The word SILLS has appeared in at least 83 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bubbles"" author"
"""Bubbles"" autobiographer"
"""Bubbles"" of opera"
"""Bubbles"" of the Met"
"""Bubbles"" of the Metropolitan Opera"
"""Bubbles"" of the opera"
"""Bubbles: A Self-Portrait"" author"
1980s NYC Opera director
Beverly and window
Beverly of opera
"Beverly, the opera singer"
Brooklyn's gift to opera
Building supports.
Coloratura Beverly
Cooling pie locales
Diva Beverly
Diva Beverly ___
Door parts
Door parts.
Features of some windows
First professional musician to become Chairman of the Board of Lincoln Center
Foundation timbers
Framework components
Grammy and Emmy-winning soprano
Horizontal timbers
Houseplants' spots
Late soprano Beverly
Met star Beverly
Milton of the silents
Milton or Beverly
Noted coloratura
One-time actor Milton
Operatic Beverly
"Operatic Beverly, born May 25"
Operatic legend
Pie-cooling places
Pigeon perches
"Places for cooling pies, in cartoons"
Places for dust to collect
Places for houseplants
Places for plants
Places to cool pies
Places to set geraniums
Potted plant places
Potted plant sites
Red-haired soprano
Sash supporters
Soprano Beverly
Soprano Beverly ___
"Soprano Beverly, n
Soprano a k a 'Bubbles'
"Soprano aka ""Bubbles"""
"Soprano nicknamed ""Bubbles"""
Soprano nicknamed 'Bubbles'
Spots for flowers
Spots for houseplants
Sunny sleeping spots for house cats
US opera singer
Window areas
Window bases
Window box sites
Window components
Window ledges
Window parts
Window parts.
Windows have these
Old-fashioned pie coolers
Window parts
Pigeon hangouts
Whom ''Time'' called ''America's Queen of Opera''
Places to cool it?
Spots for flowers
Window ledges
Places for houseplants
Opera legend Beverly
Window ledges
Window frames
Window ledges
Places for small herb gardens
Mellifluous Beverly
Window ledges
Bottoms of window frames