Word: SLAP

The word SLAP has appeared in at least 535 clues on different crosswords.

"""Fresh!"" follow-up"
"""Glove ___"" (song in a Simpsons episode sung by the B-52s"
"""How dare you!"" accompanier"
"""It was a ___ in the face..."" (""You Oughta Know"" line)"
"""Kiss With a Fist"" lyric ""You gave a kick, I gave a ___"""
"""Stick"" or ""dash"" leader"
"""The ___ Maxwell Story"""
"""You pig!"" accompanier"
"""___ Happy"" (Duke Ellington)"
"""___ Shot"""
"""___ Shot"" (1977 Paul Newman film)"
"""___ Shot"" (1977)"
"""___ Shot,"" Newman film"
"""___ me five!"""
"""___ me with a splintered ruler"" (Alanis lyric)"
"""___- Shot"" (Paul Newman film)"
*Obstetrician's action on a newborn's behind
Abruptly: Colloq.
"Act offended, in a way"
Action to a newborn baby's bottom
"Admonish a woman, in old movies"
"Affix carelessly, with ""on"""
Alternative to a punch
An affront
Angry response to a come-on
"Answer to Rick James' joke ""What did the five fingers say to the face?"" per a famous episode of ""Chappelle's Show"""
"Apply, as mustard"
"Apply, in a way (with ""on"")"
Assault from Moe
"Avenge an insult, perhaps"
"Backhand, e.g."
Bass sound
Bass technique
Bass-guitar technique
Before a duel
Before happy or stick
Big shot in hockey
Big shot in ice hockey
Blow by Zsa Zsa
Blow for a bounder
Blow from Moe
Blow to a wrist
Blow with a palm
Cad's comeuppance
"Carelessly affix (with ""on"")"
Casanova's just desserts
Certain hockey shot
Challenge to a duel
Challenge to a duel (using a glove)
"Challenge to a duel, maybe"
Clichéd response to an affront
Clout a cad
Come-on comeuppance
"Criticize sharply, with ""down"""
Cuff's kin
Dash lead-in
Dash or stick
Dash preceder
"Deliver, as a fine"
Delivery after a delivery?
Direct insult
Directly: Colloq.
Directly: Slang.
Doctor's action to a newborn's bottom
Doctor's application to a newborn's bottom
Duel invitation
"Duel invitation, maybe"
"Duel invitation, perhaps"
Duel preceder
Duel preliminary
Duel prelude
"Duel prelude, perhaps"
Duel prompter
Duel provoker
Duel starter
"Ella Fitzgerald ""___ That Bass"""
Face paste?
Face reddener
Flat feet do it
Fresh guy's comeuppance
Fresh response
Fresh response?
Give a fine
Give a hand?
Give a high-five
Give a high-five to
Hand blow
Hand cuff
"Hand to mouth, maybe"
Happy or dash
Happy or stick
Happy or stick preceder
Happy start
Happy starter?
Harsh welcome into the new world?
Head ___
High five
High five sound
"High five, e.g."
"High five, perhaps"
High-five connection
High-five sound
"High-five, e.g."
"High-five, essentially"
"High-five, for example"
"High-five, for one"
Hit hard
Hit open-handed
Hit openhanded
Hit sharply
Hit smartly
Hit upside the head
Hit with a palm
Hit with an open hand
Hit with open hand
Hit with something flat
Hit with the hand
Hit with the palm
"Hit, as with a fine"
"Hit, as with a speeding ticket"
"Hit, in handball"
Hockey shot
Hysteria curber
"Hysteria curber, sometimes"
"Hysteria cure, maybe"
Indication of freshness?
Indication of indignation
Indicator of freshness?
Indignant reaction
"Initially, sell 'ludes and push smack (4)"
Injury to pride
Insult follower
Insult of sorts
Insult sharply
Insult upshot
"Insulting remark, figuratively"
Insulting word?
Invitation to a duel
Invitation to a duel?
"Invitation to duel, perhaps"
It makes you smart
It may bring one back to one's senses
It may cause indignation
It might precede a dramatic exit
It might precede a duel
It's an affront
"James Taylor ""___ Leather"""
Kind of dash or happy
Kind of dash or stick
Kind of happy?
Kind of hockey shot
Kind of shot
Kind of shot for Trottier
Kind of stick or happy
Kind of stick or shot
"Knock a single to the opposite field, maybe"
Lead to dash or happy
Let one's fingers do the balking?
Lick with an open hand
Light punishment
Ludacris song about hitting?
Make red-faced?
Many a blocked shot in basketball
Masher's comeuppance
"Masher's comeuppance, maybe"
Metaphorical slight
Midwife's act
Midwife's action
"Midwife's action, perhaps"
"Mild censure, when on the wrist"
"Mild punishment, when applied to the wrist"
Moe Howard move
Moe action
Mosquito dispatch
Mug whump?
NHL shot
"Newman movie, ""___ Shot"""
Nominal punishment
Not-so-subtle no
Offended smack
One-third of a Missy Elliott title
Open-hand hit
Open-handed assault
Open-handed attack
Open-handed blow
Open-handed hit
Open-handed smack
Open-handed strike
Openhanded hit
"POP, in a way"
Painful indication of indignation
Painful rebuff
Palm whack
Part of a Three Stooges routine
Part of a Three Stooges shtick
Pass aftermath?
Pass rejection?
"Pass the puck, maybe"
"Payback for a lewd remark, perhaps"
Personal affront
Physical reprimand
"Pincher's punishment, often"
"Place haphazardly, with ""on"""
Place summarily and often carelessly.
Play bass like a funk musician
"Play bass, in a way"
Possible hysteria cure
Possible response to a grabby boyfriend
Post-delivery delivery
Postlude to a kiss?
Pre-duel move
Prelude to a duel
"Prelude to a duel, maybe"
Puck stroke
Put palm to seat
"React, as to an insult"
"Reaction to a fresh comment, perhaps"
Reaction to a fresh delivery
"Reaction to a fresh idea, perhaps"
"Reaction to a fresh suggestion, perhaps"
"Reaction to a fresh thought, perhaps"
"Reaction to a pass, maybe"
"Reaction to a pass, perhaps"
Reaction to a pinch
Reaction to an insult
"Reaction to an offensive line, perhaps"
"Reaction to an unwelcome kiss, maybe"
Reaction to freshness
Reaction to freshness?
Rebuff a masher
Rebuke from Moe
"Rebuke, in a way"
Reply to a masher
Reply to an insult
"Respond to an insult, perhaps"
Response on the cheek to cheekiness
"Response on the cheek to cheekiness, perhaps"
"Response to a come-on, maybe"
Response to a fresh overture
Response to a masher
"Response to a nasty insult, maybe"
"Response to a pass, perhaps"
Response to a pass?
"Response to a pick-up line, perhaps"
"Response to a pickup line, perhaps"
Response to a rake
Response to a rude advance
Response to a rude remark
"Response to a rude remark, maybe"
Response to a slight
Response to an affront
Response to an insult
"Response to an insult, maybe"
Response to freshness?
"Response to impertinence, maybe"
Response to rudeness
Result of an incomplete pass?
Retaliation for a pinch
"Retaliation for a pinch, perhaps"
Rude awakening
Rude reply
Sarcastic comment
Sarcastic remark.
Sharp blow
Sharp insult
Sharp put-down
Sharp rebuff
Sharp rebuke
Sharp smack
Shot by Gretsky
Shot in hockey
Shot on the ice
Shot to the cheek
Sign of freshness
Sign of freshness?
Slight upshot
Smack buddies around
Smack in the face
Smack in the middle of Memento's L.A. premiere (4)
Smacking blow
Sort of shot
"Sound before ""Snap out of it!"""
"Sound before ""Thanks, I needed that!"""
Sound of a high-five
Sound of a mop hitting the floor
Sound of sails
Sound that may follow a crude comment
"Squeeze ""___ and Tickle"""
Start of a duel?
Starter for happy or dash
Starter for stick or happy
Stick or dash leader
Stick starter
Stinging blow
Stinging response to an insult
Stinging response to an insult?
Stoogian assault
Strike sharply
Strike with an open hand
"Strike, in a way."
Strong rebuke
Suddenly: Colloq.
"Suppress, with ""down"""
Three Stooges assault
Three Stooges blow
Throw (together)
Token punishment
Type of hockey shot
Type of shot
Typical Three Stooges response
Unfortunate date ending
Unkind comment
Unkind words
Waves-against-the-dock sound
Way to play a bass
Whack job?
What a cheeky one's cheek might get
What some do to a bass
Word before dash
Word before dash or happy
Word before happy or stick
Word before stick or dash
Word before stick or happy
"Word with ""happy"" or ""shot"""
"Word with ""stick"" or ""shot"""
Word with dash or happy
Word with dash or stick
Word with happy or dash
Word with happy or stick
Word with jack or dash
Word with jack or stick
Word with shot
Word with shot or dash
Word with shot or stick
Word with stick
Word with stick or dash
Word with stick or happy
Word with stick or shot
Wrist action?
Wrist blow
"Wrist trauma, figuratively"
Wrist-directed reprimand
You do it to the bass
"[""You chauvinist pig!""]"
[Don't do that!]
[How dare you!]
[How dare you?!]
[You brute!]
[You cad!]
___ dash
___ jack.
___ on the wrist
___ shot
___ shot: Scoring attempt
Sarcastic rebuke
Painful reprimand
Assault from Moe
High-five sound
"__ That Bass": Gershwin song
Sharp rebuke
Wordless reprimand
Indication of freshness
Offended smack
Offended smack
Assault from Moe
Painful rebuke
Result of a terrible pickup line, perhaps
Fresh reaction
Waves-against-dock sound
Strike with an open hand
Rebuke, so to speak
Sharp rebuke
Type of hockey shot
Quickly put (together)
Hit on the wrist
The —, 2008 novel by Christos Tsiolkas
One way to play bass guitar
Hit with a palm
Many a hockey shot
Openhanded hit
Painful rebuke
Sharp blow
Sign of freshness
Assault from Moe
Put (on) hastily
Openhanded hit
Response to a rude remark maybe
Openhanded hit
Openhanded hit
Knock pals around
Knock pals around
High-five sound
Strike, in a way
Fresh reaction
Fresh reaction
Knock pals back
Knock pals back
Sharp rebuke
Open-handed hit
Blow from Moe
Duel initiator, traditionally
High-five sound
High-five sound
Sharp blow
Gestural rebuff
Sharp blow
Give a high-five to
Type of hockey shot
Allude (5)
Mention freer movement (5)
Response to an affront
Hit pals around
High-five sound
High-five sound
Open-handed hit
Open-handed hit
Knock pals around
Throw (together)
Deliver a blow
Hard hockey shot
Deliver a blow
High-five sound
Reaction to an insult
Sharp blow
Knock pals around
Openhanded hit
Openhanded hit
High-five sound
Open-handed hit
Response to an unwanted advance, maybe
Response to an insult, maybe
High-five, essentially
Open-handed hit
Hard shot, in hockey
High-five sound
Assault from Moe
Sign of freshness
Assault like a Stooge
The —, 2008 novel by Christos Tsiolkas
To crash in the Alps must be a blow
Certain shot in hockey
Painful rebuke
Open-handed hit
Shot on ice?
Take a palm to
High-five, for instance
Offended smack
Pals out on strike
High-five, for example
"Fresh!" accompanier
Open handed hit
Open-handed hit
Pals out on strike
High-five sound
Unkind comment
Sharp blow
Strike across the face
Hit across the face
High-five sound
Hit with the palm of the hand
Unpleasant reprimand
Hit with the palm
"___ Shot" (1977 Paul Newman hockey film)
Give an unexpected hand