Word: SLAM

The word SLAM has appeared in at least 389 clues on different crosswords.

"""Doll's House"" sound effect"
"""Grand"" action"
"""Grand"" batting feat"
"""Grand"" homer"
"""Headstates"" techno band"
'Don't ___ the door!'
12 or 13 tricks.
A four-RBI hit
All the tricks.
Ambitious bid
Awful review
Bang on the way out
Bang preceder
Bang shut
Banging noise
Banging noise.
"Bases-full homer, with ""grand"""
Bases-loaded homer
Basketball crowd-pleaser
Basketball magazine since 1994
"Big ""bang"" in bridge"
Big bang
Big bridge win
Big name in basketball magazines
Big pan?
Big-time insult
Body ___: wrestling throw
Body toss
Bonus hand
Bridge accomplishment
Bridge achievement
Bridge bid
Bridge bid.
Bridge bonanza
Bridge contract
Bridge coup
Bridge coup.
Bridge desideratum
Bridge feat
Bridge highlight
Bridge or wrestling feat
Bridge player's feat
Bridge player's goal
Bridge score
Bridge success
Bridge term
Bridge term.
Bridge thrill
Bridge triumph
Bridge victory.
Bridge win.
Bridge winning.
Bridge work?
Career grand ___ (accomplishment of Tiger's)
Close a door with force
Close angrily
"Close angrily, as a door"
Close forcefully
Close hard
Close harder than hard
Close in anger
Close loudly
Close noisily
Close violently
Close with a bang
Close with force
Closed the door rudely
Closing report?
Closing sound
Compliment's opposite
Contract bid
Contract coup
Contract feat
Coup by Charles Goren
Coup by Goren
Coup for Goren
Coup in bridge
Critic's swipe
Criticize crudely
Criticize harshly
Criticize severely
Criticize severely: Colloq.
Criticize sharply
"Criticize, so to speak"
Cue-bidder's goal
Culbertson coup
Cutting criticism
Dance in a pit
Dance like a punk
"David Lee Roth ""___ Dunk"""
Dis big-time
Do some door drama
Does Goren find it borin'?
Don't merely close
Door sound
Door sound.
Door-closing sound
Drop in the bucket?
Dunking maneuver
Duplicate coup
Duplicate event
Easy two points
Ensure the door is shut
Event at bridge
Explosive noise
Feat at the bridge table
Feat in bridge
Feat involving tricks
Fling to the mat
Four majors in a row
Game term.
Get dramatic with a door
Get dramatic with the door
Get into the hits at a concert?
Give a bad review to
Go out with a bang
Go out with a bang?
Goren coup
Goren goal
Goren triumph
Goren's clean sweep
Gorenesque accomplishment.
Grand --- homer
Grand ___
Grand ___ (baseball or bridge feat)
Grand ___ (baseball term)
Grand ___ (bases-full home run)
Grand ___ (four-run homer)
Grand ___ (homer)
Grand ___ (type of homer)
Grand ___ home run
Grand ___ homer
Grand baseball blow
Grand closing
Grand event
Grand feat of Bobby Jones
Grand follower
Grand or little
Grand or little ___
Grand or little coup
Grand or small
Grand or small coup
Grand when you win them all
Grand-___ home run
Hard hit
Hard hit or hit hard
Hard takedown
Hard-hitting insult
Harsh criticism
Harshly criticize
Heavy hit
"Heavy, noisy impact."
Hit hard
Hit with force and noise.
Hurtful insult
Impact of alms
In baseball it's grand
"In baseball, it's grand"
"In baseball, it's grand!"
Insult harshly
"Insult, informally"
"Insult, slangily"
Interactive poetry reading
It can be grand
It may be grand
It's grand at Denny's
It's grand in baseball
Kind of a dunk
Kind of bang
Kind of dance
Kind of dance at early Green Day show
Kind of dunk
Kind of dunk for Ewing
Knock verbally
Lace into
Lay into
Little ___.
Little or grand
Loud door sound
Lousy review
Macho Man maneuver
Major dis
"Make a dramatic exit, doorwise"
Maneuver for The Rock
Might be grand
Modern poetry reading
More than just close
Mr. Gardner
Nasty criticism
Noisy closing
Noisy door closing
Noisy exit
Noisy impact
Noisy impact.
Not be gentle with a door
Not close gently
Not shut quietly
Old card game.
Onyx hit about impact?
Onyx hit about stage dive gone wrong?
PGA star's quest
Pan or rap
Pan or roast
Poetry ___
Poetry ___ (literary competition)
Poetry battle
Poetry competition
Poetry contest
Poetry contests
Poetry event
"Poetry event, nowadays"
Poetry fest
Poetry fight
Poetry showdown
Poetry-reading competition
"Prince's ""Glam ___"""
Pro wrestling move
Professional wrestling move
Put down
Put down harshly
Put down slangily
Review given to a turkey
Rubber coup
Scathing attack
Serious putdown
Seven bid.
Severe criticism
"Severe jolt, colloq."
Shaq specialty
Sharp personal criticism
Shoot down
Shut angrily
Shut forcefully
Shut hard
"Shut hard, as a cabin door"
Shut in anger
Shut loudly
Shut noisily
Shut the door hard
Shut the door rudely
Shut vigorously
Shut violently
Shut violently.
Shut with attitude
Shut with force
Six or seven in a game
"Six or seven, in bridge."
"Slang verb, modify suspension to lower car"
Small or grand
Small or grand accomplishment
Small or grand.
Sock or knock
Something grand
Sound accompanying an enraged exit
Sound of an angry exit
Sound of impact.
Sound of someone leaving in a huff
Strike violently
Sudden impact
Take all the tricks
Tear into
The winning of all the tricks
This may be grand
This may be grand or little
Throw down
Treat a door rudely
Twelve or thirteen tricks
Type of dunk
Type of poetry gathering
Verbal assault
Verbal attack
Verbally assault
Vigorously close
What revolving doors don't do
Word after body or grand
Word before dance or dunk
"Word with ""body"" or ""grand"""
Word with bang
Word with body or grand
Word with dance or dunk
Wrestling attack
Wrestling maneuver
Wrestling move
Wrestling or bridge maneuver
Wrestling threat
Young poets' competition
___ dunk
___ dunk (Dream Team score)
___-bang (recklessly)
Door sound
Bridge feat
Poetry competition
Criticize savagely
Close forcefully
Shut hard
Insult but good
Insult, slangily
Close with a bang
Close noisily
Scathing insult
Close noisily
Bang shut
Verse-reading event
Go out with a bang?
Bang shut
Close with a bang
Bridge coup
Close loudly
Grand ____
Grand ____
Criticize harshly
Sharply criticize
Shut loudly
Close with force
Give a terrible review to
Give a terrible review to
Left uncle out _ what a blow!
Left uncle out _ what a blow!
Bridge term
Bridge term
Criticize harshly
Criticize harshly
Criticize harshly
Bridge feat
Bridge feat
Criticize harshly
Bridge coup
Bridge coup
Close angrily
Close noisily
Close noisily
Close angrily
Close noisily
Close loudly
Close loudly
Shut with a bang
Bridge coup
Criticize harshly
Shut angrily
Malcolm's upset by strike
Poetry contest
Shut loudly
Close with a bang
Shut hard
Shut forcibly and noisily
Bridge coup
Close rudely
Close dramatically
Castigate for having left Uncle out?
Close noisily
Bridge coup
Close angrily
Bang shut
Close with some bite
Poetry ___ (writers' competition)
Bridge coup
Bang shut
Close noisily
___ dunk (sure thing)
Shut angrily
Shut forcefully
Body ___ (wrestling move)
Grand ____