Word: SOUP

The word SOUP has appeared in at least 222 clues on different crosswords.

SOUP definition(s):

• A cooked, liquid dish (made from meat or vegetables that are mixed with broth in a pot) that is often sold in tins.

• dish

• Any of various dishes commonly made by combining liquids, such as water or stock with other ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, that contribute flavor and texture.

• To sweep.

• any composition having a consistency suggestive of soup

• dope (a racehorse)

• an unfortunate situation; "we're in the soup now"

• Any of various dishes commonly made by boiling water or stock with various ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, to extract flavor.

• liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food

• (uncountable) The liquid part of such a dish; the broth.

• To feed: to provide with soup or a meal.

Alternative form of sup

• To breathe out; to draw out.

• To be in trouble or in difficulty (often passive--cf. in the soup).

• (countable) A serving of such a dish, typically in a bowl.

• To develop (film) in a (chemical) developing solution.

• To sup or swallow.

• unfortunate situation

• Any mixture or substance suggestive of soup consistency.

• (figuratively) Any mixture of such consistency.

• (UK, informal, often "the") Unfortunate situation, trouble, problems (a fix, a mess).

"""Cream of"" serving"
"""Du jour"" item"
"""Du jour"" menu item"
"""Duck ___"""
"""Duck ___"" (Marx Brothers film)"
"""___ For One"" (1982)"
"""___ to nuts"""
*Salad partner
*Start of the word ladder
-- -to-nuts
A bad thing to be in
Added horsepower
"Added power, in slang"
Alphabet ___
Alternative to salad
An appetizer
Beginner's course?
Beginning course
"Beginning course, often"
"Beginning course, perhaps"
"Beginning course, sometimes"
Bisque or borscht
"Bisque or borscht, e.g."
Bisque or broth
Bisque or potage
"Bisque, e.g."
"Borscht, e.g."
"Borscht, for example"
"Borscht, for one"
Bouillon or bisque
"Bowling for ___ (pop band with the song ""1985"")"
Campbell's forte
Campbell's product
Can it
Chicken noodle or cream of mushroom
"Chicken noodle, e.g."
Chicken or chicken noodle
Chowder or bisque
Chowder or gumbo
"Chowder, for one"
"Cock-a-leekie, e.g."
Cold food?
Counterpart of nuts
Course in a tureen
Course taken with a spoon
Course with croutons
"Cullen Skink, for one"
Dinner beginner
Dinner course
"Dinner course, often"
Dinner course.
Dinner starter
Dish sometimes made with a bird's nest
Du jour item
Duck ___
"E! network's ""Talk ___"""
"E! show, with ""The"""
Early course
"Early course, often"
"Egg drop, e.g."
Eggdrop ___
Elective course?
"Extra horsepower, in slang"
"Extra horsepower, slangily"
Fare made from stock
First course
First course option
"First course, maybe"
"First course, often"
"First course, perhaps"
"First course, sometimes"
First course.
"Food in a memorable ""Seinfeld"" episode"
From___to nuts
"Garbure, e.g."
Gazpacho or cock-a-leekie
"Gazpacho, e.g."
"Gazpacho, for instance"
"Gazpacho, for one"
Gumbo or gazpacho
Gumbo or skink
"Gumbo, e.g."
Half-sandwich go-with
Heavy fog
Introductory course?
It may be slurped
It's not forked out
"Item du jour, often"
Joke locale for a fly doing the backstroke
Ladled course
Ladled meal
Ladled salad bar item
Liquid lunch
Liquid lunch?
Liquid nourishment
Liquidy food
"Lunch serving, sometimes"
"Make more powerful, with ""up"""
Meal starter
"Meal starter, frequently"
Menu item
Menu item.
Minestrone or mulligatawny
Minestrone or won ton
"Minestrone, e.g."
"Minestrone, for example"
"Minestrone, for instance"
"Minestrone, for one"
Mock turtle ___
"Mock turtle, for one"
"Mulligatawny, e.g."
"Mulligatawny, for one"
Nuts' opposite?
One type contains the alphabet
Opposite of nuts?
Part of many meals
"Pep (up), slangily"
Pepper pot.
"Place for a fly, in jokes"
Primordial ___
Primordial stuff
Progresso product
Rubaboo is one
Rubaboo or skink
Salad alternative
Salad go-with
Sandwich go-with
Short course
"Split pea, e.g."
Starter course
"Starter, perhaps"
"Starting fare, often"
Stock offering?
Stock product
Stock's cousin
Stock-based fare
"Stones ""Goats Head ___"""
Subject of the Mock Turtle's song.
Thick fog
"Thick fog, in slang"
"Tom yum, e.g."
"Tomato or potato, e.g."
"Trouble, informally, with ""the"""
Tureen contents
Vegetable or tomato
"Vegetable or tomato, e.g."
Very positive appetizer (4)
"Vichyssoise or gazpacho, e.g."
"Vichyssoise, e.g."
Watery course
Wet course
Where stock is found
Where to see the alphabet float
Winter lunch choice
Winter warmer
Won ton --
You may put stock in it
"___ Nazi (""Seinfeld"" character)"
___ can (Warhol subject)
___ up: enliven
Bisque or gazpacho
Starting course
''Chicken noodle'' course
Stock offering?
Dine, including old starter
Minestrone, for example
Simple meal
Gazpacho or minestrone
Recreated opus in dish
Minestrone, for one
Minestrone, e.g.
Stock offering?
Liquid meal
First course option
Vichyssoise or borscht
Sandwich complement
Salad go-with
"No ___ for you!" ("Seinfeld" catchphrase)
Minestrone or chicken noodle
Diner order
Salad alternative
Campbell's product
First course, often
Meal in a can
Liquid meal
Bird's-nest, e.g.
Metaphor for fog
Make more powerful, with 'up'
Meal starter
Minestrone, e.g.
Introductory course, often
Dine with nothing but oxtail, say
Common first course
"Du jour" menu item