Word: SHOE

The word SHOE has appeared in at least 686 clues on different crosswords.

"""... buckle my ___"""
"""For want of a ___... """
"""If the ___ fits"""
"""If the ___ fits..."""
"""Loose thy ___ from off thy foot"" (Josh. 5:15)"
"""Old Brown ___"" (another Beatles tune)"
"""___ Shine Boy"""
'One ___ off and... '
*Blacksmith... Mother Goose... tongue
A back sometimes loses one during a cutback
A real loafer
A tree may be found in it
All-birds comic strip
Anile person's home
Avian editor in the comics
Baccarat accessory
Baccarat box
Baccarat dealer's need
"Balmoral, e.g."
Be a farrier
"Beatles ""Old Brown ___"""
"Beatles tune ""Old Brown ___"""
"Beatles: ""Old Brown ___"""
Bill Bradley wears a 13D
Bird-filled comic strip created by Jeff MacNelly
"Bit of ""Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling"" bedtime wear"
Blackjack dealer's apparatus
Blackjack dealer's box
Blackjack dealer's device
Blackjack dealing box
Blackjack table fixture
Blackjack table item
Blackjack table staple
Blackjack-table item
Blacksmith's item
Blacksmith's product
Blue suede item of the King's
"Boot, for one"
"Bostonian, e.g."
Bowling wear
Brake device
Brake element
Brake part
Brake part.
Brake parts
Brake shop replacement part
Brake-assembly part
Braking system component
Brogan or brogue
Brogan or oxford
Brogan or pump
Brogan or sabot
Brogan or sandal
Brogan or wingtip
"Brogan, e.g."
"Brogan, for one"
Brogue or brogan
Brogue or buck
Brogue or oxford
Brogue or wingtip
"Brogue or wingtip, e.g."
"Brogue, e.g."
"Bruno Magli, for one"
Buck or brogan
Buskin or brogan
Camera device
Card dealer's aid
Card dealer's box
Card holder
Casing of a tire.
Casino card dealer's device
Casino card holder
Casino gadget
Certain old-woman's home
Chaplin ate one
Chemin de fer need
Christian Louboutin item
Cigar's u-shaped wear
Cinderella's giveaway
"Clodhopper, e.g."
Clog or ghillie
Clog or mule
Clog or pac
Clog or pump
Clog or sandal
"Clog, e.g."
"Clog, for example"
"Clog, for one"
"Clog, sandal or loafer"
"Clog, say"
Closet floor item
Cobbler's concern
Cobbler's creation
Cobbler's product
Cole Haan product
Comic crow
Comic featuring birds
Comic strip populated by birds
Comic strip with an all-bird cast
Comic-strip news editor
"Converse, e.g."
"Converse, for one"
Cordwainer's creation
Cordwainery product
Cramped Mother Goose dwelling
Crispin's product
"Croc or moccasin, e.g."
"Croc, for one"
Curved part of a brake.
Deal for Kevin Durant
Deal for NBA superstars
Dealer's box
Dealer's device
Dealer's dispenser
Dealing box
"Dealing box, in blackjack"
Dealing device
Dearler's card holder
Do a blacksmith's job
Do a farrier's job
Do a farrier's work
Do a stable job
Do farrier's work
Do smithy work
Do some blacksmith's work on
"Docksider, e.g."
Dog protection
Dog's chew toy
Drum-brake system footwear
Ecco product
"Espadrille, e.g."
Famous jockey's nickname
Faro dealer's box
Farrier's fabrication
Fictional dwelling.
Flat or loafer
Flat or pump
"Flat, e.g."
Flip-flop or pump
Florsheim product
Foot cover
Foot covering
Foot-long container?
Foot-long pump?
Footwear in drum-brake system
"Galosh, e.g."
Ghillie or secque
Ghillie or sollaret
Ghillie or solleret
Ghillie or wingtip
"Ghillie, e.g."
Golf ___
Half of a Blahnik pair
Half of many a Zappos delivery
"High heel, e.g."
Home for a certain old woman
Home for a nursery rhyme woman
"Home for an ""old woman"" in a nursery rhyme"
Home in a nursery rhyme
Home to a prolific old woman
Homophone for order to a fly
Hoof attachment
Hoof protector
Hoof wear
Horn or string
Horn or tree
Horse follower?
Horse or gum
Horse tail?
Horse's footwear
Horse-hoof attachment
"If it fits, put it on"
"If it fits, wear it"
"If this fits, wear it!"
It goes around a foot
It has a prominent tongue
It has a silent tongue
It has a sole
It may be about a foot
It may be about a foot?
It may be around a tree
It may be cleated
It may be laced
It may be on a tree
It may be on the tip of the tongue
It may contain a tree
It may have a prominent tongue
It may hit the ground running
It may pound the pavement
It might be a clog
It often gets laced
It's a little longer than a foot
It's about a foot
It's about a foot long
It's all about a foot
It's around a foot
It's bought and soled
It's just over a foot in length
It's just over a foot long?
It's often about a foot
It's tied
Item depicted by this puzzle's circled letters
Item hawked by an NBA star
"Japanese geta, for example"
Jeff MacNelly comic
Jeff MacNelly comic strip
Jeff MacNelly strip
Jeff MacNelly's bird-filled comic strip
Jeff MacNelly's strip
Jimmy Choo creation
Jimmy Choo specialty
"Khrushchev's alleged U.N. ""gavel"""
Khrushchev's impromptu gavel
Khrushchev's makeshift gavel
Kind of horn
Kind of horn or tree
Kind of horn.
Kind of shine
Kind of tree
Kind of tree.
Kind of tree?
King's blue suede thing
Lace place
"Large family's dwelling, in a rhyme"
"Large family's home, in a rhyme"
Last item
Last place?
Last thing
Last wrapper
Leather covering.
Loafer or brogan
Loafer or lounger
Loafer or mule
Loafer or pump
Loafer or slipper
Loafer or sneaker
Loafer that should be stepped on
"Loafer, e.g."
"Loafer, for example"
"Loafer, for instance"
"Loafer, for one"
Locale of Maxwell Smart's phone
"Lucrative type of ""deal"" for NBA stars"
MacNelly comic
MacNelly strip
"Mark Knopfler ""Quality ___"""
"Mary Jane, e.g."
Mizuno product
Moccasin or brogan
Moccasin or loafer
Moccasin or sandal
"Moccasin, for instance"
"Moccasin, for one"
Monopoly piece
Monopoly token
Monopoly token choice
Mule for a dog?
Mule for one of your dogs
Mule or clog
Mule or pump
"Mule, e.g."
"Mule, for example"
"Mule, for one"
NBA superstar's deal
"Nickname for Willie, a legend among jockeys"
Nike product
Nine West product
"Not hose, but right over it."
Noted jockey's nickname
Nursery rhyme abode
Nursery rhyme abode.
Nursery rhyme domicile
Nursery rhyme dwelling
Nursery rhyme home
Nursery rhyme home of many children
Nursery rhyme residence
Nursery-rhyme abode
Nursery-rhyme home
Nursery-rhyme residence
Object thrown at Dubya in Iraq
Old woman's home
Old woman's home in a nursery rhyme
"Old woman's home, in a nursery rhyme"
"Old woman's home, in rhyme"
Old woman's home?
Old woman's house?
Old woman's nursery rhyme home
One going on foot?
One of a pair
"One of the ""Monopoly"" tokens"
"One of the ""proud"" items in a Murray book"
One of the Monopoly tokens
One that gets tongue-tied?
One-two subject
Oxford for one
Oxford or Mary Jane
Oxford or brogan
Oxford or brogue
Oxford or loafer
Oxford or pump
Oxford or sneaker
"Oxford, e.g."
"Oxford, for one"
Part of a brake
Part of a brake.
Part of a sleigh
Part of a tire.
Part of an auto tire
Pavement pounder
Pedal cover
Pedal protector
Pedal pusher
"Peep-toe pump, e.g."
Pen for little piggies?
Piece of golf apparel
Place for a horn
Place for a lace
Place for a tap
Place to put a tap
"Platform, e.g."
Polish target
"Product hawked by NBAers, often"
Projectile from Muntadhar al-Zeidi
Pump of a sort
Pump or clog
Pump or flat
Pump or gillie
Pump or loafer
"Pump, e.g."
"Pump, for example"
"Pump, for one"
"Pump, maybe"
"Pump, perhaps"
"Pump, possibly"
Put your foot in it
Sabot or brogan
Sabot or brogue
Sabot or clog
Sabot or sabotine
"Sabot, e.g."
Saddle or loafer
Sandal or moccasin
Sandal or sneaker
"Sandal, for one"
"Sandal, say"
"Scuff, for one"
"Scuff, for one."
Season in France.
Secque or brogue
Secque or sollaret
Sen. Batson D. Belfry's strip
Shoe surrounder
Short boot?
Site of Max Smart's phone
Site of Maxwell Smart's phone
Sliding contact plate
Sling-back item.
"Slip-on, e.g."
Slipper or sandal
Slipper or slip-on
"Slipper, say"
Smart phone?
Smith's item
Smithy's product
"Sneak, e.g."
Sneaker or loafer
Sneaker or moccasin
Sneaker or sandal
"Sneaker, e.g."
"Sneaker, for one"
Sock cover
Sock surrounder
Sole possessor?
Sole protector
Sole site
Sole support
Sole supporter?
Some people take a shine to it
Something fit to be tied?
Something found around a tree
Something sold in half sizes
Something you might slip on
Start to shine?
"Step-in, e.g."
"The Eels wear one on the ""Other"" foot"
"The Zoom LeBron V, e.g."
There may be a spat about it
Thing sold in half sizes
Third-rail contact
Thom McAn display
Tire casing.
Tire part
Tongue locale
Tongue site
Tongue spot
Tongue's locale
Tongue-tied one?
Tootsy wrapper?
"Traffic has a ""Hole"" in theirs"
Tree filler
"Tree holder, perhaps"
Tree item
Tree locale
Tree locale?
"Type of ""Deal"" for NBA superstars"
Type of box used for storage
Type of deal for NBA stars
Type of deal for NBA superstars
Type of string
Type of string or horn
Type of tree
Vegas dealer's aid
Vegas dealer's box
Vegas dealer's device
Vegas dealing box
Walking ___
Wedge or wing tip
Wedge or wingtip
"Wedge, for one"
What a cobbler works on
What's under an arch
Where the old woman lived
Wing tip or pump
"Wing tip, e.g."
Wingtip or wedge
"Wingtip, e.g."
"Wingtip, for one"
"Word with ""lace,"" ""string"" or ""horn"""
"Word with ""string"" or ""horn"""
Word with horn or string
Word with horse or gum
Word with horse or track
Word with lace or tree
"Word with lace, string, horn or tree"
Word with shine or string
Word with strings or horns
Word with tree or horn
"Yeezy Boost 350, for one"
You might pick up a pebble in one
Zappos.com image
___ tree.
Person whose work shines
Brake element
Blackjack dealer's device
Small garden implement in Oxford, for one?
Cobbler's patient
Sabot or brogan
Clog or pump
One of Carl Perkins' "blue suede" pair
Brake part
Sandal or clog
Pump, e.g.
Casino device
Loafer in a closet
One going on foot?
Place for a lace
It's around a foot
Loafer or sneaker
There might be a spat about this
What’s afoot? The girl’s in love? Just the opposite!
Foot covering
It can be about a foot
One of a pair of Skechers
Snarling dog's sound
The female holding the ball may be the trainer
Loafer, e.g.
Loafer e.g.
Wedge or pump
Sandal or moccasin
Casino container
Sandal or moccasin
Loafer, for one
Clog, for one
Clog or pump
It might be found around a tree
Footwear item
Hose off some footwear
Brake component
A lady-love in Oxford, perhaps
Do a blacksmith's job
If it fits, wear it
Oxford, e.g.
Oxford e.g.
Sandal or moccasin
Pump, e.g.
Pump e.g.
One going everywhere on foot?
Moccasin or loafer
Flat, e.g.
Loafer, for instance
From which playing cards are dealt
Unit around one foot?
Pump, e.g.
Item of footwear
Loafer, e.g.
Lace place
Horse's hoof protection
Place for a lace
Loafer, for one
Loafer or pump
Loafer, for one
Mule or flat
Footwear item
Pump or clog
Certain home in a nursery rhyme
Pump, e.g.
One of a Foot Locker pair
You might take a shine to it
Nike offering
Old woman's home, in rhyme
Footwear item
Sandal or sneaker
Footwear item
Clog, e.g.
Pump, e.g.
Item of footwear
Item with a tongue and a toe
Loafer, for one
Christian Louboutin creation
Old woman's home of nursery rhyme
Footwear item
Sandal or clog
Loafer, e.g.
Loafer, e.g.
Loafer or moc
Part of a drum brake
Something removed at a T.S.A. checkpoint
Footwear item
Vamp setting
Old woman's home of rhyme
Pump, e.g.
Brake part
Nursery rhyme home
Wedge or pump
Oxford, e.g.
Singular garden footwear
Pump, e.g.
Be a farrier
One of a pair of Skechers
Footwear item
Pump, e.g.
Foot's covering
Oxford or pump, e.g.
Loafer or sneaker
Prada product
Foot covering
Sandal or pump
"The Man with One Red ___" (1985 Tom Hanks film)
It's about a foot
Sandal or sabot
Loafer, e.g.
Item of footwear
Casino dealer's box
Sneaker, for one
It has sole
Makeshift fly swatter
Sneaker or sandal
Loafer or pump
Pump, e.g.
Footwear item
Sole supporter?
Cobbler's item
"There was an old woman who lived in a ___ ..."
Oxford, for one
Sneaker or oxford
It may not be worn when it's worn
One going on foot
Loafer, for example
Monopoly token
Footwear item
Sandal or clog
Footwear item
Hose off a trainer, say
Loafer, e.g.
Pump, e.g.
Socket for a camera's flash
Foot coverer
Mule, e.g.
Clog or moc
Clog or moc
Pump, e.g.
Pump, e.g.
Something fit to be tied?
Croc or sandal
"If the ___ fits ... "
Clog or pump
Location of Maxwell Smart's phone
Something afoot that sounds alarming to Tom
Foot covering
''Slip-on'' wear
Item of footwear
Nike product
Bad dog's chew toy
Foot covering
Pump, e.g.
Moccasin or flip-flop, for example
Sneaker or loafer
High heel, for example
Against leaving barge in Oxford?
Pump, e.g.
Something to tie
It may be running or bowling
Pump or loafer
Loafer, for one
Item of footwear
Foot protector
Old woman's home of rhyme
Moccasin or mule
Footwear item
Foot covering
Old woman's home, in a nursery rhyme
Slipper or sneaker
Item of apparel made by Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin
High heel, e.g.
Oxford, for one
Slipper or sandal
Clog or pump
Christian Louboutin creation
Brake part
Mule or pump
Loafer, e.g.
Loafer or sneaker
Slipper, e.g.
Brogue, say
One often has a tongue and eyelets
It may contain a tree
Clog or mule
Loafer, e.g.