Word: SOPH

The word SOPH has appeared in at least 186 clues on different crosswords.

"'13 grad in '11, e.g."
"'14 grad in '12, e.g."
10th grader
"10th grader for short,"
"10th grader, for short"
"10th grader, informally"
10th grader: Abbr.
"10th, in a way: Abbr."
"10th-grader, for short"
2d-yr. sort
2d-yr. student
2nd-year co-ed
2nd-year coed
2nd-year man
2nd-year student
2nd-yr. student
"A B.Y.U. attendee, e.g."
A school yr.
After frosh
Before a jr.
Before jr. and senior
Campus figure
"Campus man, for short."
Campus man.
Certain H.S. student
"Certain collegian, for short"
"Certain student, for short"
Certain student.
Certain undergrad
"Certain undergrad, briefly"
"Classman, for short."
"Coed, possibly"
"Coll. team sub, often"
"College man, for short."
"College student, 25 percent of the time"
"College student, for short"
College student: Colloq.
"Dawson at the beginning of the WB's ""Dawson's Creek,"" e.g."
"Dorm resident, maybe"
"Dorm returnee, maybe"
Figure on the quad
"Former freshman, for short"
Former frosh
Frat member
Frosh follower
Frosh next year
Frosh no more
Frosh outranker
Frosh topper
Frosh's next class
Frosh's schoolmate.
Frosh's superior
"Frosh, in a couple of semesters"
"Frosh, in a year"
"Frosh, later"
"Frosh, next year"
Future Jr.
Future jr.
Future junior
"Future junior, briefly"
Grade after frosh
H. S. student
H.S. class member
"JV athlete, maybe"
"JV athlete, perhaps"
"JV player, maybe"
"JV player, perhaps"
"JV team member, perhaps"
"Jayvee athlete, maybe"
"Jayvee athlete, perhaps"
"Jayvee player, maybe"
Jr's junior
Jr. preceder
Jr.'s junior
"Jr., a year ago"
"Jr., last year"
Junior's jr.
"Junior's junior, briefly"
"Junior's younger, for short"
"Junior, last yr."
"Junior-to-be, briefly"
"Last year's beginner, briefly"
Last year's frosh
"Last year's frosh, today"
Many a J.V. player
Many a JV athlete
Many a JV player
Many a jayvee athlete
"New frat brother, perhaps"
"New frat member, maybe"
"New varsity team member, maybe: Abbr."
Next year's frosh
Next year's jr.
Next year's junior
No longer a frosh
Not yet a jr.
One in 10th: Abbr.
One junior to a jr.
One of last year's frosh
One of the Yalies
One of the recent frosh
"One practicing for the PSAT, perhaps"
One who attends hops
One who attends school hops
"One who is junior to a junior, for short"
One who soon becomes a jr.
One who was a frosh last year
One who's junior to a jr.
"PSAT taker, sometimes"
"School year, for short"
"Second year man, for short"
Second year student
"Second year student, for short"
"Second year student, shortly"
Second yr. student
"Second-class person, informally?"
Second-class student?
Second-year co-ed
Second-year student
"Second-year student, briefly"
"Second-year student, for short"
"Second-year student, shortly"
"Second-year, for short"
Second-yr. collegian
Second-yr. student
Short school year?
"Sr., two years ago"
"Student, briefly"
"Student, for short."
Student: Slang.
Student: colloq.
Tenth grader
"Tenth grader, for short"
"Tenth-grader, for short"
"This year's grad, two years ago"
"Underclassman, for short."
Underclassman: Colloq.
"Undergraduate, for short."
Univ. class
What a frosh studies to be?
Would-be jr.
Year before jr.
Year in school: Abbr.
Yr. before jr.
Last year’s frosh
Second yr. student
Certain underclassman, for short
Many a JV player
Frosh, next year
Second-year student
Former frosh
Many a JV player
Frosh's superior
Undergrad, familiarly
Undergrad, for short
Tomorrow's jr.
Frosh, in a year
Many a frat pledge
Frosh superior
Second-year student, for short
Last year's frosh
Frosh, in a couple of semesters
Last year's frosh
Last year's frosh
Second-year student, for short
Many a 15-year-old, briefly
New frat member, often
10th-grade student, for short
Junior-to-be, briefly
Campus figure
Frosh's senior
Frosh's senior
Second-year student
Frosh's senior
Former frosh
Tenth grader, briefly
Frosh, next year