The word ROTUNDA has appeared in at least 41 clues on different crosswords.

ROTUNDA definition(s):

• a round building, usually small, often with a dome

• ( architecture) a round building, usually small, often with a dome

• a large circular room

• ( typography, frequently capitalized) A Gothic typeface used in early printed books in Northern Italy, based on a rounded script developed in the 13th cent.; the manuscript hand on which this typeface was based

• a building having a circular plan and a dome

• a specific medieval blackletter script that originates in Carolingian minuscule.

Any building with a circular ground plan
Building with a dome
Capitol Hill sight
Capitol center
Capitol construction
Capitol feature
Capitol feature.
Capitol hall
Capitol highlight
Capitol room.
Capitol section
Capitol topper
Central area of the US Capitol
Circular building
Circular chamber
"D.C. landmark, the ___"
Dome-topped building
Domed building
Domed edifice
Domed hall
Domed room
Domed structure.
Feature of the Capitol.
"Hotel lobby, sometimes"
Jefferson Memorial feature
Part of the Capitol.
Room of a domed building.
Room of a kind.
Round building
Round room.
"Round, domed building"
"Type of building, hall or room."
U.S. Capitol Building area
U.S. Capitol feature
"Washington landmark, with ""the"""
Capitol topper
Round domed building
Domed building
Domed building
Capitol feature
Capitol sight