The word SONIC has appeared in at least 211 clues on different crosswords.

"""America's Drive-In"""
"""America's Drive-In"" chain"
"""Barrier"" or ""boom"" preceder"
"""Boom"" beginner"
"""Service at the Speed of Sound"" franchise"
"""Super"" Seattle athlete"
"""Super"" or ""ultra"" ender"
"'09 Kiss album ""___ Boom"""
-- boom
A boom in the aircraft industry
Animated hedgehog
At Mach 1
Available for a hearing?
Barrier or boom
Barrier or boom preceder
Big boom
Big name in drive-ins
Blue Sega character
"Blue toon that is ""like the wind"""
"Boom in ""The Right Stuff"""
Boom of a sort
Boom preceder
Boom type
Boom variety
Cartoon character who curls in a ball and gives a thumbs-up
Certain boom
"Chain calling itself ""America's Drive-In"""
"Chain that calls itself ""America's Drive-In"""
"Chain that claims to be ""America's Drive-In"""
Chain where the servers wear rollerskates
Chain with carhops
"Collector of Chaos Emeralds, in a Sega video game series"
"Coming in waves, in a way"
Court figure in Washington
Detectable by human ears
Detectable by the ear
Drive-in chain with carhops
Drive-in fast-food chain
Fast food chain with the Wacky Pack kid's meal
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney fast food place
Former Seattle NBAer
Former Seattle pro
Fun hedgehog
Going about 760 miles per hour
Hedgehog mascot of Sega
Hedgehog of Sega fame
Hedgehog of game fame
Hedgehog of video games
Hit Sega title character
Kind of barrier
Kind of barrier or boom
Kind of boom
Kind of boom.
Kind of depth finder
Kind of speed
Kind of wave
Kind of wave or boom
"Like a boom, but not a bust"
Like a certain Doctor's screwdriver
Like a depth finder
Like depth finders
Like some booms
Like some depth finders
Like some waves
Like waves generated by fishfinders
Longtime Sega mascot
"N.B.A. player, for short"
NBAer until 2008
Of a speed equal to the speed of sound
Of sound
Of sound.
Overhead boom
Part of S.S.T.
Part of SST
Part of a Thurston Moore band name
"Patrick Ewing, since September"
Pertaining to sound
Pertaining to sound.
"Player on the 1979 N.B.A. championship team, for short"
Relating to audible sound
"Restaurant known as ""America's Drive-In"""
"Restaurant touted as ""America's Drive-In"""
Ring collector in video games
Rockers --- Youth
SST center
SST component
SST middle
SST part
SST section?
"Seattle N.B.A.'er, for short"
Seattle NBAer
Seattle athlete
"Seattle athlete, briefly"
"Seattle athlete, for short"
"Seattle basketball player, for short"
Seattle cager
"Seattle cager, for short"
Seattle hoopster
"Seattle hoopster, for short"
"Seattle hoopster, once"
Seattle player
"Seattle player, for short"
Seattle pro
Seattle shooter
Sega character ___ the Hedgehog
Sega hedgehog
Sega mascot
Sega's hedgehog
Sega's star
Small Chevy
Sort of boom
Speedy hedgehog
Super follower
Super guy from Seattle
Super or ultra
Super or ultra ender
Super or ultra ending
"Super, sometimes"
Tails' video game pal
Title character in a Sega game
Type of barrier or boom
"Type of barrier, often broken."
Type of boom
Utilizing sound waves.
Video game hedgehog
Video-game hedgehog
Washington B-baller
Washington court figure
"Washington guard, e.g."
West Coast NBAer
"Western hoopster, for short"
Within audible frequencies
Word before boom
Word with barrier or boom
Word with blast or boom
___ Youth
___ boom
___ boom (aircraft sound)
___ boom (airplane effect)
___ boom (jet sound)
___ boom (noise from a fast plane)
___ boom (sound from an SST)
___ boom.
___ depth finder
"___ screwdriver (""Doctor Who"" tool)"
___ the Hedgehog (Sega game)
___ the Hedgehog (Sega mascot)
___ the Hedgehog (video game character)
___ the Hedgehog (video game)
Gary Payton during most of his NBA career e.g.
Of sound waves
Boom type
Relating to sound
Boom type
___ boom (jet sound)
Kind of boom or barrier
__ boom
Chain where you can get a Chili Cheese Coney and Tots
Chain where you can get a Chili Cheese Coney and Tots
Drive-in restaurant company
Chain offering Master Blasts and Coneys
— boom
Relating to noise
Coins fashioned using sound
Of sound
Relating to sound or sound waves
Video game hedgehog
Fast jet effect, ... boom
Fast jet effect, ... boom
34-Across's hedgehog mascot
Kevin Durant, as a rookie
Of sound
Anthropomorphic hedgehog of gamedom
Of sound
Boom type
Boom type
Boom type
Of sound quality
Depth-finder descriptor
Like depth finders
Of sound
Boy, I see, of sound nature
Relating to sound
Adjective in acoustics
Boom type
Fast jet effect, ... boom
Extremely fast hedgehog in game
Relating to sound
Sega's hedgehog
Kind of boom
Like some booms
Of sound waves
Of sound
Coins fashioned using sound
Of sound
Relating to the sound of coins rattling?
Drive-in chain featuring carhops
Hedgehog in Sega games
Of audible waves
Word before barrier or boom
Relating to sound
Kind of boom
Boom type
Sega's hedgehog
"Service at the Speed of Sound" fast-food chain
Kind of boom