
"""Automatic for the People"" group"
"""Bang and Blame"" band"
"""Bang and Blame"" rockers"
"""Belong"" band"
"""Chronic Town"" band"
"""Collapse into Now"" band"
"""Crush With Eyeliner"" band"
"""Document"" band"
"""Drive"" rock band"
"""Driver 8"" group"
"""E-Bow the Letter"" band"
"""Everybody Hurts"" band"
"""Green"" band"
"""Green"" party?"
"""It's the End of the World As We Know It"" band"
"""It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"" band"
"""Leaving New York"" band"
"""Losing My Religion"" band"
"""Losing My Religion"" group"
"""Losing My Religion"" rock band"
"""Losing My Religion"" rock group"
"""Losing My Religion"" rockers"
"""Losing My Religion"" singers"
"""Losing my Religion"" band"
"""Low"" band"
"""Man on the Moon"" band"
"""Man on the Moon"" group"
"""Man on the Moon"" singers"
"""Me In Honey"" band"
"""Me In Honey"" singers"
"""Monster"" album group"
"""Monster"" band"
"""Monster"" group"
"""Monster"" is their album"
"""Monster"" rock group"
"""Murmur"" and ""Monster"" band"
"""Murmur"" band"
"""Near Wild Heaven"" band"
"""New Adventures in Hi-Fi"" band"
"""Nightswimming"" band"
"""Orange Crush"" band"
"""Out of Time"" band"
"""Perfect Circle"" band"
"""Radio Free Europe"" band"
"""Radio Free Europe"" group"
"""Radio Free Europe"" rock band"
"""Radio Song"" group"
"""Shiny Happy People"" band"
"""Shiny Happy People"" band, 1991"
"""Shiny Happy People"" singers"
"""Stand"" band"
"""Stand"" band who broke up in 2011"
"""Stand"" band, 1989"
"""Stand"" rock group"
"""Stand"" rockers"
"""Superman"" band"
"""The Great Beyond"" band"
"""The One I Love"" band"
"""The One I Love"" group"
"""The One I Love"" singers"
"""What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"" band"
"""What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"" group"
'Automatic for the People' band
'Losing My Religion band'
'Losing My Religion' band
'Losing My Religion' group
'Perfect Square' rock group
'Shiny Happy People' band
'Stand' band
"'What's the Frequency, Kenneth?' band"
1991 Best Alternative Album winners
1992 Grammy rock group
2007 Rock Hall of Fame inductee
2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees
60 Radiation dosage
Acronym associated with retirement?
Ad ___
Ad ___ (pertinent)
Ad ___ (pertinent): Lat.
Ad ___ (relevant)
Ad ___ (to the matter at hand): Abbr.
Ad ___ (to the matter in hand).
Ad ___ (to the point at issue): Lat.
Ad ___ (to the point)
Ad ___ (to the point).
Ad ___ (to the point): Lat.
Ad ___.
Ad ___: interminably
Ad or in ___.
Alternative pop/rock group
American band from Athens
Architect Koolhaas
Athens band
Athens band that turned 30 in 2010
Athens group
"Athens, Georgia, band that broke up in 2011"
Band called Twisted Kites at its first gig
Band from Athens
"Band from Athens, Georgia"
Band since 1980 that disbanded in 2011
"Band that I will never not clue as [""(Don't Go Back To) Rockville"" band] now that I know that that's a song"
Band that broke up in 2011
Band that broke up in September 2011
"Band that did ""Radio Song"""
Band that disbanded in 2011
"Band that recorded ""Shiny Happy People"""
Band that's also a sleep term
Band who broke up 9/21/11
"Band who guest starred on ""The Simpsons"" episode ""Homer the Moe"""
Band who settled on their name by flipping randomly through the dictionary
"Band whose ""Man on the Moon"" is a tribute to Andy Kaufman"
"Band whose lead singer describes himself as ""80% gay"""
Band whose members formed Hindu Love Gods with Warren Zevon
"Band with a song parodied by Weird Al Yankovic's ""Spam"""
"Band with the #1 album ""Monster"""
"Band with the #1 albums ""Out of Time"" and ""Monster"""
"Band with the 1989 hit ""Stand"""
"Band with the 1991 hit ""Shiny Happy People"""
"Band with the 1993 hit ""Man on the Moon"""
"Band with the 1994 #1 album ""Monster"""
"Band with the 1994 album ""Monster"""
"Band with the 2006 album ""And I Feel Fine..."""
"Band with the 2008 album ""Accelerate"""
"Band with the 4x platinum album ""Automatic for the People"""
"Band with the album """""
"Band with the album ""Monster"""
"Band with the compilation album ""And I Feel Fine..."""
"Band with the lyric ""If you believe, they put a man on the Moon"""
"Band with the multiplatinum albums ""Out of Time"" and ""Monster"""
"Band with the quadruple-platinum album ""Out of Time"""
Bill Berry left it
Bill Berry left it in 1997
Bill Berry left them
Brandt's introducer
Buck's band
"Buck, Berry, Mills, and Stipe"
"Comment, in computerese"
Crucial sleep stage
Cycle in your sleep
Deep sleep stage
Deep sleep state
Dream acronym
Dream indication
Dream indicator
Dream initials
Dream inits.
Dream letters
Dream manifestation: Abbr.
"Dream period, for short"
Dream phenom
Dream sidekick?
Dream sleep
Dream state
Dream state acronym
Dream state letters
"Dream state, for short"
Dream time
"Dream time, for short"
Dream-activity acronym
Dream-period acronym
Dream-phase phenom
Dream-sleep acronym
Dream-time acronym
Dream-time phenomenon
Dreamer's abbr.
Dreamer's acronym
"Dreamer's action, for short"
Dreamer's activity
"Dreamer's activity, for short"
"Dreamer's eye movement, for short"
Dreamer's letters
"Dreamer's optical activity, for short"
Dreamer's phys. fidget
Dreamers stage; abbr.
Dreaming acronym
Dreaming phenomenon
Dreaming stage
Dreamland acronym
Dreamy acronym
Dreamy rock group?
Dreamy sleep
Dreamy sleep (Abbr.)
Dreamy sleep phase
Dreamy sleep stage
Dreamy stage of sleep
Dreamy state?
Everybody Hurts rock group
"Eyelid spasms, for short"
Famed Georgians
Famous band from Georgia
Georgia rock group
"Grammy-winning ""Losing My Religion"" band"
"Group that sang ""Everybody Hurts"""
"Group with the #1 album ""Out of Time"""
"Group with the No. 1 album ""Out of Time"""
"Group with the hit CD ""Monster"""
"Group with the monster 1994 album ""Monster"""
Home to Utah Valley University
Hypnologist's subject
In ___
In ___ (again the thing): Lat.
In ___ (against a thing): Lat.
In ___ (against the thing): Lat.
In ___ (like some lawsuits)
"In ___, legal phrase."
Influential group of men from Athens
It can help you see things when you're out
It has you seeing things
Kind of sleep
Letters associated with z's?
Letters of dreamers
"Like some sleep, for short"
Losing My Religion group
M. Stipe's band
M. Stipe's group
"Matter, to Marc Antony"
Measure of radiation
Michael Stipe band
Michael Stipe's band
Michael Stipe's former band
Michael Stipe's group
"Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Bill Berry and Mike Mills"
Mike Mills band
Most-nominated group at the 1992 Grammys
Night phenomenon
Nocturnal acronym
Nocturnal cycle occurrence
Occurrence after retiring
Ocular phenomenon
Optic activity during sleep
Out of Time band
Out of Time group
Part of a sleep cycle
Part of a sleep cycle: Abbr.
Peter Buck band
Peter Buck's band
Peter Buck's group
Phenomenon that occurs during dreams
Polysomnogram letters
Polysomnography readout
Popular rock group
Post-retirement acronym
Post-retirement activity?
Post-retirement occurrence
Quantity of radiation
Radiation dosage
Radiation dose
Radiation measure
Radiation unit
Radioactivity unit
Rock band
Rock band fronted by Michael Stipe
Rock band that broke up in 2011
"Rock band with the album ""Green"""
"Rock group from Athens, Georgia"
Rock group from Georgia
"Rock group with the 1994 #1 album ""Monster"""
Rock group with whom Dan Rather once jammed
Sign of dreaming (abbr.)
Sleep abbr.
Sleep acronym
Sleep activity
"Sleep activity, for short"
Sleep clinic study
Sleep cycle
Sleep cycle acronym
Sleep cycle letters
Sleep cycle occurrence
Sleep cycle part
"Sleep cycle, for short"
Sleep descriptor
Sleep initials
Sleep inits.
Sleep lab acronym
Sleep lab letters
Sleep lab stat
Sleep lab study
"Sleep lab study, briefly"
Sleep letters
Sleep ltrs.
Sleep measure
Sleep measure briefly
Sleep movement
Sleep movement: acron.
Sleep period
Sleep phase
Sleep phase initials
Sleep phase that Michael Jackson allegedly went 60 days without entering
"Sleep phase, briefly"
"Sleep phase, familiarly"
"Sleep phase, for short"
Sleep phenom
Sleep phenom.
Sleep phenomenon
"Sleep phenomenon, for short"
Sleep phenomenon: Abbr.
Sleep researcher's abbr.
Sleep stage
Sleep stage abbr.
Sleep stage for short
Sleep stage letters
Sleep stage meas
"Sleep stage, briefly"
"Sleep stage, for short"
"Sleep stage, initially"
Sleep stage: Abbr.
Sleep state
Sleep state (abbr.)
Sleep state abbreviation
Sleep state initials
"Sleep state, for short"
"Sleep state, initially"
Sleep state: Abbr.
Sleep study abbr.
Sleep study acronym
Sleep study measurement
Sleep-clinic study
Sleep-lab term
Sleep-research abbr.
Sleep-researcher's inits.
Sleep-study wd.
"Stage occurring several times a night, briefly"
"Stage of sleep, for short"
Stipe & co.
Stipe's band
Stipe's group
Subject of sleep lab study
"Subject of the Pavement song ""Unseen Power of the Picket Fence"""
They lost their religion?
"They stop the band to sing ""Leonard Bernstein"""
Track and field star Jones
"Trenet's ""La ___"""
Type of sleep
Type of sleep cycle
Unit of radiation
Utah city SE of Lehi
ZZZ letters
Zzzz letters
___ Martin (cognac brand)
___ cycle
___ sleep
___ stage
Dream state briefly
Dream time for short
Sleep cycle acronym
Deep sleep stage
Sleep cycle acronym
"Losing My Religion" band
Sleep phenomenon
"Man on the Moon" group
Sleep research acronym
Dream stage letters
__ sleep
"Losing My Religion" band
Rock band fronted by Michael Stipe
Sleep study acronym
Sleep-cycle acronym
'Stand' band
Dreamy sleep phase
"Shiny Happy People" band
Dreamy state for sleepers
Dream state letters
Dream state acronym
Sleep acronym
"Losing My Religion" band
Sleep phase with busy eyes
Sleep phase with busy eyes
Sleep phase initials
Dream period, for short
"Losing My Religion" group
"Losing My Religion" group
Sleep stage letters
Dreamy sleep stage
Sleep stage
Sleep stage that involves dreams
Dream letters
Kind of sleep
"Man on the Moon" band
Dreamy sleep state
Sleep cycle acronym
Dream state acronym
"Shiny Happy People" band
"Shiny Happy People" band
"Losing My Religion" band
Sleeper's state
Dream-sleep acronym
"Shiny Happy People" band
Deep dreaming stage
Deep dreaming stage
Band that disbanded in 2011
Sleep-stage acronym
Sleep stage
"Stand" band
Sleep acronym
"Losing My Religion" band
___ sleep (a chance to dream)
Sleep phase
"Stand" band
Dream-time acronym
Sleep cycle acronym
"Losing My Religion" band
Band with the monster album 'Monster'
Nocturnal acronym
Dream state, for short
"Automatic for the People" band
Sleep stage, for short
Sleep stage
Ad ___
"Out of Time" band
Sleep state
Sleep acronym
"Stand" band
Sleep stage
Unit of radioactivity
"Losing My Religion" band
Georgia band that won three Grammys in 1992
Overnight acronym
"The One I Love" rock group
Sleep stage
Dream stage acronym
"Shiny Happy People" band
Radiation unit
"Losing My Religion" band
Unit of radiation
Sleep acronym
Recurring sleep state, abbr.
'Automatic for the People' band, 1992
Radiation unit
Michael Stipe's band
"Losing My Religion" rock group
Sleep phenomenon
Rock band named for a phase of sleep
Sleep clinic study
Peter Buck's band
Sleep study acronym
Stipe's band
"Radio Free Europe" rock group
Band fronted by Michael Stipe
Sleep stage in which vivid dreams may occur: Abbr.
"Losing My Religion" rock group
"Losing My Religion" rock band
Radiation measure
Period of sleep with dreaming
"Out of Time" band
"The One I Love" rock group
Band with the 1989 hit "Stand"
"Stand" band
"The One I Love" rock group
Radiation unit
Sleep clinic study
Radioactivity unit
Band whose albums include "Document" and "Reckoning"
"Losing My Religion" band
Band disbanded in 2011
Band that included Mike Mills and Peter Buck
Stipe's group
Sleep cycle acronym
Sleep stage when vivid dreaming may occur: Abbr.
Radiation unit
"Man on the Moon" band
Unit of radiation
Sleep study acronym
Sleep stage
Rock band with the 1987 song "The One I Love"
"Stand" band
Unit of radiation
Stipe's group
Sleep acronym
Dream sleep letters
Sleep phenomenon
Radiation unit
Sleep clinic study
Sleep cycle inits.
"Losing My Religion" band
"What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" rock band
Sleep clinic study
Rock band whose lead singer was Michael Stipe
Georgia band considered to be one of the first alternative rock groups
Sleep study subject
"Losing My Religion" band
Kind of sleep
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band from Athens, Georgia