The word SECONDS has appeared in at least 59 clues on different crosswords.

SECONDS definition(s):

• An item of clothing that has failed quality control and is sold at a discount

plural of second

• Any article of merchandise of a grade inferior to the best; especially, a coarse or inferior kind of flour.

third-person singular simple present indicative form of second

• Plural form of second.

• assistance (in a fight)

• A second serving of food for one person.

• Third-person singular simple present indicative form of second.

• second serving

• A second helping, second serving of food for one person; refill of coffee or other drink.

"""Gone in 60 ___,"" '74 & '00 car-theft movies"
"""Gone in 60 ___,"" '74 & '00 movies"
Additional helping of food
Additional helpings
Another helping
Another helping of food
"Another round at the buffet, say"
Boxer's aides.
Boxers' aides
Dieter's no-no
Duel attendants
Duel personalities
Duel personalities?
Dueler's aides
Duelers' aides
Duelists' needs
Extra helping
Extra helpings
Extra helpings of food: Colloq.
Extra portions
Factory rejects.
Flawed merchandise
Harmony parts usually sung by altos
Helping at a buffet
Inferior merchandise.
It's often served at an all-you-can-eat buffet
Merchandise for a bargain sale.
Minute quantities
More food
"More food, at dinner"
Motion backing
Musical parts.
Not much time
Not starter-level
Plate refills
Play clock units
"Sale goods, perhaps"
Shot clock units
Slightly inferior wares
Some helpings
"Supports, in a way"
They can ruin diets
What big eaters go for
Extra helping
Extra helping
Boxer's cornermen
Sale items with imperfections
Sale items with imperfections
Boxer's assistants
Extra helpings
Extra helping
1966 film thriller starring Rock Hudson and Salome Jens
Extra helping