Word: SNOT

The word SNOT has appeared in at least 32 clues on different crosswords.

SNOT definition(s):

• nasal mucus

• contemptible child

• a person regarded as arrogant and annoying

• (slang, countable) Contemptible child.

• (liquid) nasal mucus

• To blow, wipe, or clear (the nose).

• Contemptible child.

• mucus

• (slang, uncountable) Mucus, especially mucus from the nose.

• Mucus, especially mucus from the nose.

• Mucus from the nose.

"A nasal runoff, embarassingly"
Arrogant person
Cold annoyance
Collection of tissue?
Contemptible person
Despicable person
Impudent person
Impudent tyke
Kleenex contents
Kleenex crud
Little brat
Little shit
Little twerp
Little wise-ass
Nasal product?
Nose nuggets
Obnoxious brat
One who's standoffish
Procacious sort
Rocket material?
Rotten little kid
Spoiled brat
Spoiled kid
Stuff you might be stuffed up with
Tissue issue
Used Kleenex stuff
___ rocket
___-nosed kid
Insolent sort