Word: SODS

The word SODS has appeared in at least 219 clues on different crosswords.

Adds new turf
Adds to one's turf
Adds turf to
Brings lawn order?
British chaps
British fellows
Builds a lawn
Builds a lawn.
"Chaps, in British slang"
Clumps of grassland
Covers a bald spot
Covers a bald spot?
Covers a football field
Covers bald spots
"Covers bald spots, in a way"
Covers ground
"Covers ground, in a way"
Covers ground?
Covers some ground
Covers some ground?
Covers the bald spots
Covers the earth
Covers the earth?
Covers with grass
Covers with grass sections
Covers with topsoil
Covers with turf
Covers with turf.
"Covers, as a bare spot"
"Covers, as a football field"
"Covers, as bald spots"
"Covers, as the earth"
Creates a new lawn
Creates an instant lawn
Does a lawn job
Does groundskeeping work
Does lawn repair
Does lawn work
Does lawnwork
Does some landscaping
Does some landscaping work
Does some lawn care work
Does some lawn work
Does some yard work
Does turf work
Does turfing
Does upkeep work on an arena
Does yard work
"Doesn't seed, perhaps"
"Fills in bare spots, in a way"
"Fixes a fairway, perhaps"
Fixes a lawn
"Fixes bare spots, in a way"
Fixes divots
Fixes golf divots
Fixes greens
Fixes the fairway
"Fixes the fairway, say"
Fixes the lawn
"Freshens the lawn, in a way"
Furnishes a new lawn
Grass clumps
Grass mats
Grass sections
Grassy patches.
Grassy turfs
"Hides dirt, in a way"
Installs 'outdoor carpeting'
Installs a new lawn
Installs a ready-made lawn
Installs some lawn
Installs turf
"Installs, as a lawn"
"Installs, as an outfield"
Landscapers' supplies
Landscaping supplies
Lawn bases
Lawn starters
Lays a lawn
Lays a lawn on
Lays a new lawn
Lays down a lawn
Lays down a new lawn
Lays down dirt
Lays down earth
Lays down lawn
Lays down some green
Lays down the lawn
Lays down turf
Lays lawn on
Lays the groundwork
Lays the groundwork for?
Lays the groundwork?
Lays the lawn
Lays the lawn down
Lays tuft
Lays turf
Lays turf on
Makes a lawn
Makes an instant lawn
Native lands
Patches up the outfield
"Patches, as a fairway"
"Patches, as a lawn"
Performs landscaping work
Pieces of turf.
Places turf
Plants grass
Plants grass slab by slab
Plot cover-ups?
Poor blokes
Prepares a gridiron?
Providers of football game coverage?
Puts down a lawn
Puts down grass
Puts down roots?
Puts down turf
Puts in 3D
Puts in a lawn
Puts in a lawn the fast way
"Puts in a lawn, in a way"
Puts in a new lawn
Puts in an instant lawn
Puts in grass
Puts in turf
"Puts in, as turf"
Puts some green on?
Puts turf on
Puts turf over
Redoes the lawn
Refurbishes the lawn
Repairs a green
Repairs the lawn
Repairs the outfield
"Repairs with turf, as a lawn"
"Repairs, as a golf green"
"Repairs, as a green"
"Repairs, as a lawn's bare spot"
Replacements for putting greens.
Resurfaces Wimbledon
Rolls out a lawn
Rolls out for sale at a nursery
Rolls out the green carpet?
Starts a lawn
"The Who ""Odds & ___"""
"The Who ""Odds and ___"""
"The Who: ""Odds and ___"""
"The old country, etc."
They may cover a lot of ground
They may cover up plots
They may get rolled out in spring
Transplants grass
Upgrades the lawn
Works on the ground crew
Works on the lawn
Installs as a lawn
Installs as a lawn
Lays down the lawn
Lays turf
Lays down the lawn
Lays down the lawn
Puts in turf
Does some ground work
Repairs lawns
Bald spot coverings
Puts down an outfield
Lays turf
Lays turf
Lays turf
Lays turf
Repairs lawns
Repairs lawns
Lays turf
Lays turf
Repairs lawns
Repairs lawns
Lays turf
Repairs, as a Wimbledon court
Lays turf
Creates an instant lawn
Repairs lawns
Repairs lawns
Puts down ready-made lawn
Patches, as a fairway
Lays down the lawn
Does lawn work
Replaces, as an outfield
Patches, as a grass court
Lays down the lawn
Repairs with turf
Makes green quickly, in a way
Lays turf
Lays down the lawn
Covers with pregrown grass
Repairs with turf
Gains yardage?
Repairs lawns
Lays turf
Covers with turf
Repairs lawns
Lays turf
Rolls out the lawn
Repairs lawns
Lays down the lawn
Lays turf
Repairs lawns
Puts in grass
Groundskeepers' supplies
Lays down the lawn
Lays down the lawn
Lays down the lawn