The word SATYRS has appeared in at least 118 clues on different crosswords.

Ancient revelers
"Apt Platters hit, 1959"
Attendants of Dionysus
Attendants on Bacchus
Attendants to Bacchus
Bacchic attendants
Bacchic band
Bacchus attendants
Bacchus' attendants
Bacchus's entourage
Bacchus's posse
Bacchus's retinue
Backers of Bacchus
Bearers of thyrsi
Brown and gray butterflies.
Brown-gray butterflies
Butterflies with eyespots on their wings
Butterfly types
Certain butterflies
Certain butterflies.
Companions of Pan
Deities around Bacchus
Devotee of Dionysus
Devotees of Dionysus
Dionysian attendants
Dionysian deities
Dionysian revelers
Dionysus followers
Dionysus' companions.
Dionysus's entourage
Don Juans
Faun-like creatures
Fauns' companions.
Forest gods
Goat-legged guys of myth
Goat-legged revelers
Goat-like creatures
Goatlike creatures
Goatlike creatures of myth
Greek demigods.
Greek woodland deities
Half-goat creatures of myth
"Half-men, half-goats"
"Hooved partiers, in myth"
"Horny beasts, in two ways"
Lascivious deities
Lecherous deities
Lecherous goat-men
Lecherous man-goat hybrids
Lecherous men
Lecherous types
Lechers of myth
Lustful bunch from mythology
Lustful half-men
Male companions of Pan
Male nymphomaniacs
Man-goat beings
Mates for forest nymphs
Merry creatures of myth
Merry woodland creatures of myth
Mythical goat-men
Mythical man-beasts
Mythical man-goats
Mythical revelers
Mythological goat-men
"Mythological half-men, half-goats"
Nymph chasers
Nymph fanciers.
Nymph pursuers
Nymph's pursuers
Nymphs' companions
Nymphs' playmates
Pan and friends
Pan companions
Pan's companions
Part of Dionysus' entourage
Part-goat creatures
Party animals?
Prurient ones
Some butterflies
Spotted butterflies
Sylvan deities
Sylvan deities.
They incite strays
Toga party revelers?
Woodland creatures of myth
Woodland deities
Woodland figures
Woodland gods
Woodland minor deities
Woodland revelers
Figures in ribald Greek plays
Some woodland deities
Woodland deities who attended Bacchus
Part-human gods
Nymph chasers
Time-jump subtitle
Nymph chasers
Nymph chasers
Greek woodland gods
Mythical goat-men
Lusty woodland residents
Gamboling goat-men
Deities with goat horns
Woodland deities
Nymph chasers
Lusty revelers
Lustful goat-men of myth
Bacchic attendants
Don Juans