The word SHAVE has appeared in at least 141 clues on different crosswords.

"""It's illegal to ___ points"""
A close ___
Attack the whiskers
Barber's job
Barber's offering
Barber's service
Barber's work
Barbershop chore
Barbershop job
Barbershop offering
Barbershop request
Barbershop service
Clear the stubble
Clear the whiskers
Close ___
Close ___ (narrow escape).
"Customizers' term, remove chrome trim"
Cut close
Cut closely
Cut short
Cut stubble
"Cut, as a price"
Eliminate one's shadow?
Eliminate the stubble
Eradicate the stubble
Excise the stubble
Figaro's forte
Figaro's specialty
Get rid of a beard
Get rid of a five o'clock shadow
Get rid of a five-o'clock shadow
"Get rid of a goatee, maybe"
Get rid of a shadow
Get rid of one's beard
Get rid of one's stubble
Get rid of shadow
Get rid of stubble
Get rid of the Fu Manchu
Hair razer
Hair-razing experience
Hair-razing experience?
Haircut's companion
Hairy experience
How to show your face?
It can be close
It may be close
It might be close
"It's two bits, with a haircut?"
"Lose one's shadow, say"
Lose one's shadow?
Lose the Fu Manchu
Lose the beard
Lose the stubble
Make a face smoother
Make a slice thin
Make chocolate curls
"Make smooth, in a way"
Morning activity
"Morning activity, for some"
Morning chore
"Morning ritual, for many"
Narrow escape: Colloq.
Narrow miss or escape: Colloq.
Narrow miss: Colloq.
Neaten up in the morning
"Prepare for an interview, in a way"
Prepare ice in a way
"Reduce, as prices"
Remove a beard
Remove a mustache
Remove hair
Remove stubble
Remove the stubble
"Remove the stubble, e.g."
Remove whiskers
Remove whiskers from
Shear the beard
Shed a five o'clock shadow
Show your face?
Shower's partner
Skim the surface of.
Skin smoother
Slice thinly
Sweeney Todd specialty
TV commercial specialty.
Task for Figaro
Tend to the five o'clock shadow
Thin slice
Thinly slice
This can be a close one
This is often close
This may be clean or close
Time to cut it close?
Tonsorial offering
Tonsorial operation
Tonsorial service
Tonsorial task
Tonsorial treatment
Trim closely.
Trim whiskers
Use a razor
What skinheads do
Whisk off whiskers
Barbershop offering
Barbershop offering
Remove one's whiskers
Lose one's shadow
Barber offering
Barbershop service
Trim whiskers
Barbershop job
Service from Sweeney Todd
Lose one's five o'clock shadow
Lose one's shadow, say
Cut into paper-thin slices
Remove stubble
Remove a stubble
Trim whiskers
Quiet welcome for plane
Remove the stubble
Remove stubble
Use a razor
Barber's offering
Remove whiskers
Stubble removal
Get rid of stubble
Daily activity perhaps in quiet avenue
Cut off stubble
Remove, as a beard