The word SIERRA has appeared in at least 162 clues on different crosswords.

"""High ___"""
"""High ___"" (Bogart classic)"
"""High ___"" (Bogart film)"
"""High ___,"" 1941 film"
"""High ___,"" Bogart movie"
"""High___"" (1941 film)"
"""The Treasure of the ___ Madre"""
"""The Treasure of the ___ Madre"": Bogart classic"
'02 GMC pickup model
'03 GMC Sonoma's bigger brother
'04 GMC pickup model
-- Leone
-- Mist (soft drink brand)
-- Nevada
-- Nevada mountains
Bimonthly magazine for environmentalists
"Bogart film ""High ---"""
"Bogart film ""High ___"""
"Bogart film, ""High ___"""
"Bogart film, High ___"
"Bogart's ""High ___"""
British troops freed seven hostages in ___ Leone
Californa mountain range: ___ Nevada
California's High ___
California's ___ National Forest
California's ___ Nevada mountains
Chain of hills
Chain of mountains
Club for environmentalists
Club name since 1892
Club that preserved Yosemite
Club that preserved Yosemite as a national park
"Code word for ""S"""
Communications word after Romeo
Conservationists' ___ Club
Craggy ridge.
Environmental publication name since 1893
Environmentalists' club name
Environmentalists' magazine
Free-swinging Ruben
G.M.C. truck
GMC truck
GMC truck model
"Geographic term that means ""saw"""
High chain
Jagged chain
Jagged mountain chain
Jagged mountain range
Jagged range
"Lead-in for ""Madre"" or ""Leone"""
Lead-in for Madre or Leone
Leone lead-in
Leone or Nevada preceder
Letter after Romeo
Letter between Romeo and Tango
Madre or Leone
Madre or Mist lead-in
Madre or Nevada
Mountain chain
Mountain chain.
Mountain range
"Mountain range, in Spain"
Mountain range.
Mountainous region
Natural chain
Nature club
Nevada County neighbor
Nevada opener
Nevada opening
Nevada or Madre
Nevada or Madre preceder
Notched range
Part of a rugged range
Peak chain
Pickup truck named for a mountain chain
Range of hills.
Ridge of mountains.
Rocky range
Rugged mountain chain
Rugged mountain range
Rugged range
"S, in a phonetic alphabet"
"S, in communications"
"S, to a soldier"
Saw-tooth mountain chain
Saw-toothed formation
Saw-toothed range
Saw-toothed ridge
Sawlike mountain ridge.
Sawlike range
Sawtooth mountain chain
Sawtooth range: Sp.
Series of jagged peaks
To the rear is the Western mountain
"Western mountain chain, with ""the"""
Western mountain range.
Western range
Word before Club or Nevada
Word before Mist or Madre
Word before Nevada or Leone
Word in a Bogart film title
___ Blanca TX
___ Club
___ Club (conservation group)
___ Club (conservationist group)
___ Club (conservationists' group)
___ Club (environmentally aware group)
___ Club: conservation group
___ Leone
"___ Leone, Africa"
___ Madre
___ Madre (mountain range)
___ Madres
___ Mist
___ Mist (7 Up competitor)
___ Mist (lemon-lime soft drink)
___ Nevada
___ Nevada (beer)
___ Nevada (mountain chain)
___ Nevada (mountain range)
___ Nevada mountain range
___ Nevada mountains
___ Nevada or Madre
___ Nevadas
___ Nevadas (western mountains)
"___ Vista, Arizona"
___ Mist (soft drink now called Mist Twst)
Code word for S
Spanish mountain range
Romeo's follower
Word representing the letter S in the NATO phonetic alphabet
GMC truck model
Mountain range
Mountain chain
— Nevadas
Mountain chain
Spanish mountain range
Cuckoo is rare in the foreign mountain range
Rugged range
Spanish mountain range
GM light-duty
GMC truck
Mountain range
Mountain chain
___ Leone
Saw-toothed range
Environmentalists' club name
Range Rover? No, an old Ford
Letter after Romeo
Mountain range
— Leone
__ Nevada: brewery
NATO alphabet letter after Romeo
__ Nevadas (Mount Whitney's range)
Chain of mountains
__ Club (environmental group)
Goes with madre
Mountain chain
Environmental club name