The word SHAMU has appeared in at least 95 clues on different crosswords.

A whale of a name
A whale of a performer
Baby ___ (killer whale stage name)
Big name at SeaWorld
Big name in aquatic tricks
Big splash at Seaworld
Big splash maker of the '60s
Big theme park star
Cause of a big splash
Cete celeb
Famed orca
Huge SeaWorld attraction
Huge theme park attraction?
Killer whale at SeaWorld
Killer whale that does tricks
Mascot known for jumping
Multiton San Diego star
Name trademarked by SeaWorld
Namesake of a San Diego stadium
Noted performing whale
"Orca who died in 1971, not that you'd know since SeaWorld keeps using the name"
"Orca, for one"
Orlando orca
Performer in a 7-million gallon tank
Performer in a 7-million-gallon pool
Performer in a seven-million-gallon tank
Performing orca
Popular aquatic performer
Really big performer?
San Diego attraction
San Diego tourist attraction
Sea World attraction
Sea World cetacean
Sea World killer whale
Sea World name
Sea World orca
Sea World star
Sea World whale
SeaWorld attraction
SeaWorld celebrity
SeaWorld entertainer
SeaWorld favorite
SeaWorld headliner
SeaWorld name
SeaWorld orca
SeaWorld performer
SeaWorld resident
SeaWorld show-off
SeaWorld splasher
SeaWorld stage name
SeaWorld star
SeaWorld star attraction
SeaWorld swimmer
SeaWorld symbol
SeaWorld whale
SeaWorld's ___ Stadium
SeaWorld's killer whale
Seaworld star
She was first of her kind to survive more than 13 months in captivity
Splasher of those seated in the first seven rows
Star of SeaWorld
"Star of SeaWorld's ""Believe"""
"Star of SeaWorld's ""One Ocean"" show"
Star of an underwater viewing attraction at SeaWorld
"Subject of disenchantment for ""Blackfish"" viewers"
"The ___ Adventure, at SeaWorld"
Trademarked SeaWorld name
Water attraction
Well-known whale
Whale at SeaWorld
Whale name trademarked by SeaWorld
Whale of a celebrity
Whale of a performer at SeaWorld?
Whale of an attraction
Whale of an exhibition
Whale of fame
Whale star
SeaWorld star
SeaWorld orca, for now
SeaWorld orca
SeaWorld orca
SeaWorld orca
Former SeaWorld performer
SeaWorld performer
Whale of a performer?
Former SeaWorld performer
Very whale-known performer?
SeaWorld orca
SeaWorld performer
Longtime SeaWorld star
Former SeaWorld attraction
Former SeaWorld attraction
Longtime SeaWorld whale
Performing whale, once
Former SeaWorld attraction